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    NCASE M1: a crowdfunded Mini-ITX case (updates in first post)

    Asus has a x570 mini-dtx 6.7” wide but its PRICEY
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    [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread

    Got a 34TB array i might upgrade to a 56TB array with a new 10gig enclosure. But my current stuff is working well
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    Pokemon Go

    Nice. i hear the made it easier this time. i stopped playing in the battle league because they would match me against people with perfect counters to my team.
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    Walmart is selling Gateway PCs and no the year is not 1999

    I would rock a Packard Bell like my first ever pc 😂
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    Pokemon Go

    Nah $15 seems excessive for a buggy event that doesnt offer too much more. Reports from other countries is poor shiny rates and glitches
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    Water cooling is dead....except it is REALLY not!

    you obviously havent seen my delta fan cooled tower
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    yeah not much difference between the two
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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    Happy with my nanoHD, set it up in a few minutes with my existing ATT router
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    Ekwb Nickel Plated 2080ti Block After 3 Months Of Use With EK Clear Cryofuel.

    Ek can suck a big one after their whole nickel plating fiasco and how they treated customers EDIT: yup thats the thread above, damn its been 10 years already???
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    Playstation 2 turns 20 today.

    you right, RUF, close enough 😂
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    Playstation 2 turns 20 today.

    still remember the first time I stealth played my PS2 while my parents were out. it came bundled with GT3, booted it up, picked a porsche and drove it around the super speedway. My jaw hit the floor since GT2 was such a low rez and pixelated game lmao. would then box the ps2 back up and wait...
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    Jailbreaking does any noone else do it anymore

    just did it on my 13.3 iphone 11 then undid it 5 minutes later as certain apps wont run/ban your account on JB devices
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    The Army's Next-Generation Rifle Will Be "The iPhone of Lethality," Officials Say

    that actually sounds about right lol slap some taticool furniture and a overpriced red dot/scope on a existing ar/scar platform and charge 10x as much
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    Apple quietly reduces trade-in value for iPhones, iPads by up to $100

    got $300 no hassle for an iphone 8+
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    If you are on a fence if you should buy new RAM now or later...

    Maybe i should hoard some and resell later
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    LG 32” GK650F 2560x1440 freesync 144hz monitor $225 free shipping!

    Never was able to get the 850f, went live at 12pm pst. Stayed up till 2am, then tried the rest of the day to buy one Just placed an order for a 650f open box from OPs link
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    RAM Issues on X58 Boards

    That bios screen makes my eyes bleed... lol good times. I miss my i7 920...
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    Tesla Unveils Radical Cybertruck.

    Im hoping for a back to the future remake and this being the new deloran time machine plzzzzzzz make it happen
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    PSA: electric scooter rental can get you a DUI...

    This. Alot of towns and cities rely on this source of income
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    The Mandalorian- new Disney+ Star Wars series

    A little cliche Intro was good middle was eh(why do we care about the whole riding thing) Ending was good
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    Fortnite season 11 event ends with a cosmic explosion and now the game is gone
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    This was definitely a monday morning/friday afternoon case. The back grill where the mobo I/O goes is crooked, the wires in the back where bundled up and twistied with 0 management. Love the case, no regrets and I enjoyed the “fixing” of these small issues. Spent about 2 hours just putting in...
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    Good to hear, i think im going to go with two 360s, front and top. Got a stack of OG gentle typhoons i never got around to using
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    How much of a pain in the ass is this case to watercool? Ill get to find out soon enough. Always wanted to do a high end halo build. This is the basis for my over the top, stupid money build basically
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    Cases that support a 480mm rad

    Lol still havent pulled the trigger, w100, luxe 2 and maybe the c700m are on my shortlist. C700m looks sick and maybe houses two 360 rads. But expensive and looks like a pain in the ass to work in. W100 maybe does two 480 Luxe 2 dont think can do two 480s
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    Comcast, beware: New city-run broadband offers 1Gbps for $60 a month

    Guess who has jurisdiction over these local/city goverbmebts?
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    Anyone else constantly torn between building a tiny ITX and a massive EATX system?

    I have both Watercooled m-itx in a Ncase M1 Currently looking for a case for my eatx 7700k setup for 480mm watercooling
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    Intel impacted by SWAPGS vulnerability

    Swamp... Gas... ??? Lmao
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    Microsoft workers listening in on cortana/skype calls.

    I wonder if the NSA appriciates the competition
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    Windows 10 New Start Button redesign

    :facepalm::facepalm::facepalm: youre 100% on point, sad
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    Pokemon Go

    lol im just a casual compared to some players here
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    Pokemon Go

    Nice, get pokegenie or iv calcy and appraise those find out if you have a hundo IV one
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    Pokemon Go

    added you, Jefaso IGN