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  1. Jack Of Owls

    Disapponited with EVGA Flow Control software for my 280mm radiator - is there an alternative?

    I installed my EVGA 280mm CLC RGB liquid cooler into my Phanteks P500A DRGB case last week with no serious issues. But the EVGA flow control software for it seems to suck. Have everything set to auto/defaults but when I run it, it makes my radiator fans spin at more than 1000 RPM, sometimes...
  2. Jack Of Owls

    Do I need the 4-pin EPS power connector on my motherboard if I'm just overclocking ram?

    I use the standard ATX 20-pin power connector along with the 8-pin EPS but I know you're suppose to use the extra 4-pin EPS connector if you overclock but otherwise don't bother. My motherboard is an Asus ROG Strix z490-E using a 10850K chip. I use the XMP profile for my ram which effectively...
  3. Jack Of Owls

    Internal CPU errors on Asus z490-E with i9 10850K even at BIOS default settings - bad board?

    I recently put together a new build consisting of an Asus ROG Strix z490-E motherboard and an i9 10850K cpu with G.Skill 4000MHz memory. I can boot fine and the system appears stable - until I start to mildly stress the cpu. I like to run a quick and dirty stability test of two instances of...
  4. Jack Of Owls

    Are there any air flow cases with support of 280mm radiators on top?

    I just bought an EVGA 280mm AIO CLC liquid cooler - which hasn't shipped yet - that will not fit in my old Corsair 300R case, even in the front, so I need to make an upgrade in a new case. My budget is $100 or below. My 300R was a very cool (as in temps) case and I've kind of gotten used to...
  5. Jack Of Owls

    Anyone using an ARCTIC Freezer 50 with an i9 10850K or 10900K?

    I was considering a large air cooler like the Noctura NH-D15 but it looks a bit drab compared to others so I have a chance to purchase something with a bit more splash & color for about $30 less that's suppose to be comparable. Anyone using an ARCTIC Freezer 50 with these very hot chips and can...
  6. Jack Of Owls

    Does anyone ever have trouble with the built-on I/O panel on modern motherboards and older cases?

    I'm just about to order an Asus Strix z490-E motherboard (my first upgrade in years) and I'm trying to transfer as many of my old components as possible. Among them is my favorite mid-tower ATX case - Carbide Series™ 300R - which is no longer sold, I don't think. I saw someone posting a review...
  7. Jack Of Owls

    Cooler Master 212 LED with extra fan on a 10850K - how much thermal throttling can I expect?

    I'm upgrading to a Z490-based motherboard (Asus Strix z490-E Gaming) with an i9 10850K cpu very soon but I'll be transferring a lot of components from my old build including the cooler. As a temporary solution, I want to use a Cooler Master 212 LED air cooler with an extra 120mm fan. How much...
  8. Jack Of Owls

    Anyone using Timetec Extreme Performance Hynix 32GB KIT(2x16GB) 3600MHz in an Asus z490-E? Compatible?

    I'll be buying an Asus ROG Strix z490-E motherboard before the week is out and was wondering if this kit was compatible. How far were you able to overclock? Or should I get something with heatspreaders? My case has excellent airflow.
  9. Jack Of Owls

    Is the USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port on modern motherboards backwards compatible to USB 3.0 w/ adapter?

    Forgive the very basic question but I noticed that most modern motherboards have at least one USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port on the backplates. Are these compatible with older USB 3.0 type-A devices like external HDDs with adapters like this or are they simply incompatible?
  10. Jack Of Owls

    Just bought a 10850K. What's a good motheboard for it?

    Header says it. Couldn't resist the recent BH Photo sale ($338.99). My budget for a motherboard is around $200. What do you guys suggest? Asus (heard there is a LAN issue on certain model #s)? MSI Tomahawk? This will be my last upgrade for a few years, I suspect (last cpu/MB upgrade was...