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    Is there a Sapphire rep here?

    Does anyone know if we have a resident Sapphire rep? I've got a support issue I'd like to take care of.
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    Little startup PC gaming channel

    Hey guys, not sure if there is any interest out there (I sure hope there is!), but I've started up a little channel on YT for some good ol' #PCMasterRacing. Please check it out, like, subscribe & all that fun stuff. Thanks! I've got 2 series' up right now...
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    Anybody tried this out yet? FPS Platformer/puzzle/speed runner. Popped up on Steam on Oct 17 with almost no fanfare ( I've actually been playing the shit out of it. I love this type of game. I'm convinced that the guys who designed the levels are...
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    Thinking about switching from Server 2012 to FreeNAS

    System is as follows: CPUs: 2 x Xeon E5450 Mobo: Superemicro X7DVL-3 RAM: 16gb of ECC DDR2 PC2-5300 Storage: HGST 4TB & (2)Samsung 2TB All I use it for is hosting media for my network as well as running a Plex server. Do you think it would be worth my while to use FreeNAS on it instead of...
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    New Catalyst 14.7 RC

    Surprised nobody posted this yet. New 14.7 RC drivers available for download: Download
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    Project: Make my 290x not so damned hot and loud!

    So, I picked up a 290x from a member here, and have been mostly happy with it. Like all 290x's, it runs hot and loud. So, after some research, I picked up a Gelid Icy Vision rev 2 for it. Core temps and VRM2 temps dropped a LOT. However, VRM1 temps are still sky high. I came across a user...
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    Asus Maximus VI Hero PCIe not detecting gfx cards

    I've got an interesting situation with a buddy's PC... He's got an Asus Maximus VI Hero with an i5-4670k. It was working perfectly fine until he came over today and we started tinkering in the BIOS to overclock it. Now, it flat out refuses to detect any graphics card in any of the PCIe...
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    The Division - Snowdrop Engine Trailer

    Most of it looks pretty standard for a next gen engine. The part that really impressed me was the surface reactions to being shot.
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    Splinter Cell Blacklist - Everything Explained

    Anybody else seen this yet? Lookin good, IMO.
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    Cisco 891-W

    Just got one of these bad boys for christmas. This is my first non-consumer level router. Can any of you experienced gents point me in the direction of a good guide of how to use this thing? I'm under the impression that it's console-based, correct? I don't have the manual for it, but I'm...
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    Sooooo who was actually affected by this?

    Looking at the Far Cry 3 v1.03 patch changes... - Added Russian and Czech language support for Steam versions. - Fixed issues for machines that have more than 32 cores. - Fixed issues for activation keys bundled with ULC privileges. ULC content will now unlock during...
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    WD green 2tb died. Need a reliable replacement.

    My less than 2yr old WD EARS 2tb drive just bit the dust. Over 400 bad sectors. Not getting another one of those. My Sammy F3 and F4 2tb drives are still going strong. What's reliable these days in the 2+ tb market? Haven't kept up with platter drives since the floods. Forget price for a...
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic BETA

    So who got in? Downloading now. 38.1 GB o_O
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    Recommended setttings for SSD RAID0

    I've got a second G.SKILL Phoenix Pro 120GB SSD coming on Friday and I was planning on setting them up in a RAID0. I've only dabbled with RAID once before on a couple WD640AAKS drives a couple years back on the Intel ICH9R. Can anyone recommend settings for this type of setup? Would it be...
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    New 5870, some games artifact... others don't

    I'm splitting this off into a more specific thread. I was posting in the Bad Company 2 thread, but my problem is wider than that. I'm having an artifacting issue on my new Sapphire 5870 Vapor-X in the form of flickering pixels (usually white, but sometimes a brownish). It happens in the little...
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    Update to 197.45, performance tanks

    I updated to the 197.45 drivers when I saw that they were out. I did the thorough uninstall, safe-mode driver cleaner method. Now, my performance has absolutely TANKED in everything. I've tried the last 5 driver versions too, to no avail. Any ideas? Nothing has changed on the software or...
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    QuickTime7 Pro with Serial Numbers, working 100%

    Ban hammer in 3...2...
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    DFI LanParty DK X48-T2RS doesn't play well with all mem slots filled?

    I recently picked up another matching 2x2gb set of G.SKILL Pi Black PC6400, since it was so cheap. I wanted to slap it into my DFI LanParty DK X48-T2RS board, but it hangs during POST when all 4 slots are filled. I can mix and match any 2 of the 4 and it's fine, also I memtested every...
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    Disabling CPU throttling

    I just got my new build put together, and I disabled what I thought was the throttling in the BIOS on my DFI LanParty DK X48-T2RS (EIST... SpeedStep), but my C2D is still dropping the multiplier down and throttling back to 2399MHz vs the 3600 I have it set to. What am I missing? Thanks for any...
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    Finally purchased the final components...

    I finally purchased the final parts for my new build. My last build literally went up in smoke due to a freak water cooling leak. This build has been about 3 months in the making. I'm very excited to see what it'll do. I'm coming from: Opteron 148 @ 3ghz DFI LanParty UT NF4 Ultra-D...
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    Just bit on a new board...

    Just ordered a new DFI LanParty DK X48-T2RS (link) Anyone have any experience with it? It's my first upgrade since I got my DFI LP NF4 Ultra-D a few years back. Looking to build a C2D system around it.
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    Creative has linux X-Fi drivers out, finally

    Didn't see this posted; thought it would be useful to some (myself included). The main reason I hadn't adopted Ubuntu for every day use was the lack of support for my Creative X-Fi soundcard. Well, creative has finally answered some prayers and released drivers for linux (working under...
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    Official Mario Kart Wii friend code thread

    Sticky? I'll start off. My friend code is: 3995 6908 7922
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    Software that prompts for acct password at set intervals?

    A client of mine is having trouble with their kids on the computer. They have one account, where only the parents have the password to, and the children have to ask to get on the computer. But they're still having issues with them staying on for hours at a time when the parents aren't around...
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    Can't connect to access point

    My area is a public wireless hotspot, which is convenient for me because it saves me money. I've been using this for months without issue, but all of the sudden, I can't connect. I still have full signal strength, but it just wont let me connect. Windows says "received no response from...
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    Weird Windows Update available

    I have this optional update available to me: ATI Technologies Inc - Other Hardware - ATI PCI Express (3GIO) Filter Driver That seems odd to me considering I don't have a single piece of ATI hardware in my computer. Any ideas what it really is/does?
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    Possible to write a batch file for enabling/disabling second display?

    I was wondering if it was at all possible to create a batch file to enable and disable my second display (which is actually a tv) The command would have to turn on the display, and also change its location relative to my primary display. I wouldn't even know where to start; Google doesn't...
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    Messed up DVI port.

    I'm working with a funky acting 7800GTX. The DVI port closest to the HD-out port works fine, but the other DVI port has a green tint over the display. This wasn't a problem before because I was simply able to use the good port. Now it will show no display unless the monitor is on the bad DVI...
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    Video only plays through one DVI port?

    I'm experiencing a really weird issue with a 7800GTX. On a fresh install of XP Pro SP2, video files won't display when using the first DVI port on the card. However, when the monitor is plugged into the second port, everything's fine. The only problem is, the one port that shows video is...
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    Samsung 931bw won't do native res in DVI

    I picked up a Samsung 931bw on Black Friday, and its native resolution is 1440x900. It supports both DVI and VGA, but it only came with a VGA cable, so that's what I've been using. I just bought a DVI cable last night, and it just will NOT do its native resolution with it. It works fine when I...
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    Project: Watercooled Stacker 810

    I just got a new CM Stacker 810 the other day, and boy is this thing huge, it just begs for watercooling. This isn't a really involved project, and it isn't a new build; I'm basically just transferring my current rig into a new case and adding a few new parts. Anyway, onwards! (and yes...
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    Prime only works on one core... ?

    Whenever I try to prime both cores of my Opteron 170, only one core will be stressed. I've gone through and set affinities, etc etc and still.. only the core that I start to prime first gets stressed. The 2nd program looks like its working, but the core will show no usage. Same with SP2004...
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    Media Player problem.... possibly more severe

    So I've been having this problem... Sometimes when I open a movie in Windows Media Player (doesn't matter if its 9, 10, or 11), the entire video signal from my video card will cut out. I have to restart the computer to get it back. I've tried all different drives for my GeForce 7800GTX, and...
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    Possible to get account name changed?

    Hello there, I was wondering if it was possible to get my account name changed from TheGamerZ to ChalkdustTorture. My gaming handle has changed and I like to try to keep consistant. Thank you :) Tim EDIT: Overlooked this subject in the FAQ the first time. Sorry *embarassed*
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    Apparently you can have your block TOO tight?

    I just got through uncapping my opteron. I popped it back in, fastened down my TDX block, and hit the switch... turned on... then turned off oh sh*t... tried a few more times, decided to take out the cpu and clean it off and make sure no AS5 got on the pins.. because we all know that...
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    Can you run SATA 150 and 3G at the same time?

    I have a DFI NF4 Ultra-D and I was wondering (at the risk of sounding stupid) if I could run a SATA 150 drive and a SATA 3G drive at the same time? I have a raptor 150 and want to add a Maxtor 300gb SATA 3G drive
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    Good setup for my loop?

    OK so heres my plan: Res > Pump > CPU > Chipset > Rad > Res Equipment is as follows: Pump: DangerDen D5 Rad: BlackIce Extreme II Res: DangerDen Bayres CPU: DangerDen TDX Chipset: Swiftech MCW30 (this is in the Antec P180 case btw) Comments/Critiques?
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    How does changing hose size affect performance?

    My whole watercooling setup is going to be 1/2". I was wondering... if I were to throw a 1/4" Koolance chipset block into the lop via adapters, how it would affect overall performance?
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    First water cooled setup... comments?

    This is all the stuff I've ordered so far: Block: DangerDen TDX Rad: Black Ice Xtreme II Res: DD5 Bay Res Pump: DangerDen D5 Tubing: 5" of 1/2" ID tubing from DD Is there anything I'm forgetting? Do I need a shroud for the radiator? Thanks for any input guys, I'm so excited to finally...
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    Second post showing up before OP

    This has been happening all over the forums... The original post shows up after the first reply. Example: If the mods/admin didn't already know, I'm just pointing it out. :)