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    Playstation Eye (pics/info) Q&A Kinda ugly looking, but the features seem preety damn sweet.
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    M&KB support in UT3 (ps3) confirmed! Theres more impressions on the game at the link but this is the only thing that matters to me. This makes me one happy soul, no upgrading the PC this year to play one of my favorite MP games of all time. Theres no way...
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    Heavenly Sword clip shows up on NBC's Heroes (56k no)

    Heres the clip of monday's episode (aired in canada early): 960x544 version: Animated GIF: Pictures: Animation and graphics look amazing. Thats some pretty interesting product placement.
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    new Lair Screens (56k no)

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    Beyond3D article on PS3 scaler (yes, there is one)

    "Ripping off the veil: The mysterious PS3 hardware scaler exposed" Its a good read if you're into the technical stuff. Basically saying there IS infact a ps3 scaler (hardware; that is supposedly "hibernating") so that 480p/1080i tv's should be fine...
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    PS3 1.5 Firmware

    it's up now. It fixes the BC now, games dont look like they have been through a shredder anymore. :D some other minor fixes but the BC is the most important I see now. edit: some images... looks fine. you can throw away those ps2s now. :p
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    SOE & Midway bring six classic titles to PSN

    Mortal Kombat II, Gauntlet II, Joust, Rampage World Tour, Rampart and Championship Sprint. Unfortunately no specific dates given, just that the first one would be early 2007.
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    Gripshift now on PSN

    If you remember the PSP game, its now on the PSN with some slightly updated visuals. for info Only $9.99 (or 10.99 CND). There is a demo of course. Jumping Flash is also available on the store.
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    VF5 for 360 announced

    I think that says end of the summer for 360, Feb 20th for PS3, not sure. Any one know spanish? :)
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    Japanese MotorStorm Media (56k no)

    The Japanese version of MotorStorm has been out for a couple days. Importers are starting to get their copies. This version of the game is kinda gimped with the lack of online and a small amount of tracks so I'm waiting until it comes out in NA (late feb or early march) to get the "fuller"...
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    PS3 Euro launch talk, march firmware, etc..

    Take the information with a grain of salt as it has not been confirmed anywhere yet, but I thought it might be interesting enough to post for any eurogang here and current ps3 owners. Found this on a couple other forums. Some good and bad in there (more good than bad it seems imo). Alright...
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    Metal Gear Solid: PO

    So, anybody getting this? :) Some reviews: IGN: 9.0 Gamespot: 9.0 1up (gah): 9.5...
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    Formula One Championship Edition (56k no?)

    Not too many screen shot threads on this forum so I thought I might post some. Screens: more here: Video (nov 16th videos): If you get a chance, download the...
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    GT:HD Canceled, GT5 the focus | GTHD-Concept d/l dec24

    I think this is pretty good news (and a smart move by PD & Sony), Polyphony is stopping GTHD and focusing on the true sequel, GT5. A free Concept of GTHD will be made available on december 24th (on the playstation store). Press release here...
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    Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 Confirmed for PS3

    Website says it should be available for the PS3 in mid november, E17 is the new desktop interface. v5.0 is completely new, based on Fedora Core 5.... For you linux heads out there, I think this is pretty cool news. :D
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    Resistance:Fall of Man MP Demonstration

    Resistance MP videos:{4833E94D-34D8-4E90-B4AB-23B52F08948C} Ted Price (CEO of Insomniac games) demonstrates the multiplayer aspect of R:FoM on the ps3. Goes into details about stat tracking, ranking, online/offline, gameplay modes (breach...
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    Motorstorm movies + gifs (56k not safe)

    <--check the house in the background. ;) <--maybe he shouldnt have gave him the finger. :p movie links:
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    EUR PS3 Online Promo Site

    new European site with "this is living" clips Theres a bit of content on the page, mostly old screens though. The site is going to feature multiple online promo clips (they arent short, so probably wont see these on tv). 6 short films...
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    [PS3] Fight Night Round 3 (56k no) -confirmed for launch (window?) -exclusive ps3 gameplay features: --- -first person mode called "Get In the Ring" --- -new damage system that wasn't present in the Xbox 360 version -EA...
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    DMC4 Countdown... :cool:
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    Hands on look at retail PS3 (video)
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    MGS4 Trailer (3 new minutes)
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    PS3: Blazing Angels shots/interview
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    Amored Core 4 Media/Info

    Official website: Details/Info: Media: small shots but definately better than no shots It's a multiplatform title for 360 and PS3, but coming out this november for PS3, 360...
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    Need help with Creative speaker remote

    I've had a Creative Inspire 6.1 (6600) setup for my PC for a while. Working great for years. Today I turn on my speakers and I get no sound coming out of them. Not even the slight hiss when I turn them up all the way. So I check my connections, and everything seems fine. Still no dice on the...
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    [PS3] Mobile Suit Gundam: Target In Sight

    IGN Gundam: Target In Sight Interview From Famitsu (japanese magazine) -As far as background scenery is concerned, the game lets you destroy pretty much everything you see, from containers to buildings and cars. -devs have a no...
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    PS1/PS2 saves on PS3 confirmed Not huge news, but definately nice to know my ps1/ps2 saves wont be lost in transition.
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    e3 2007 canceled?

    rumor has it, e3 is finished. wtf?
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    Psp/ps3 News!

    Playstation Briefing in Tokyo gave some juicies... from what im hearing. PSP: - playstation 1 emulator, downloadable games <---holy **** nuts - videophone in autumn <----holy **** nuts - MinGol GPS - Eyetoy - Flash support with next update - Mem.Stick boot support in autumn...
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    Dell 3007WFP drool... *sorry if already posted* :x
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    PSM PS3 Rumors/Quotes/Information

    source: I dont normally get PSM, but i think ill try to get this issue due to the MGS + UT2k7 details :)
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    My psp magazine...

    using the photograph capibilities of the psp, i figured it would be nice to have a good read to have on the go by using the psp. so i made a it is.. (about 6mb's in size) right click save as or w/e tell me...
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    PSP webbrowser fun...

    i hope this is the right place to post this, as the psp is a gaming handheld Tried out the psp webbrowser after my wipeout pure came in today from gamefly. here are some pics... sorry for the bad quality, and dirty psp. :X newegg: google: hardocp...
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    Newegg refurbished buying...

    Any horror stories? Any good times? ;) please share, I recently bought a refurbed item off newegg so im hoping for the best.
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    Pariah Preview i hope this is'nt a repost
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    Lian-Li Back fan grill

    Anybody with a Lian-Li take off the back fan grill? I have a pc65b and the thing makes noise with the air hits it (it also blocks alot of useful air), what did you guys use to take it off? I think ill just use the dremel and just sand it off after, but im interested to see what you guys used...
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    Playstation 3, playable @ E3?

    :eek: I wanna go to e3 pretty bad this year. Anybody going? edit: added link.
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    Next Generation Gaming: Fight Night. *pics*

    ...if that is legit, all i gotta say is.. :eek: .
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    The Next GTA Is Coming Out In 2005...

    ...on the PSP. :cool: and also, Midnight Club 3. some of you probally knew this, im...