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    College question

    Well i would start by hitting up the webpage and finding out about going to the campus for a tour. Check out the programs there and ask alot of questions. Thats about all i can tell you, the professors and tour guides and the people there already in teh programs can explain better about...
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    College question

    Well i know that UD has an excellent photography and Visual Comms (VC) program. I took a few black and white photography classes while i was there...the people in those classes are great! the dark rooms are all very up to date and they even have color photography dark rooms as well...
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    opinions on my latest cover

    I like the design alot...but i dont understand the purpose of the "angel" looking picture in teh sky with his arms up over his head? D
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    College question

    Well i think you have alot to learn then. Univ of Penn has a great program for programming including emphasis on computer graphics, game design and all of that. As for landing a photography job...i would start by hitting up the college paper at what ever university you have....need some...
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    Starting 3d max 5 - overview question

    All im saying is that not having any 2d ability should not stop you from trying...I have a few friends that are great at modeling things, but cant draw a damn thing...modeling is very geometric and spacially oriented....2d drawing isnt as you can see things develop in front of you in...
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    Starting 3d max 5 - overview question

    Well, Having a good background/propensity for 2d artwork certainly would not hurt you. Much of the same concepts and knowledge can be applied to 3d work, not to mention, good sketches to work from can often make your 3d work much easier and more effiecient to complete....but i know many 2d...
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    masthead help

    I think you should keep the background uniform...i like the style of background of the left side much better than that of the right...
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    3DSMAX 5 need help!

    or just use terragen.... Its free and after some practice you can create pretty nice landscapes.... heres one i made this morning at work..haha
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    masthead help

    Udel ehhh...what year?? Anyways, Im with badjoke...I like it the way it is....It fits teh site and its pretty clean... My only beef is the college....UDel is a university as the name states...the college doesnt really fit in...IMHO
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    Copy right bull crap (please only people who know what they are talking about)

    I think if means pretty much what it says....all artwork that they allow on their site, must be original. So if draw a sweet picture of a dragonball Z character, for instance, I cant sell it there, because i didnt come up with the idea for the character, but instead copied some else's idea...
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    anyone use bryce?

    i thought that network rendering only sent certain frames of an animation out over the if you are only rendering one frame(a still) i dont think that a net render would benefit you, unless the machine you send the one particular frame to is much faster than your own ...i guess...
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    My 3D Models

    you definitely need a mesh smooth on the space needle...the glass is coming along nicely though post some updates :D -Demon
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    Camera Path in 3d studio max

    yeah you can create a spline as your path as was said can then use the track view/graph view to change the speed at which the camera moves or rolls or wahtever along the length of the line...
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    Old School Scroll....

    what do you mean...closed up or open with text on it? by closed i mean rolled up demon edit: I made this a few years back...its kinda scroll like...just some noise and burn and dodge texturing in photoshop and an alpha channel...i think the model had some bones in it too to curl it up...