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    Ryzen 3900X USB Reset Problem

    I've been running Linux on a couple of 3600Xs @4.3ghz 24/7 since October of last year and they've been working perfectly. I was so impressed by them that I decided to upgrade one to 3900X since the 5000 series is hard to get and not worth the cost. I upgraded one of the machines and everything...
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    Supermicro X10SRA users: can you help?

    I bought a X10SRA and I noticed that WHEA is reporting a fatal hardware fault with the PCIe root port. I'm not sure if it is the processor or the motherboard that's at fault. I need to figure out which one needs to go back. I've already contacted Supermicro and it was pretty much no help...
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    Need UPS for Active PFC PSU

    Two days ago I upgraded a server and found out that it does not deal with the APC Backups 1000 XS UPS at all. I hoped that it would work because the old server had a PSU with active PFC and it worked fine. New PSU: SuperMicro PWS-704P-1R 700 watt 80+ gold active pfc Old PSU: PC P&C SIlencer...
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    AMD CPU bug

    Looks like someone found a fairly serious bug affecting some AMD processors. There are two confirmed CPUs with the bug: the Opteron 6168 and Phenom II X4 820. More are probably affected. The bug causes programs or the OS to crash under heavy loads. I really hope a simple microcode update...