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  1. focbde

    Heads up! Prices have dropped on Vega 56/64

    So, here in Europe at least the prices for Vega 56/64 have dropped massively. You can now get a Vega 56 for the same price as the 1660Ti - 279 Euro whilst the Vega 64 is now going for 389 Euro or so. Prices tend to be the same in Euros as US Dollars for you guys over there, so I suspect you'll...
  2. focbde

    Advice needed - Carrier coverage in the US for holiday

    Hey all, My parents are going on a rather mammoth tour of the US this month. They're driving in a huge ring starting in Chicago, through Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, then back to Chicago. I'm after...
  3. focbde

    Help me decide!

    I have moved from Germany to Ireland and have abandoned my old CM690 case and am just taking components with me. I need to decide now which case to buy to replace it! :) I have been looking at the following: Nzxt Phantom Black CM690-II Advanced Lian-Li B25FB Silverstone RV02 Corsair 600T My...