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    routing internal traffic - domain has subdomain but user needs URL using just domain

    Your active directory domain is Or is that the website? Sounds like it's the website but not totally clear. Are you using active directory and if so are your PC's using a domain controller for DNS?
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    Why Ethernet LAN file transfer speed soooo sloooowwww? (Not internet, ... ipad to ext. HHD via router)

    Pretty typical of USB drives connected to routers. Try copying files from your desktop to the ipad and see if it's the same speed or if it's faster
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    Stadia not so good after all?

    Why even launch at all with that list
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    Looking to go to 10gb at home; should I do multi-gig switch?

    You might as well do the 10g switch instead of multi-gig, better support, more options
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    email delivery report says “smtp;550 5.6.0. Sorry, looks like SPAM to me”

    Is escalating the ticket an option? If you don't know the answer sometimes its better to defer than to get it wrong. Especially in a client facing support position.
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    When you have money falling out yer ass... Amazing Home Theater / Arcade

    Not only 60+ years old, but 450k worth of AV gear and probably playing torrent rips with 128kbps mp3 audio
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    What to do with old 10/100 switches?

    Donate them to a school or something
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    Configuring SG300s to localize Data/Broadcast Storms

    They have a storm control feature in the sg300s. Not sure if it's going to totally resolve your issues as it has it's own set of pros/cons You can read more on it...
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    Really strange connection issue i discovered.. PLEASE HELP!!

    What's your comfort level on setting stuff up? An all in one box has limitations, but easier to setup. You could go the unifi route with edge router and AP if you're comfortable with getting it set up. Not that it's hard to do, just more so than a wireless router.
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    Really strange connection issue i discovered.. PLEASE HELP!!

    Might be time for a new router, I don't have a lot of experience with netgear stuff, sorry. My hunch is that it can do close to a gig throughput but not with NAT and firewall features on. Try putting your pc in the DMZ on the router and turn off any kind of SPI and NAT features and see what...
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    Really strange connection issue i discovered.. PLEASE HELP!!

    You have any qos or firewall features enabled?
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    Star Citizen's single player game delayed again

    Star Citizen is disappointing because the worst parts of the game are the flight model and combat.
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    Star Citizen's single player game delayed again

    I'm in this game for the original package, like $45? Whatever, the alpha as it stands now is playable to an extent, definitely not a complete game, not something to spend even an entire weekend on. If it never launches it won't be the most I've lost on a crap game. Looking at you Fallout 76
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    Another useless launcher enters the fray.

    I'll stick to steam because that's what all of my games are on. I have no interest in another games library program so probably won't buy anything that requires one. The only exception I made to that in the last five years was Fallout 76 and look what that got me.
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    AMD processors: Threadripper 3000 and Ryzen 9 3950X in November

    Yea same here on handbrake usage. I typical load it up once or twice a year and run a huge batch, let it run overnight whatever it's not like I'm sitting there waiting on it. The only reason I would want more cores is for VM host, but I don't do that at home anymore and AMD EPYC chips are...
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    POE+ Tester

    OP said under $200. I was going to recommend the fluke tester but that's way more lol
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    Microsoft returning to Flight Simulator in 2020

    Be curious to see how this fares against DCS etc., if it follows the same 'pay per plane' model or if it's just all thrown in. VR support is a must as well
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    Rt-ac68r+att gigabit

    Unless your wifi clients are capable of more than what that router can do, I'd be in a 'wait and see' mode. No reason to go out and buy a new router if the old one works just fine. I'm assuming that you have some wired stuff that will benefit regardless of wifi speeds
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    Sandboxie Now Free

    Yea that's an easy fix, there's a setting for the largest file size it will allow etc.
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    Sandboxie Now Free

    I love sandboxie, works great to dual box a lot of games
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    Configuring a Cisco 2960-S Hardest part will be getting the usb console port driver working lol Unless you already have a serial port ready to go
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    Need help with setting Qos on my ddwrt

    Depending on packet size, window size, etc, you could easily saturate your 50kbps upload with acks before you could reach 10mbps down. Single large download probably fine, but multiple users all doing different things? I can't believe they'd sell a 10mbps/50kbps package, something has to be...
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    Crap Wifi, tons of APs

    Hey if the e-shield film we put on glass at work is enough to block wifi signals why not a paint
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    Crap Wifi, tons of APs

    Put this paint inside of the exterior facing walls of your house, then repaint over it
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    Any other Ubiquiti Unifi fanboys here?

    RF Noise/Pollution doesn't automatically = use shielded instead of UTP Giant office buildings have way more EMI than a house and I've yet to see anything but UTP in those installs (other than long fiber runs) I mean if OP already bought the shielded cable then have at it, just seems like a lot...
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    Any other Ubiquiti Unifi fanboys here?

    Why shielded cable? It probably isn't really necessary in a home setup, you have some MRI equipment going off in the house?
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    DHCP Help

    Shorten the lease time for a short term fix. Move wifi LAN to it's own subnet. That will solve a couple issues. First, you'll free up dhcp space in your wired LAN. Second, you'll get all that broadcast traffic from the wired LAN off of your WLAN.
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    Any other Ubiquiti Unifi fanboys here?

    I don't know about fan boy, I use it at home. I have a similar setup as you, I don't use the gateway and I have the wall jack AP's with ports built in since I already had ethernet cabling to every room.
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    Are PoE specs universal?

    If they are IP phones then chances are good they use standard POE specs and not proprietary like the old unifi access points. It's easy to check if you have the ip phone model, look at the specs, see if it lists POE as 802.3
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    Noob 10gb question(s)

    I'd go sfp+ and fiber for the freenas box, you could go twinax like Meeho suggested, I just find issues with those compatibility wise when you try to buy the more affordable ones. On the PC you're going to be stuck using copper sfp+ units unless you want to pull fiber.
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    alternative to disk2vhd?

    I've had good luck with this in the past, not sure about your use case
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    Worth Upgrading Server to Ivy Bridge E5-2xxx V2?

    A lot of CPU goes unused in enterprise environments because of failover planning.
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    What speeds you get out of your WiFi? WiFi speed optimization. Please help

    The AP's stated maximum isn't necessarily single client maximum as others have stated, if your client can't use all the available streams. Also, if your client device can't do 80mhz channels on 5g then it won't get maximum throughput. Using 80mhz bandwidth on 5ghz rf means there's only one...
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    Worth Upgrading Server to Ivy Bridge E5-2xxx V2?

    CPU wait time is only an issue if it's an issue. Over provisioning VM's doesn't immediately lead to high cpu wait times or large co stop issues. It can lead to them, it's not some hard set rule. In general it is best to assign the amount of vcpus necessary to a VM and not just give it an...
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    AMD Rome EPYC Zen2 reviews

    The only server we've ever had in any place that I worked where we wanted 100% utilization was a mainframe. We're due for a datacenter refresh in q2 of next year and we're giving these a serious look. It's the first time we've considered AMD in the server space. It does suck that MS changed...
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    Router advice on 10G LAN + fiber Internet w/ static IP

    The 1gb connected to your switch will still be the default route, access to the other 10gb machine is not automatic by name, but by IP yes. The two point to point connections will be in their own subnet You can edit your hosts file to direct the name of the other PC to the IP on the dedicated...
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    Router advice on 10G LAN + fiber Internet w/ static IP

    For most people it's more economical to just do 10gb point to point links between 2 hosts like your desktop and a file server. You just need a 10gb nic in each machine, no 10gb switch.
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    Is nVidia trying to bring back SLI in OpenGL?

    I dunno, 2 2060's for $350 a piece vs a 2080ti for $1200, both driving dual displays of 2560x1440, the 2060s might come out on top. Only in the context of VR I imagine, assuming whatever solution is implemented could actually render each eye completely on one card and keep them in sync. All...
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    Is nVidia trying to bring back SLI in OpenGL?

    Two cheaper cards for VR could possibly see wider adoption than people buying 2080ti's just for VR.
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    Who is still mining?

    I dunno I get about $200-250 a month profit for doing absolutely zero work. How much money do you make while you're sitting on the toilet? I'm getting paid to drop deuces, are you?