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    Noob at overclocking p4 3.0e

    I been trying to get the most out of my p4 3.0e and i can run it stable at 3.42 but when i try 3.5 or higher i get errors in sp2004 after 3 or so minutes. I was wondering if raising the cpu's vcore will help but i am scared it will kill the cpu or the mobo. oh yeah and im using a stock cooler...
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    Absolutely Ridiculous

    holy fucking shit. Today my new motherboard came in which was the Albatron PX915P4C Pro and after installing it the video would not appear. After trying several things and researching on the problem i have come to believe that i got a faulty mobo. After removing the board i removed the cpu...
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    Huge Artifacts on powercolor 9600xt

    I didnt know which forum to post on this or the displays section but i recently bought a new lcd monitor it is a 17" phillips 170B6. It has a dvi-d output and i bought a dual link dvi-d cable and when i hooked it up for the dvi input for my card i got all these funky red lines running accross...
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    Northwood or Prescott... Again

    I am going to upgrade my cpu really soon and i need to know which cpu would be better to get. I was originally planning on getting the northwood from cpl (really cheap wholesale place) but they have stopped stocking northwoods and now only sell prescott. I would buy a northwood proccessor from...
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    Intel® Desktop Board D845GBV ram

    hi my friend has a Intel® Desktop Board D845GBV with 256mb ram. I was wondering if ddr400 ram is compatible with this motherboard. it uses a Intel® 845G chipset. Here is more info on board
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    sblive or ac97

    I was just wondering which of the two would be better. I listen to alot of music and game regulary. My main concern is sound quality so which of the two would be better?
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    which 2.1 speakers are better

    I was just wondering. Which one of the two 2.1 sound systems is better. Klipsch Promedias 2.1 or Cambridge SoundWorks MegaWorks 213
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    Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX and Klipsch gmx 2.1

    Hi i was just wondering whats the difference between the two? Is the quality different or is it just how the speakers were designed.
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    ram newb needs help

    hi i was wondering if my ram was any good and i would like a little info on it. its GEIL High Performance 256MB DDR400 5ns GeIL PC3200 400MHz DDR SDRAM Value Available only in 256MB and 512MB modules 184pin, Non-ECC, Un-buffered, Industry Standard DDR memory modules. GeIL 5ns 32x8 Density...
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    what to upgrade

    I was just wondering what i should get next. another stick of ram or a new cpu? what you guys think
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    Willy Temps

    i have ocd my willy to 1.92 as you can see in my sig but its 29 idle and around 35 when doing stuff. Its at 34 right now so i was wondering is this too hot? becuase in my older mobo it ran at 19 - 23 idle and around 30 when doing stuff but this oc is alot more stable. btw i am an oc noobie
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    onboard lan problems

    I just got my new motherboard which is the p4p800 deluxe :) and its totally awesome and i like it heaps just that i cant get the onboard gigabit network card to connect to the net? I'm using some cheapo network card atm and i would like to use the onboard lan. You guys know a solution for my...
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    best motherboard for willemette

    I am planning to upgrade my comp like really soon and i just wanna make sure i am getting the right stuff. So far i have decided to get the Asus p4p800 deluxe becuase of all the good things i have heard about it and becuase its the only good motherboard i know for certain supports willamette...
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    pes3 game lag

    Do any of your guys play pes3? if so i was wondering why is it i get monter ass lag whenever i am in the penalty area and the only way i can stop it is by disabling my sound card. Without sound the game runs really nicely. Any of ya'll know wats happenin?
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    Best P4 Cooler

    Just wondering What heatsink is the best for oc'n p4 besides the zalman ones. I dont like them becuase they look too ugly
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    sblive and audigy mod

    i've heard that u can softmod a sblive to a sb audigy 2??? is this true???
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    Pentium 4 willy

    I was just wondering will ddr400 and above work with a 1.6ghz pentium 4 willamette core????
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    sblive vs audigy zs2

    I was wondering if an audigy zs2 is worth an upgrade to an sblive. I know the audigy winds hands down but is the difference really big? Is it worth my $180? thnx in advance
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    High pitch noise coming from 17" crt

    I have a Samsung syncMaster 750Ms and it has this incredibly gay and annoying high pitched noise coming from it. Its driving me crazy and usually it stops after i hit it a couple of times ( i know this isnt good for it) do you guys know what it is and how to stop it thnx in advance
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    Whats wrong with Alienware?

    I've been hearing alot of bad things about alienware and i just want to know whats so bad about their systems. Their specs seem to be quite good
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    Missing bios?

    I was wondering if my powercolor 9600xt was missing its bios. Whenever i start up my comp it dosent mention the card but when I had my old gf2mx it would say it at the start.
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    Strange Radeon probs

    uhhhhh my radeon is being really gay. Ever since i changed my case it dosent work anymore and i hav 2 go back 2 using my old gf2mx. Any1 kno the problem???????? its a powercolor 9600xt my specs r p4b-m, p41.6ghz, 256sdram(its so slow), 40 gig segate hdd, 230watt power supply unknown brand, sb...