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    Apple India factory of on probation for wanting better food and better conditions

    Should I start saying that this isn't an Apple unique issue before other people do? That other companies use Foxconn to make their products? That other manufacturers are just as evil. No need for suicide nets this time. Apple makes so much money partly because they'll do anything to keep...
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    Nvidia’s GeForce Now has been quietly capping its founders’ frame rates

    If you’re grandfathered into the original $5 a month “Founders” tier or pay $100 a year for “Priority” access, then you aren't getting 60 fps. We somehow missed the part where Nvidia raised the monthly fee to $10 per month earlier this year. Even still, Nvidia now offers $200-a-year tier that...
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    Playstation 5 hacked... twice

    All PS5 root keys have been extracted. I know that piracy potential is the first thing that comes to mind but if I were Sony I'd be worried that someone ports Linux and you can mine crypto on it.
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    Apple not recalling M1 due to screens cracking

    M1 Macs are having their screens crack when opening or closing the laptops. Most users are getting their screens replaced by Apple. **EDIT** Seems no recall is issued...
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    Nvidia leaks God of War for PC

    Nothing concrete but it does seem like Sony is moving to release PS4 exclusives to PC.
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    Playstation 4 emulator that works and requires Linux

    It only plays 2D games and some graphics are broken but it does have impressive performance and even gets into Dark Souls, albeit with no 3D rendering. The emulator is called Spine and the developer is currently anonymous.
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    NBA Coach Allegedly Punished Entire Team ... Because One Player Had An Android?

    The group chat they were having was interrupted by one using an Android phone and not for the reason you'd believe. The Android phone crashed the entire group chat. "At one point center Thon Maker didn't have an iPhone, messing up the team's blue-bubble iPhone group chat," Fader wrote in the...
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    DRM has ruined Resident Evil Village on PC

    Resident Evil 8 has performance issues on PC and up until recently nobody knew why. Now we know why and it's because of DRM in the game. Specifically Denuvo since a crack team had it removed and now the game is fantastically better. A reminder that pirates have a better experience than those...
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    US PC shipments soar 73% in the first quarter as Apple falls from top spot

    HP took top spot in PC sales with 11 million units sold in total and an annual growth up an astonishing 122.6%. I wonder if that's the reason Apple decided to limit their new macOS Monterey Features from Intel Macs? "Other companies boasting big growth numbers include Samsung at 116% and...
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    Several macOS Monterey Features Unavailable on Intel-Based Macs

    Good to be an Apple user. Portrait Mode blurred backgrounds in FaceTime videos Live Text for copying and pasting, looking up, or translating text within photos An interactive 3D globe of Earth in the Maps app More detailed maps in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London in...
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    Xbox always on DRM is back.

    Some Xbox Series X games are now required to be online to play, specifically single player games. Did Microsoft not learn from the Xbox One?
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    Apple M2 enters mass production

    Apple's like, "what silicon sortage?". "The next generation of Mac processors designed by Apple entered mass production this month, sources familiar with the matter told Nikkei Asia, bringing the U.S. tech giant one step closer to its goal of replacing Intel-designed central processing units...
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    300 Nvidia GPUs Seized After High Speed Boat Chase

    "Our movie-like story kicked off with Chinese authorities detaining a fishing boat anchored near Hong Kong International Airport. Men on the fishing boat were swapping cargo over to a speedboat. When authorities approached, the smugglers hopped into the speedboat and fled. While the customs...
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    Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

    Judge Edward Davila has decided to let the “flexgate” lawsuit go forward, ruling that Apple should have known that they would fail and yet kept selling them anyhow. “The court finds that the allegations of pre-release testing in combination with the allegations of substantial customer...
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    Nvidia selling GPU's to crypto miners may have contributed to shortages

    Surprised this hasn't been posted but it seems that Nvidia's financial reports show that they've been selling to miners. About $175 million dollars worth of ampere graphic cards. Something changed in Ethereum V2.0 that is now better off on Nvidia's ampere GPU's...
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    Early Tests Show Xbox Series X Is Loading Games Faster Than PS5

    Surprised nobody posted this but so far the Xbox Series X is loading faster than the PS5, but these are all games on the PS4 and Xbox One. So these games aren't using any “next gen optimization”. Still interesting to see that the raw performance of the SSDs aren't that different...
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    Orbital PS4 emulator can now detect DualShock4

    Just as the title says. Lots of familiar things for Linux users.
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    Robots are going to kill us all, by pushing a truck into our direction

    Look how cute their death march is.
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    PS4 Orbital shows an error

    Alexandro Sanchez the creator of Orbital PS4 emulator shows it booting into safe mode and showing an error. Actually shows some new interesting tech that's going into the emulator.
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    Windows 7 cable television “PlayReady” DRM scam

    Anyone read this article? It might explain some issues people experience with Live TV.
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    DVDs are bullsh*t.

    And that's why people pirate. AVGN got it right as to why DVD's are Bullsh*t. Just a warning the nerd does use bad language.
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    Need Evercool tech phone number

    I have their WC-202 water cooling kit and I recently upgraded to a AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600 AM2. The water cooler doesn't fit onto AM2. I tried to E-Mail Evercool but they haven't E-Mailed back. I can't find their phone number. Does anyone know it?
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    Where to get AMD 690 driver?

    I've checked ATI's website and AMD's. Where can I find the 690 and SB600 drivers?
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    Evercool WC202 and AM2

    I just ordered myself a new motherboard and everything but I hadn't thought about the water block being able to mount to the AM2 socket. Will this fit or will I need get myself a new bracket or water block?
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    Lots of services have "-"

    My services and startup programs stopped starting up when I restarted my computer. When I tried to manually start the service it said file not found. I found the "-" without quotes in front of C:\ or "C:\ . I fixed it by searching the registry for -C: or -"C: and removing the "-". Was...
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    Evercool phone number

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    Wireless ethernet Bridge for Xbox

    I have two 54G routers. One is a DLink DI-624 that I'm using for routing and hooking up my main PCs. The other is a Belkin F5D7231-4 which I'm trying to use as a wireless bridge so that I could connect my Xbox and use the shared internet connection. I'm not having any luck getting these...
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    Recommend Me

    Can anyone recommend me a general car forum that's very popular and of course free?
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    Cluster size benchmarks?

    Anyone have a link to benchmarks showing the performance of NTFS when you change the cluster size? I wanna see if reducing or increasing the cluster size has any real benefits.
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    Stream video with MCE

    Is there anyway to stream Live TV from MCE to other XP machines? If so does anyone have a guide?
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    Are graphics hurting games?

    A trend I've been noticing in games is that they look great. Graphics have never looked better. Almost every game now comes with HDR and realistic physics. Though one other trend I noticed is that games are now shorter. If they aren't short then they suck. What I'm saying is that game...
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    Firingsquad on Xbox 360

    I just love it when they give their opinions on this stuff. My favorite quote.
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    Firingsquad on Xbox 360

    I just love it when they give their opinions on this stuff. My favorite quote.
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    Evercool water cooler pump failed!

    This pump was acting up on me from day one. Now I turn on my PC and there's a high pitch noise coming from it. The alarm is going off to let me know the pump isn't working. I guess it's the pump because the temp went up to 50C just before Windows even began to load. Being as frustrated as I...
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    another Sony bomb -- like Blu-ray

    Companies are dropping Sony's UMD format like crazy. Here's the story straight from Slashdot. Thought I found this comment very interesting. Just like Blu-Ray? Do they know something we don't?
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    Satellite and MCE question

    I'm thinking about moving to Satellite but there is just a few questions I have. #1 How can I use the MCE guide menu to change the channels on a Satellite reciever? So I can tell MCE to record this show and not have to manually change the channel. #2 How is the wiring going to work...
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    lets play the blame game

    Ok I'll try to make a long story short. I turned on my PC and device manager says my Geforce 6800 could not be started. Error code 10. This also happened to my TV capture card the Asus TV880. Sometimes after a restart they both would work and sometimes only one or the other. After many...
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    Monitor goes off then right back on

    Been having strange problems with my Geforce 6800. Today I turned on my PC and both my Geforce 6800 and my Asus TV880 capture card could not start up. Under the general tab in device manager it would say device could not start. Messing around with drivers and stuff sometimes the Geforce would...
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    Firingsquad interview with 3Drealms

    Yes of course they asked about DNF. The article. My favorite parts. All so very true.
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    Starforce: Yes it is really that bad!

    Source From what I understand is that Starforce sends the DVD or CD reader into an infinite loop which will cause the OS to crash and restart. Now that's evil!