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    64-Core Threadripper and ultra-HEDT X599 Coming End of 2019

    I'm going to buy it, since it doesn't make sense to throw away the old CPU, I'll have to build another system with it I suppose. My biggest concern is DDR prices, but I suppose I can run both with my existing ram until they come back to reasonable levels 64 Cores! Think of what task manager...
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    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    One time my family was in Mexico being chased by some guys in a truck with ak47's, they only escaped because their car had a higher speed limiter than the vehicle they were driving. If they were in a volvo they'd probably be dead
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    A "Legend" Reborn: Logitech Brings Back the MX518 Gaming Mouse

    I'm still rocking my g500, had a g5 before that. On another computer I have that quakecon mouse from like 2013 or so, thought it might be an mx518, but nope a G400 The new mouse, G502 or whatever sucks because it is a "claw" grip, I returned that sucker in less than 5 minutes of use (hence why...
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    EA Denies That It Demanded Takedown of Negative "Anthem" Review

    Remember destiny? That game that didn't do too well and consisted of AI standing around with tons of bullet sponge health? Let's make that game again and call it Anthem
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    "I Don't Want Your Respect": NetherRealm Responds to Mortal Kombat "Going Woke"

    Empowering women
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    IBM CEO: Hiring Based on Skills Instead of College Degrees Vital for the Future of Tech

    Isn’t IBM the same company that fired its older employees and replaced them with Indian remote workers? They are trying to lower salaries is all by standardizing the practice of hiring without degrees
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    Robots Command Humans to Cleanup Spills in Grocery Stores

    I'm more amazed by their video newspapers
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    AMD Previews 7nm Ryzen CPUs at CES

    16 core am4 has to mean 64 core thread rippers with IO die coming down the pipe right? I can't have my rig be bested by some B350
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    NVIDIA CES 2019 Press Event: Watch the Livestream Tonight at 8 PM Pacific

    RTX sales arent doing to well, what should we do? -- Get Jesen to explain to them again how $1200 for 1080p sub 60 fps is the future of gaming
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    Innodisk Launches 4K M.2 Graphics Card

    Hmm, didnt think that was possible, but it's just pci-e, so I guess that works... Where do I stick my DVI connector though?
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    Microsoft Is Replacing Edge in Windows 10 with a Chromium-Based Web Browser

    Just give me a dialog that lets me download the browser I want
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    Xbox Chief Admits Microsoft Has "A Ton of Work to Do on Windows" for PC Gamers

    I was checking out car games a while back, and after being a bit disappointed with the car physics in project cars two, I started checking out forza videos, said cool I’ll pony up $60 for it. Tried to buy it, redirects me to the windows store, the app attempts to start, fails to connect or...
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    AdoredTV Analyzes AMD's Epyc Presentation

    AMD is making all the right decisions in the current cloud computing VM datacenter
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    Get Monster Hunter: World for Free When Purchasing Select NVIDIA Video Cards

    Last “free” game code I got showed as 59.99 on my Newegg invoice, screwing my credit card price protection. And when I had my system together after waiting on my cpu and entered the code, I got a nice “this code has expired” message and a big too bad so sad from nvidia support
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    John Carmack and ZeniMax Settle Their $22.5 Million Beef

    I bet the coworkers at oculus will be a little jealous, he got out of id software at the right time, software companies are only as good as the personnel, everyone at id left for the most part
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    24" Widescreen CRT (FW900) From Ebay arrived,Comments.

    So I figured I’d throw this out there, I bought a pg27uq and have been using it for a couple months now, my old Pc still has the fw900 The fw900 blows the pg27uq out of the water when it comes to blacks and contrast If modern GPU’s had DAC’s I’d probably use it on my new rig despite 4K hdr etc
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    18-Year-Old YouTube Star, “McSkillet,” Kills Mother, Daughter in Fiery Crash

    Supposedly it was a suicide because he got banned from his gambling income source
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    Update your bios, get free memory performance

    With the new bios for ryzen 2 thread rippers I was able to bump my memory clocks up quite a bit I was able to boot into windows at 3800mhz 16 18 18 38 and 3266mhz 14 14 14 34 where before I would insta-crash at those clocks, it looks like the 3800mhz isn't stable, but so far so good on 3266mhz...
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    Chris Hook to Lead Discrete GPU Marketing at Intel

    I would say intel now realizes they are in trouble, so they are moving to fix that on the CPU/GPU front — and the fabled but never successful heterogeneous hybrid of the two
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    AMD Launches the Combat Crate

    RX580? Why not Vega? Even Vega is kind of old tbh, rx580 is ancient
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    Windows 10 Lean: Microsoft Working on Cut-Down Version of OS

    Assuming it will run firefox, office, visual studio, and games I'm all in. I dont need all the BS they've added over the years
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    Computer System Transcribes Words Users “Speak Silently”

    Marketing fluff, I doubt it works 1% as good as they claim
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    Samsung Electronics Estimates 56% Jump In Profit

    By strong demand they mean regular demand at inflated (fixed) prices
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    Parallax View on iPhone Uses Eye Tracking

    That is mind blowingly cool
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    Microsoft Outlines the Limitations of Windows on ARM Devices

    Something tells me a *slower* arm processors running windows UWP *slower* software will be... well slow -- And not supporting opengl is just microsoft being microsoft
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    Enermax T.B. RGB Fan 3-Pack & RevoBron 600W PSU Luck Draw

    I need fans :p (Find it hard to pull the trigger on a decent performance, quiet, rgb fan as I feel like fans shouldnt be expensive)
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    Digital Currency Ripple Soars, Becomes Second-Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Cap

    Man, I had 20 bitcoins like 2 and half years ago but sold them... kicking myself on that one. What's easiest way to buy ripple? My old wallet: 1GQtSjd3Tya3qm83JvGBi2jvwSETnhiVaD :'( Edit: just saw you cant mine ripple, not so sure now
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    NVIDIA Forbids GeForce Driver Deployment in Data Centers

    Mr Huang! Businesses are buying the cheaper consumer cards instead of our super expensive server cards and getting the same performance for dollar! -- BAN THEM, BAN THEM ALL! (Evil laugh while stroking Pascal)
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    Microsoft Quietly Adds Native OpenSSH Client to Windows 10

    Very cool, I accidently tried to ssh into my windows 10 box yesterday (had wrong ip) and it actually connected and gave me a cmd prompt from putty, I was like wtf didnt even know that was on -- even before enabling this feature
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    Lotes TR4 Socket on the ASUS ROG Strix X399-E Gaming Motherboard

    I feel more manly putting my entire body weight against my $1000 processor and $300 something motherboard for the foxconn socket to catch a tiny screw tbh :p
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    Prototype 4x Titan V

    Congrats man, it’s a beautiful monster
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    The State of DirectX 12 Games in 2017: Is DX12 Losing Its Steam?

    I think a problem is that people are taking engines that were designed to work with the older way of doing things and slapping on dx12 and vulkan when they probably need to be designed from the ground up as from the start -- and on top of that it's really hard to develop for the new api's as you...
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Is Coming December 2018 with 4-Player Co-op

    I remember playing the mechwarrior 2 demo and mechwarrior 2 online with mplayer back in the day before quake 1 appeared, reactor online, sensors online, weapons online, all systems nominal brings back memories, should be fun Edit: nostalgia :p
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    AMD Ryzen 2 Set for March 2018 Launch on 12nm

    So I have my thread ripper build and my old fx build both running in different locations, I would totally upgrade the fx computer too, but those ddr4 prices man, think I blew $400 for 32gb on my thread ripper and would need at least 16gb minimum
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    BestBuy BlackFriday Logitech Deals - Up to 50% off

    I've always had great luck with logitech and mice RMA's, they always want to send replacement mice out without even asking for the old one, I got a g502 even though my g500 is doing great (just in case it dies) -- I also recently got the wireless g602 for my laptop and it's a nice mouse
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    steam black friday sale til 28th

    I picked up a steam link, not sure what I'll use it for, but it seems like a useful thing to have
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    Microcenter 1950x $699 1920x $499 1900x $349

    Dam, I’d be all over that had I not already bought it on release
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    IBM Now Has More Employees in India than in the US

    Executives make bad decisions, need to reduce costs, replace profitable segments of your workforce with foreign workers to reduce costs, profits go down, need to reduce costs, replace profitable segments of your workforce with foreign workers to reduce costs, get a bonus for saving the company...
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    Best Buy Pulls Kaspersky's Antivirus Software from Its Shelves

    I've heard Kaspersky's antivirus is a witch, we should burn the software not just take it off shelves, just to be safe, before we investigate whether accusations are true or not