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    AMD announces Ryzen 7000 Zen 4 CPUs

    Honestly with 400G Nics coming out, 5.0 is kind of important, but besides that, yea storage.
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    Broadcom to buy VMware in $61 billion acquisition

    VMWare Telco Cloud is going to be a huge thing for ORAN/VRAN . They're still the best for a lot of solutions, and ease of use.
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    Serious Steam Deck Software Flaw Gone Unsolved Since Launch (WiFi issues)

    Mine should be coming tomorrow, I actually have a ton of tools at work to test this, as we do extensive testing of wireless networks, devices, aps, etc as one of our services. Could always toss it in a faraday cage and try it out with a bunch of different radios to see if there's like, a...
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    Anyone get their Steam Deck ordered?

    Same model and time getting in for me oddly enough. Didn't notice the alert till after hours though. Hopefully it doesn't get here while I'm on vacation coming up.
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    We all need a little more of this in our lives. NFT Market Collapses Just As Square Enix Sells Tomb Raider To Bet Big On Blockchain

    NFT's in there present form kind of confuse me, I kind of see them as an extension of what already exists, for example Back in the UO days, I had sold Houses for $100s of dollars, Small armor sets for $250, etc, but those had some Value, being unique or helpful in games, and that type of selling...
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    Unreal Engine 5 Feature Showcase

    Now I remember that, wow, I had almost completely forgotten that somehow.
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    Unreal Engine 5 Feature Showcase

    Didn't Microsoft buy Havok?
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    5800X3D gaming review

    Hmmm, No real reason to upgrade from my 5800x, although I still want it.
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    3 months of Xbox Game Pass for PC for $1

    That sounds about right, I feel I get it every year for the holidays.
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    QSFP28 questions

    Kinda in agreement there, if you aren't going to care about the enhanced features of the intel cards, don't buy them yet, wait until you can buy them later when it makes sense, it will code wise in operating systems make your life easier.
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    QSFP28 questions

    I've used them for 4 or so years for their 40-100G modules, we started trialing some of their QSFP-DD last year , haven't noticed any issues than any other optic. I can see the concern, but you still have a lot of big telco's buying their equipment (switches, I'm assuming transceivers as well)...
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    QSFP28 questions

    Yea, I mean I'd just get a QSFP-100G-SR4 (New on for around $100, pick the type of compatibility you want.) , then your standard OM3/4 MPO Breakout cable is all you'll need. Also yes for the 25Gbase-LR for the 1310nm. Assuming you're looking at the E810-CQDA2 cards (the E810-2CQDA2 are...
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    Why is Comcast set top box (non-X1) taking DAYS to reload the program guide? Coincidence that I just changed my cable modem?

    DSG = DOCSIS Set-Top Gateway , basically to provide the video/out of band data to your Set top box. No OOB = Program Guide Issues . Without going too deep in the weeds on DOCSIS fun, if services were changed (They wouldn't just drop it, so I'd assume by accident) and/or the provisioning is a...
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    Why is Comcast set top box (non-X1) taking DAYS to reload the program guide? Coincidence that I just changed my cable modem?

    I imagine they'd like to start getting rid of traditional QAM video to free up spectrum, although I don't think comcast would be pushing to get rid of their DSG yet, although it clearly is going to be a thing. I'm assuming you have OFDM channels for your new cable service, and I doubt they'd...
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    Starlink Public Beta About to Happen?!?!

    One of my Coworkers just got it, around the STL area out at his farm, he seems to like it a lot (compared to DSL), getting around 100 Megs down, with latency around 40 ms. He hasn't installed it on his roof yet, so it's missing about 10% LoS, so I'm sure it will get better.
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    Apple Mac Studio and Studio Display

    I am really excited to see how Asahi Linux rolls out on these guys, figure the GPU side is probably the biggest issue, but getting the cpu side up and running well for a m1 max/ultra would probably make me pick up one, if nothing else just to play with.
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    Madden 22 + Surviving Mars "free" on Amazon Prime Gaming

    Surviving Mars is a great colony builder game.
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    Frustrated Father Accidentally Takes Down Town's Internet

    There's still emergency call box along interstate highways, at least in Missouri, forget how often they have them though. I still see payphones every now and then, I think the last time I saw one was in a bar though, so that was a few years ago, pretty sure I've seen some at hospitals as well.
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    Frustrated Father Accidentally Takes Down Town's Internet

    That sounds like a dumb way to stop your kids from being on devices, and he should clearly get some punishment for that. Personally I'd say just let the kids use the devices, but eh. Buuut, I mean if you really want to do it in a more fun way, buy an old SCSN-9000 for $300 or so, a SCRN-220...
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    AMD Surpasses Intel Market Cap

    I'm definitely interested in those. I probably wouldn't get one with a gpu as a have a laptop with a 5800H+3070, but having one that is just with the iGPU in a smaller form factor, or even a mini-pc would be awesome with RDNA2.
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    MLID shouts out [H]ardocp - AMD’s fake MSRP

    I thought most people were using IDE -> Compact flash adapters and installing windows on the CF card for older OS.
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    Nvidia’s ARM acquisition is stalled

    Not to mention they'll probably be facing an increasing RISC-V challenge with intel becoming a Premier member and having one of their VP of IFS joining the RISC-V Board of directors.
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    I thought about making a thread about it around release but never got around to it. It's definitely a lot of fun, I'm not sure It'd be near GOTY though. Even with the lore spread out throughout the world it's pretty light on story, the mechanics are great and I love cooking, being able to climb...
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    Sony buying Bungie!!!!

    I think they're both going to do the same things, there will be multiplatform stuff, which are in general going to be the F2P games, and then other things exclusive.
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    RTX 3050: PC Gaming's answer to the Series S
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    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    All the FABS have increased prices as well, so those will be factored in as well.
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    Intel Arc Alchemist Xe-HPG Graphics Card with 512 EUs Outperforms NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti (Leak)

    Given how good their Open source stuff is, I would bet on it.
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    Intel Arc Alchemist Xe-HPG Graphics Card with 512 EUs Outperforms NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti (Leak)

    Ah they weren't really going into any specifics for consumer side (They have been Surprisingly tight lipped the past 2 years), but the fact they just seemed generally excited and weren't making dumb claims seemed a good sign to me.
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    Intel Arc Alchemist Xe-HPG Graphics Card with 512 EUs Outperforms NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti (Leak)

    Pretty confident in Intel's upcoming stuff from what I've heard on partner calls. Generally it is more focused on the compute side for Datacenter/Edge , but when I've talked/asked about the gaming side with them, everyone seems generally enthused about it, and nothing seems really as fluff as...
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    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    I absolutely love me some HERCs , ES2 is probably my favorite mech game. Tribes would be fun if someone could do it well, Tribes: Ascent was done really well I thought, but got abandoned by HI-Rez way to quickly. Unfortunate really. They released all the games as freeware when Tribes: Ascend...
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    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    Just give me some old Sierra games. Or New old Sierra games.
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    Intel officially announces new $20bn fab near Columbus, OH

    I agree with this, but you can put it away from people and not build in, oh say Arizona.
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    Intel officially announces new $20bn fab near Columbus, OH

    I'm amazed one of these new fabs is actually being built in a place with water. Seems every other release is (for the most part) in locations with water scarcity.
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    NVIDIA’s Miner vs. AMD’s Whiner - CES 2022

    Kind of tacking on, but a big use is also going to be in Provider networks as well. While currently a lot of the things are using FPGAs for acceleration and cryptogrophy, for eCPRI situations in the 5G/Open Ran world are increasingly using GPUs, while the Cable and optical space will probably...
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    Bill Gates predicts our work meetings will move to metaverse in 2-3 years

    You really don't open your browsers locally any more, they're opened in VMs elsewhere and funneled to your desktop , so while it is "running" locally, it really isn't . Most of the crazy tracking stuff is inevitably there, at least for my company, and we're a fairly large 9k+ employee...
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    Bill Gates predicts our work meetings will move to metaverse in 2-3 years

    We've been kind of developing this stuff internally for a while at my work, and I'm sure it will be put in to use some time. Though the more stuff is the data that can be gotten through videos, engagement that ai tracks, all kinds of other things, though that's more for say customer based...
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    Boeing and Airbus Warn of Risks from 5G, Ask for Implementation Delay

    Verizon and ATT have already pushed their rollouts back past that January date already I believe
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    10 Gbps from the pole, how do I effectively do this?

    You should start seeing that changing a lot , especially with Comcast, or any Cable provider that is rolling out DAA. They'll be able to start rolling out 1 G symmetric speeds (if they haven't already) soon, and are seriously building towards Symmetric 10G (well, Symmetric 10G in the cable world...
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    Halo Infinite

    I enjoyed it, probably took me 20 hours or so with getting most of the World stuff and unlocks. Ended up playing a lot past that (I have 34 hours on record, no Multiplayer) just screwing around and trying out stuff. Haven't really played any Halo since the first one, so went ahead and read all...
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    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Been playing fine on my laptop with a 5800H, Mobile 3070 at 2560X1440 everything maxed (and the Dynamic Resolution Disabler Mod ) , the only place I have seen stuttering is in the fly through videos/ cut scene stuff, but even then not much. Haven't tried it on my 3090 box yet, but I would...