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    OT: PS5 free, but there's a catch!

    Saw this and just had to share with someone lol:
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    GPU component level diagnosis and repair service?

    Hey guys, I've got a 1080ti that's on the fritz, and while I haven't finished testing every scenario I can think of, I'm beginning to suspect its an issue with some smd, cap, or potentially a vram chip. It works intermittently, but every time I've removed the card, put it back in the system...
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    Recommendations for two SSDs (system and games separately)

    Hi guys, I've been on an upgrade cycle with my main gaming rig (recent upgrade to a watercooled 1080ti, no a i7-8700k and new MB), and now that I'm doing that, I want to upgrade my main system drive to an m.2 ssd, and get a secondary drive for games. Currently I'm using an older 128GB Samsung...
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    Multi-monitor setup, using extended displays on certain ones, and excluding others?

    Hey guys, so I'm having some issues getting my setup the way I want it, and I'm wondering if you guys can help me. I now have 4 displays attached to my main system, 1) Primary Monitor, 2) Secondary Monitor, 3) Pen Tablet 4) 4k TV. What I'd like to do, is have extended desktops, with displays...
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    Mini ITX LGA 1155 (i5-3570k) recommendations?

    Hey guys, since I'm upgrading my main system to an i7-8700k, I've got my old i5-3570k that I'd like to re-purpose for a *nix workstation. Space is getting tight (already have my main in a Thermaltake Core p3 wall-mounted to free up "desk" space), I'm thinking about getting a mini ITX or similar...
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    Best Coffee Lake MB, recommendation?

    What do you guys think is the current best option for the 300 series MBs? Looking for something higher end, that'll give me the best performance for an OC'd i5-8600k, that'll be SLI 1080ti's. Probably 2x m2 SSDs, gigabit ethernet is fine, built in 802.11ac would be nice, no crazy requirements...