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    Update your bios, get free memory performance

    With the new bios for ryzen 2 thread rippers I was able to bump my memory clocks up quite a bit I was able to boot into windows at 3800mhz 16 18 18 38 and 3266mhz 14 14 14 34 where before I would insta-crash at those clocks, it looks like the 3800mhz isn't stable, but so far so good on 3266mhz...
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    Just spent a bunch of money :p (Need a cooler I suppose)

    So I finally pulled the trigger on my next gaming PC, my current one was built like Oct 2011, which is a pretty good run compared to how it use to go. It started with buying the case at work, then the PSU at work, to complete mind disconnected impulse buying when I got home. Here's the damage...
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    Crazy deal?

    I just went to pickup bf3 premium from best buy and decided to get these batman 1 and 2 steel book blu rays for $10. When I checked out they gave me *two* 5 dollar gift cards, one for each DVD which I'm assuming is a screw up as they are normally $30 without the black Friday discount. May want...
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    Black Friday CompUSA $49.99 Vertex 3 SSD 120gb I'm definitely going to get at least one
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    XFX RMA trouble

    They have had my card for more than two months now and seem to refuse to test in BF3. They are now telling me my card is fine despite me showing them screenshots of issues? What do?
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    Multithreading rigid body simulation

    Hello, I have some rigid body simulation code that I would like to multithread with my new 8 core bulldozer chip, but I think I need some input on what the best way to restructure the existing (crappy) code in order to improve things. I think I need to somehow extract the data from my objects...
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    Mix hd6970 and 9800gt for physics

    I have an 9800gt that I got as a replacement for an older AGP card that I couldn't use due to it being pci-e. Will this work with my Hd6970 for physics support? Is I worth the trouble of mixing ate and nvidia?
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    Tubing after 5 years of water cooling

    I've been neglecting my water cooling system the last couple years and havent changed the water as often as I'd like. But my system has never leaked once, I wanted to replace all my tubes and maybe even my clamps and T line so everything is new and pretty in my new system. -- But I dont think I...
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    BF3 doesnt start

    I have a relatively old system, when I try to start BF3 from the web interface, it starts a BF3 window that is solid white with the bf3 icon in the center, sits at 100% cpu and about 55% ram usage and nothing ever happens. Is there any way I can tweak configs or something to lower the...
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    I finally need to upgrade, need help

    I bought bf3 and it doesnt run on my AMD s939 3400+ / AMD 3850hd AGP / 2gb ddr system, last time I really researched computer hardware was back when doom3 came out so I'm a bit out of the loop. I have unlimited budget, (I still dont want to get screwed though, no 8gb cache extreme editions...
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    Converting YUV to RGB

    Hello, I'm posting this in hopes that you guys will be able to figure this out for me as I dont have lot's of free time to do so. I bought a logitech c310 camera and am using the video for linux 2 api to capture images. Despite being a decent camera the data I'm getting out is 176x144 in...
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    Montavista linux NFS mount and configuration

    Hello, I have an embedded ARM linux machine running montavista linux that is using uboot to load the kernel over TFTP and mounting the root file system via NFS. Occasionally when booting I will get the kernel over TFTP, but it will fail to mount the filesystem. It will say something like...
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    Assembly Question

    Hello, I'm writing a compiler using flex/bison and am storing all variables in my symbol table as offsets from either ebp or the data segment if their globals. My target platform is linux protected mode x86 using intel syntax with the gnu assembler, but the code works fine with masm given a...
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    Catch me up

    My xfx 7950gt agp just blew up and I was hoping to keep that card until I upgarded my old 939 system in the distant future. (Lack of time and interest in gaming for the past few years) They are offering me an 9800gt, but that would require me to buy a new motherboard, processor, ram, and...
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    relay help

    I'm trying to wire up a little relay to switch on a 12v .5amp source when an led turns on. I first tried a normal 12v car relay I had laying around and the led didnt have enough voltage I suppose to flip the switch. So I picked up a some little reed relays from radioshack...
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    Condensation prevention

    Hello, I have two pelts, a mcw50-t on the graphics card (figured I'd play with a little one first) and I also have a frozencpu 245w pelt which I would like to install after getting my system stable with water + the gpu block first. I have already put two coats of conformal coating on the...
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    Free coffeemate creamer coupon

    I didnt see a tv commercial that didnt offer a free coupon for coffeemate creamer (I think its not the flavored liquid stuff) that isnt at so dont check it out as there isnt anything there at all.
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    Alright, just got my little free fon wifi router and I want to do my part and host the hotspot for a year while keeping my network secure. I want people to access the internet through the public wifi, but not have the ability to host any servers or see my local network. So I have my dsl wifi...
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    Parts and Questions

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    Free movie download from aol. Today only. - I havent tried it yet, I'll let you know how it goes. Edit: New link, they pulled ad from main page.
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    Free WinRar 3.61 (Credit card required for crappy trial stuff) - you have to sign up for a trial to get it, just cancel right after you get the registration key for winrar so you wont be charged.
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    Fruper Thon? - supposedly a woot off like thing is going on this thing today... saw it on digg, why not?
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    ie7 + ebay = ?

    Is it just me or does ebay look 1995'ish in ie7? ie7 - ff
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    Programming Puzzle

    Saw this earlier today figured it was semi interesting so I'm passing it on here. int i, n = 20; for (i=0; i<n; i--) { cout << "x" << endl; } Make that code print out the character 'x' twenty times by only replacing one character in three different ways. (You cant insert a...
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    Visual studio compiler bug?

    I was writing some c along the lines of: for (i = 0, j = 0; i < hLength && j < length - hLength;) list[i + j] = (left[i] < right[j]) ? left[i++] : right[j++]; And noticed that visual studio's compiler does the post increment *before* the assignment. Nothing big I know, but I figured...
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    Operation X

    I just remembered about this just now, think its starting now. I'll make sure ;o) Oh yeah, Yeah, it is. ;o) Keep your eyes peeled for next 30 min.
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    Settlers 2 remake demo!

    I love settlers 2 and just saw this on the shacknews, downloading now. - shacknews - fileshack download link
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    Xoxide operation X today 9:00-9:30pm est - details - homepage where deals will be posted on front page. Last time (held 1st of every month) at a random time between the time bounds they posted three deals at extremely limited quantities (like 10 units per item) for real...
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    I have a couple rundll daemon processes that are bothering me. How can I check what process started them? Edit: Never mind, (sysinternals process explorer duh). Turned out to be nvidia nview thing that I've turned on recently. (Which is lagging the crap outa my startup for some reason)
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    Quake wars website updated

    Has a new video and some screenshots I havent seen before. (Maybe I'm just slow finding it though)
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    Ie7 for x64

    Just saw this on the inq: I tried it out, installs both 32bit and 64bit binaries in Xp64 and *gasp* they made the icon on the desktop open the 64bit binary by default instead of 32bit. Which hopefully means 64bit plugins are finally "required" forcing...
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    Forceware x64 84.25

    Saw it on the front page, not on nvidia's site yet, but is on their ftp. downloading now
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    Playing dvd's without the disc

    I know that I can use dvd decrypter to get an iso image of the dvd itself, but I have more dvds than hd space. I figure that since mpeg2 is pretty old it should be possible to recompress it into a newer lossless format and do the same with all of the sound tracks as I'm sure they're uncompressed...
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    Warm? Sony DRU-820A $46.99 (AR + PM)

    Go to any store in the rebate store list that has a pricematch policy. ($20.pdf) - $20 rebate [Best buy isnt in the rebate list, so they compete with lower price] Have them call up your local bestbuy to pricematch...
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    What the crap is up with slashdot?

    That cant be normal... April fools testing perhaps?
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    Free Toothpaste

    Went to to redeem some free music downloads and noticed that they are giving away toothpaste. Probably a extremely small tube, but hey why not.
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    Free womens clear deodorant

    Saw this on tv Edit: darn autourl...
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    Daemon Tools x64 is out - remeber to uncheck the spyware during install, they added it with full disclosure for needed revenue. (and who doesnt need revenue?) Now go beta test it so I can see if I should instlal it on my fresh install. =)
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    Newegg newsletter - $10 off $250 purchase

    Figured id post this, have a newegg newsletter that I couldnt unsubscribe before, but can now with this email (although this coupon makes me want to stay on the spam list), my webmail only supported text before or something weird was going on. Get $10 off purchases of $250 or more!* Just...