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    What Color Depth and 4:4:4 for PC gaming?

    4:4:4 is identical to RGB. It's ok to lower to 4:2:2 if you have bandwidth restrictions, it probably won't be noticeable in games.
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    The Best VR Headset Money Can Buy Video, Varjo VR-3

    Facebook should just buy them and sell this headset at a loss for $500 like they do with the Quest. :D
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    3080 Ti EVGA Notify Queue

    I got the auto-notify popup open for the XC3, but had another tab open and it complained about that, and of course I couldn't reload the page for 20 minutes, after which the auto-notify button was gone for the XC3, good times...
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    3080 Ti EVGA Notify Queue

    We can't blame them too much for supply issues with the global chip shortage, but EVGA had NINE months to prepare their web presence for high traffic launch days, and they failed miserably
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    Man Sues Apple for Terminating Account with $25,000 in Purchases

    Don't forget iTunes has been around since 2001. $25K might sound like a lot but over 20 years it's just a few music and movie purchases a week.
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    It works! Emails now flowing. Thanks!
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    _Gea I noticed an issue that the SMTP password for email notifications has a 28 or so character limit. Some email services uses API keys for mailing now. I'm using Sendgrid and they make your stmp password your API key which is 70 characters long.
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Edit: Resolved the issue by disabling Jumbo Frames on Client A. All the other clients talk the OmniOS server over SMB have jumbo frames enabled with no issues, but there seems to be issues with Jumbos on this particular host. Shrug! So glad it's fixed.
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Thanks for the suggestions Gea. Windows is patched to the newest security March 2021 update. This LTSC version is the extended maintenance support release with continued updates. I disabled the guest account on OmniOS and cleared out all saved credentials on Client A, and reconnected to OmniOS...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    9 years later I have the exact same issue. I have a OmniOS 5.11 (omnios-r151032-19f7bd2ae5 November 2019) install with napp-it and a few Windows clients in question. I've actually had this issue since November 2019 but haven't got around to looking at it until now. Windows client A: Windows 10...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Got my first notification ever today, for a 3070. But it's been such a long time since requesting that I now have enough money for a 3080, so I might as well keep waiting...
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    Official EVGA Ampere Queue Thread

    Guess it's gonna be a while if some September notifications still haven't gone out...
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    Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 Cables Now Entering Wide Market Availability

    Can confirm that 15ft Zeskit can do 40gbit 4k 120hz HDR 10-bit RGB, no issue.
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    Is 10gb VRAM really enough for 1440p?

    In this thread: people know don't realize a game requesting X amount of VRAM isn't the same thing as a game actually using Y amount of VRAM.
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    NVIDIA Bans Reviewer for Concentrating on Rasterization Instead of Ray Tracing

    This is why sponsored or free sample video reviews should be disregarded and be considered ads. Aka 90% of LTT content. Too beholden to the sponsor.
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    Which VR headset to buy in 2020?

    Nice post Chief Blur Buster. I was originally going to go for a Reverb G2 this winter but with the limited availability I grabbed a Quest 2 to tide me over. I might actually completely skip the G2 now, and stick with the Quest 2 for a while. Taking Facebook out the equation, the Quest 2 really...
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Official Gameplay Trailer Released

    Some people's brains are permanently stuck in 2014.
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    HP Reverb G2

    The impressions I've read are that the clarity is amazing, but everything else is not great or best in their category, but not bad by any means.
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    CD PROJEKT RED Mandates Six-Day Work Weeks Ahead of Cyberpunk 2077’s Launch

    I guess your not aware that mentally stressful work has basically the same negative health effects as physically stressful work. Just a few examples:
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    HP Reverb G2

    Still no release date?
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    RTX 3080 Official Unboxing from Nvidia

    How long until we need 2 of those 12-pin connectors, starting the cycle over again.
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    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    Oh, hmm, that's odd. Unless I'm forgetting BIOSes of the past, this could be the first platform I've used that it didn't preserve settings between upgrades.
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    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    Is there a good way to back and reapply all my settings after a BIOS upgrade? I'm not really excited to re-enter my 400 ram timing adjustments 😨
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    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    Bios settings were kept?
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    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    Is "Asus CrashFree BIOS 3" considered bios flashback? My mobo does have that.
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    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    Hmm, I have the ITX version, ROG Strix X570-I Gaming, which I don't think has dual BIOS. If anyone with the same X570-I mobo updates from 1407 to 2203 can ya'll report back if any settings were lost?
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    New ASUS X570 BIOS Update [02/05/2021] - Version 3405

    When I upgraded from 1405 to 1407 I lost all my bios custom settings and overclock. Is that the expected behavior for these x570 mobos? I've never had settings lost by a BIOS update before.
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    LG 48CX

    Is the drop in chroma noticeable?
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    HP Reverb G2

    Because you lose individual finger tracking or for comfort or design reasons? I heard that while individual finger tracking is pretty interesting and new at the beginning, the novelty quickly wears off and becomes something of a nuisance.
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    ATX vs mATX vs ITX

    I really don't get why ATX is still a thing. Almost no one is adding another PCI-E card besides their graphics card.
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Has anyone attempted to make pretty dashboards for their zfs+napp-it systems using applications like Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf? I've seen some stunning looking dashboards on reddit and I'm getting jealous. There's no way I'm paying napp-it's ridiculous price for a visual monitoring...
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    CS:GO and TF2 source code leaks, fan projects shut down for fear of exploits

    It's so rare it's not even worth mentioning.
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    Patch Tuesday is tomorrow. Get your system locked down.

    It doesn't say what's so bad about this one?
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    New NZXT H1 SFF chassis

    So what was the point of the media blitz if I still can't buy one? They are letting the hype die down.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    No thread for sales on drives with coveted E16 controller?
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    New NZXT H1 SFF chassis

    Because I'm lazy and I don't want to replace the cable later when I need a 4.0 riser. Also I heard some 4.0 mobos have a hard time negotiating down to 3.0 with a 3.0 riser cable, and don't have an option to force to 3.0.
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    New NZXT H1 SFF chassis

    When is this shipping to retail? I can't find anywhere to buy it. Maybe Corona is slowing shipments? Though I also want to wait until they update it with the PCI-E 4.0 riser cable.
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    New NZXT H1 SFF chassis

    This thing looks right up my alley. I want to do a Ryzen 3800x build in it. Any recommendations on the motherboard? The X570 chipset ITX mobo selection looks pretty small to begin with.
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    How do I turn off LZ4 compression in the GUI? Looks like it on by default now. Almost all my content is already compressed so I don't need it. edit: it shows On in the pool details in the gui: but Off in the zfs compression command:
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    Linus from Linus Tech to Possibly Retire

    LTT is like the Top Gear of the computer world. Top Gear does outlandish antics with cheap or exoctic cars for entertainment sake, LTT does the same with computer parts. You don't go to either for useful reviews or information on cars or computer parts.