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    P5AD2-E Premium or Fatlity 925XE?

    I'm leaning more towards the asus board right now because of the crazy raid setups you can do on it. What are your takes on these boards? I haven't had time to look too in depth into them so I was wondering if there are any features that make one board stand out above the rest.
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    ***post Your Hl2 Screenshots Here***

    i'll get more and fix the size, looks sooo good. I'm using the 66.93's, 1280x1024 4xAA 8xAF(from within hl2) Everything high
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    About to take the dive into water cooling

    Ok, so I replaced my 3.2C with a 3.2E ES, and my older swiftech heatsink just isn't getting the job done. So I decided to look into watercooling and came up with this combo, let me know if any of these parts are notorious for being bad, or if I should pony up a few more dollars and get a better...
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    Just got my hooks on a 3.2E ES

    So yeah, i've got a 3.2 Prescott Engineering Sample in my rig right now. I wasn't too sure on what multiplier worked the best for anyone else, but I set mine to 10 with a fsb of 250 to put me at 3.5Ghz and 1000mhz bus speed. I have a 5:4 divider as well and my timings as tight as they will...
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    2.4C @ 3.3 > 3.2C @ 3.6?

    Well i'm bored and I got a hold of a 2.4/512/800 from a friend who didn't need it. I was wondering if having a higher fsb(close to 270) would be better for gaming etc... vs my 3.2 which is at 225mhz right now? I've got some pc4000 and lots of time this afternoon.
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    Registry entry for refreshrate in CS:S

    I had the problem of not being able to use custom refresh rates. In the registry if you look in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\valve\source\settings there is an entry called screenrefreshrate which was set to 60 on mine. I played with it and it made a difference for me.
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    Checkerboards in D3D games 9800se->pro

    I'm seeing some checkerboards in certain places but only in farcry and painkiller. It happens in all resolutions but only in those games. I can play call of duty at 1600x1200 with 4xaa and 8xaf and dont see it. Its moves with the level, if that makes sense. I have an artic silencer rev 2...
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    can you mod a 9800se to an xt?

    I was looking at the powercolor 9800se and was wondering if its moddable to beyond a 9800pro? Need answer fast, friend wants to buy one. THx in advance. Ok, ordered it for him, but we aren't expecting to get xt performance out of it at all, we just want to know what is capable of say with an...
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    Good deal on 6800 GT? That is the best I could find, doubt I would want to buy from that site though, unless someone here has exp with it? Anyone else find one? I was thinking of pre-ordering the bb one but I was hoping maybe this one would get here first.
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    ATi equivalent to digital vibrance?

    I'm not sure if that was the right name for the feature, but on my Fx5600 there was something along those lines that you could change. Does ati have something similar to this?
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    Possible 9600np mods?

    Hey guys, I had just started posting here when the forums went down. I had an FX5600 at the time, and just started learning about tweaking and overclocking video cards. A few weeks ago I got a VisionTek 9600 np 256mb for free so I decided to throw it in untill I upgrade to a 6800u or the high...
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    P4 2.4/512/533 Sl6rz

    I have one of these laying around, and since I've been reading the forum I really want to have a system I can OC and not worry about blowing it up. I was wondering if anyone has had luck with this particular step code? I also have a 2.66 SL6PE but i'm not sure if it works.
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    Low 3dmark03 scores, video card? probably?

    Hey guys, this is my first post here, I browse through sometimes when i'm at work and I wish I would have known about the forum before I bought my current system. Anyways, I'm running a 3.2ghz with a gig of kingston valueram and a Mad Dog Geforce FX 5600 128mb. The only reason I got a MAD DOG...