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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    A Haiku for Corsair! Elegant Design Engineered to Perfection Corsair Memory
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    Hybrid PhysX Mod Package Contained Trojan

    While I agree that maybe more research should of went into the matter and a plain warning message would of been preferred, but to claim that Kyle is paid by NVIDIA is pretty outrageous. Haven't you looked at the Fermi reviews? I don't know about you, but if I were NVIDIA and if I were paying...
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    No Fermi benchmarks on the 26th

    According to HardwareCanucks, we should be getting a Fermi review shortly after the PAX announcement. Source:
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    [HOT] Pre-purchase Bioshock 2 for $44.99 on Steam & Get Bioshock 1 FREE

    Yep, I received my copy of the game from Robble. Go grab this game at this great price already!
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    [HOT] Pre-purchase Bioshock 2 for $44.99 on Steam & Get Bioshock 1 FREE

    I've sent a PM to you Robble. I can send the payment through PayPal when we have a group ready. So far it's me and Robble confirmed for the 4-pack if anyone else wants to join in.
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    [HOT] Pre-purchase Bioshock 2 for $44.99 on Steam & Get Bioshock 1 FREE

    So far with the replies, we might have a 4-pack here. me cannondale06 robble poconopc I can send money through PayPal. If we're all interested still, we might be able to do this.
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    [HOT] Pre-purchase Bioshock 2 for $44.99 on Steam & Get Bioshock 1 FREE

    If someone is still looking for more people for their group buy, I wouldn't mind joining in as well.
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    Here's hoping.
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    Help me decide between these two speakers

    Sure thing Supapuffy, I'll try to get a review as soon as I get these speakers. As for the soundcard, I'll be using the Auzentech Prelude. I'm still buying the rest of my parts for an upcoming build, so I'll swap my Prelude into an older computer to see how the soundcard treats the speakers.
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    Help me decide between these two speakers

    Yeah, I heard about that as well. Not too worried about it, I have a rather large computer desk that can easily accommodate it. Thanks for the concern though.
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    Help me decide between these two speakers

    Thanks for the advice Spaceman and thanks for the feedback on the speakers FinalAura. Glad to see other people having good experience with these speakers. All that needs to be done now is fill out that order form and click "checkout" :D
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    Help me decide between these two speakers

    I read some reviews on the M10 and they sound really great :D eBay is not showing any results for me, but I did find an American store called The Audio Insider. Shipping costs are reasonable and the speakers are just slightly over my budget, but it should be good. I'm just happy that the...
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    Help me decide between these two speakers

    I live in Canada and I can only find one computer store that sells Swans and they sell the Swans S400. How does that compare to the M10? I'll give a look on eBay to see if anyone is selling the M10. Thanks for the honesty though, it seems my speaker selection was terrible, lol.
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    Help me decide between these two speakers

    Hey all, Currently I am looking for a set 2.1 speakers. I have around $100.00 maybe a little more if need to be :p, but I have narrowed down my choices between the Edifier S330D and the Logitech Z-2300. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these speakers and could possibly help...
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    Will this P45 board suit my needs?

    Hey all, A friend of mine practically gave me his used Q9450 for free. Since this has saved me some good money and is a great upgrade from my previous computer, I was wondering if the Asus P5Q-Pro would be a good choice. I don't plan to CF ever and to my understanding, using one GPU slot...
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    WoW Keyboard?

    +1 vote for the G15. Great keyboard and looks pretty awesome to boot! With some canvasing, you should easily find the G15 on sale between $50 to $60.
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    Which WoW Add-ons do you use?

    While I don't play WoW anymore, these were the mods that I used. With jWoWUpdater, managing all these mods is quite easy and I recommend the program to anyone if you are not using an updating program already. WOW INTERFACE MODS ==================== Align MikScrollingBattleText WOW ACE...
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    new nvidia drivers Forceware 177.26

    Checked out a thread about this on Guru3D forums and people have verified that these drivers only work for the upcoming GTX260 and the GTX280. Modding the inf file does not work as well. Just a heads up.
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    World of Warcraft Add-Ons

    I pretty much get all my mods from They have an updater program that makes updating all your mods with one press of a button. Align (Not from wowace, but a great little mod that draws a grid to help you symmetrically align your custom UIs.) BigWigs - Raid Boss Warnings...
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    NOD32 + Vista x64 = 32 bit app crash

    Sorry to hear you're having problems with NOD32. Like yourself, I am running Vista x64 and NOD32 without any problems. All my 32-bit programs work well. Maybe you are using an older version?
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    Forceware 100.65 final out!

    I've been using Driver Cleaner for a long time and it does a great job in cleaning out all the leftovers from previous drivers. The program is cheap as well, only costing $10.00. Hope this helps!
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    Vista Defrag Question

    Hey all, I just finished installing Vista X64 on my computer and I was wondering if anyone out there could answer a question for me. I am using OO Defrag 8.6 and when it finished defragging, the program says that my disk fragmentation level is 21.3%. I'm pretty sure this fragmentation...
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    router problems

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    Computer Problems with MS Office 2003

    Hey all, A friend of mine is having some problems with his computer, so I decided to take a look at it with the hope of finding a solution. With some testing, I believe I have narrowed the problem down to MS Office 2003. Every time someone uses any application under MS Office, the computer...
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    fps question on 7600gt

    My system is similiar to yours and all I have to say is that I think that your system will be fine for games. I have Oblivion with high settings and no where does Oblivion "laugh" at the 7600gt. FPS is smooth and great. I don't think you'll be dissapointed.
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    Overclocking Question, is this normal?

    Thanks for the fast reply tsuehpsyde! Will try this when I get home.
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    Overclocking Question, is this normal?

    Hmm... it gets stranger. I followed everyone's advice. Cool and Quiet was disabled already and I tried overclocking it manually. CPU-Z and Windows still says it's at stock speeds. A really wierd thing I noticed in CPU-Z is that, my FSB is contstantly changing. (eg: 201.1, 202, 202.2, 201.1)...
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    Overclocking Question, is this normal?

    Hey all, I'm a total n00b when it comes to overclocking, but I was fiddling around with my cpu today and decided to take advantage of Asus' AI Overclocker. I set it to a 10% overclock, computer booted up fine and I fired up some HL2 and no crashes! However, looking at my speeds in CPU-Z and...
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    Skype and Spyware

    I've been really intrigued by Skype, a voip program, but I am wary of the program being infected with spyware. With some research, I have not gotten a clear answer if Skype actually contains spyware. Some sources say yes and others say no. I was wondering if any fellow [H] members could...
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    sign here if you luv FF VII

    i love women with pixelated bodies.... errr..... i love ff7!!!!
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    WoW worth the $50 then the $13.99 a month??

    WOW was my first experience with an MMORPG. I never thought that I would actually pay for a game on a monthly basis. So I just gave it try to see what all the hype was about and honestly I wasn't disapointed! The game is totally worth it! You have probably heard about all the Blizzard bashing...
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    Network Card Problems... Need Advice

    Hey everyone, I have a friend who is currently having difficulties accessing the internet. He is sharing his internet connection with two computers via a router, and the strange thing is that his other computer can access the internet through the router. I have checked to see if his network...
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    radio for IPod?

    They actually have an attachment that will enable your iPod to listen to the radio. Here's the link: Griffin FM
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    iPod Quality?

    Yeah it's true that iPod's battery, more generally lithium ion batteries likes being recharged on a partially full battery, but you should do a FULL discharge of the battery every 30 charges. The reasons why you should do this and other methods you can do to get the most out of your battery can...
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    What email client are you using?

    Just wanna see what other fellow [H] members are using. To start things up... I use Outlook 2003.
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    'budget' sound card

    I vote for the Chaintech AV-710, it's about $35 CAD where I live and as sound quality goes it is very good for music, so good it is pretty much comparable to the Revolution. If your the avid gamer, it provides decent performance in games. Heres a helpful link about the AV-710 AV-710 Review...
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    Got my iPod

    I got the same black iSKin! It's very snazzy! But my only complaint is that it it acts like those Sweefers dust collectors! I always find myself using one of those de-linter things to remove the dust. Good choice for a protector none the less!
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    ipod or ipod mini?

    I picked up a mini before the school season and I am absolutely loving it! Didn't get the 20gb one because I don't have that much music and I am not going to use it for any data storage. Yeah the 20gb is the better deal, but quite frankly whatever choice you make I think you'll be pleased!
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    Recommended Text Editors for Code

    Eclipse is very good for Java programming, but it is a IDE. As for text editors, I have been using Context . It supports many programming languages, colour codes everything and the best part... it's FREE! If your intersted with Eclipse it is also free too. Hope this helps!