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    Video card build, structure and composition

    I've been a system builder for a long time now and a few things have always puzzled me. Why are the GPU's on the bottom of the card? Why is there no heatsink on the back(top) of the video card? And why isn't the GPU in a zif socket like the cpu is? Wouldn't this make upgrading a...
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    How bad BAD can get.

    Does anyone have a socket PGA370 cpu sitting around that I can borow? (something slower than 600 or so. I got an intel mATX CA810e mobo(never used, that my boss threw out), and I want to upgrade the bios on it so it can take a 1ghz cpu. The board only has 4 pci slots and I wanna see just...
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    DVI to VGA ~ VGA to DVI

    Hiya! Recently I upgraded to an LCD monitor(Samsung SyncMaster 906BW) and I noticed that it has a DVI and a VGA port. My video card also has VGA and DVI ports as well. But neither came with a DVI cable. I do however have 2 DVI/VGA adapters from my current and a previous video card...
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    Disappearing URL's

    How come when I unplug my nic cable, turn on my system, login, do some work, then go back, plug my cable back in, everything in my URL window pulldown has disappeared??? Shouldn't everything still be there regaurdless of what I do???
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    SATA RAID???

    Hiya I have an idea and I was wondering if it would fly. We have a client that needs some serious data storage and I was thinking of using 3-750Gig SATA drives in a RAID and I was wondering: 1. Is it possible to raid SATA drives the way SCSI drives are raides. and 2. If I get an 8...
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    Error 92 ???

    Recently one of the systems at work started randomly popping up a generic error 92 message. The message would be closed and it would go away. Only to randomly pop up later. After system diagnostics no errors or malfunctions were detected and no info on an "error92" was found on the web. Does...
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    Smitfraud removal help!!!

    Hi all. So I got hit with Smitfraud and I got the remover(v1.71). I followed the instructions 3 times. And now I get a new page every other time, instead of every time. Does anyone know of a sure fire way to get this thing offa my system? Thank you!
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    Outlook XP recovery

    My boss fubar'd his Outlook Xp and uninstalled it, then reinstalled it. Is there a way to recover the .pst and .wab files to rebuild his Outlook? Thank You.
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    Office XP on Vista

    Does anyone know if Ofice XP will run on Vista??? Or do I have to buy Office Vista??? Thank you.
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    Stupid question / scenario.

    We have a posible job to wire/network a warehouse 512ft widex1600ft long x 30ft high. The offices are in the middle of one wall, and there will be another office in the far(opposing) corner of the warehouse. We were told that CAT-3 was in place and to see if we can run CAT-5. Upon...
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    35mm Color Slide Scanner

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    That burning feeling!

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    PhysX prices

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    Systemworks 2007

    Does anyone know if and/or when Symantec will be releasing Systemworks 07'??? The only info I can find is this part number, but it looks like 06' repackaged. "SY038-X" I have 3 systems that are giving me the annoying update message every few hours. Damned thing even kicked me outta WoW...
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    FDisk, MAXLLF and Format.

    Hi all. I'm a bit picky about my system and was wondering: 1. If I do switch over to using SATA drives, can I still low-level the drive using MAXLLF. 2. Can I still Format C: using a 98SE boot floppy? 3. Can I still navigate the SATA drives using a DOS boot floppy if I have to? Or do I...
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    Wooden case/case mod ideas.

    Even though I have 5???(egads!) cases ahead of me to do, I'm looking for ideas for a wooden case mod. My dad has been doing plank-on-frame ship modeling for a while now, which means I have access to plenty of tools, and thought I'd give a wooden case a try. If any of you have any that you...
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    IE closing after URL is typed.

    Yeah. I open IE, I type in a URL and hit enter, and either a small piece of the page will load then IE closes, or it'll just simply close altogether. I can use a previously visited URL, search result, shortcut or favorite and then it'll open and stay open. But when I go to type in a URL...
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    Anyone ever use a VIA Epia board... an HTPC or mp3 jukebox for their entertainment center??? I was thinking about them after I saw the article here. 5" x 5" is pretty small.
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    Vista Release Dates

    Anyone??? Anyone??? Beuller??? Does anyone know what the release dates are for the 5 versions of Vista that are allegedly coming out???
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    DS as PDA???

    Last week I bought the Nintendo DS(in blue) and the GBA cartridge Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls. And after playing with it I have made a few interesting discoveries. Imho most noteably is that the DS would make a killer PDA device if they should ever make a chip/cartridge for it...
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    Mosquito ringtone

    It's at 17Khz, I'm 40yrs old, and I can hear it loud and clear. B93.1 has been playing it this morning, and a lot of people can hear it. Can any of you hear it??? And do any of you know where I can download the .wav or .mp3 of it for my own amusement? Thank you.
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    Best upgrade path???

    I have a: AMD XP 3200 2GB DDR PC3200 Asus A7V800 mobo BFG 6200 OC AGP. Since 939 is going bye bye, and AM2 DDR2 is coming/here, what would you recc'? (No Intel/ATi chips/boards please!) Asus, AMD, BFG and Mushkin are who I'm looking at atm.
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    Recc' webcam???

    Can anyone reccomend a good webcam? I've looked at the various sites(Logitech, CompUSA, etc) and they all seem to max around 1.3 Mpxl's. My parents have a 4 Mpxl digital camera and I know what those pics look like, so I figure 1.3 Mpxl's aughta be pretty crappy. Does anyone know of any...
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    Just two words.

    WoW Wii. Think about it...
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    Network woes

    Does anyone know what the major cause of a network going goofy is???(No, not Minnie mouse!) More specifically what makes routers(DHCP) go bad? Some of you may remember my issues with the Liksys I bought last year? Well... that same issue has started up again, only this time on the DLink...
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    A possible W/C'd htpc???

    I have an idea for a watercooled htpc and would like your ideas. My idea is this: To use an AMD XP-3200 cpu and downclock it as far as it'll go. And then use the Thermaltake Tidewater Plus to cool both the cpu and gpu. Thus lowering the case noise from the fans. My trick here is to use a...
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    portable scanner ideas???

    Does anyone know if there is such a thing as a USB document scanner that I can hook up to a laptop that doesn't require an A/C power supply jack??? I need something like this that I can take to meetings so I can scan docs or pages out of presentation manuals or books. Thanks.
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    Substitute a mini frozen pizza...

    Ya just gotta like this!!! To go along with this: Now all we need is a USB beer chiller and we're set!
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    Is it possible that an original store bought copy of XP Pro SP-2 could be buggy??? So far I've installed it on 3 different systems, some of them more than twice, with various hardware configurations, and I've had various issues with each system. Everything from screen flicker to nic...
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    Word yo!

    Are there any advanced MS Word(Office) users out there??? I need a bit of help. I have 3 docs, each with different formatting. And I want to combine them into 1 doc. How do I do this, and still keep all the formatting??? Thanks!!!
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    PhysX prices

    Does anyone know just who is currently selling the PhysX cards????? So far Newegg and CompUSA aren't selling/have no prices for them. Yet they're listed as sellers. Could someone supply me with a few links to companies that are actually selling the card, thanks!!!
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    Does anyone know where someone can go look at a "quick & dirty" info sheet about RAID, RAID setups, How To's, and other basic info??? (The boss wants a SCSI RAID-5 setup(Adaptec 2120 S) on the new DNS we're building. Is anyone still using SCSI anymore??? I thoughht everyone had converted to...
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    Twisted is...

    ...the guy that got his scanner to play Fur-Elise. You need your speakers on for this.
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    Automotive/PC powersupplies

    My parents will be travelling this summer and I thought I'd mount a mATX system unter the captains chairs in their van(97 Dodge RAM). And maybe load up Street Atlas USA and a few other proggys for them. And I'm trying to find a power supply that'll connect to a cars power supply so I can run...
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    Quicktime 7.0.4 install issues.

    Hiya. When I install the newest version of Quicktime, I'm able to go through the installer to various depths and I keep getting issues such as a lag or hang, or I'l get: 1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime, or sometimes after this I get the install dialog screen. I knew...
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    Dual 939 suggestions???

    I got the go-ahead at work to start building another Beast server, to replace the current aging Beast-1 server. I'm looking at making this one a dual 939 board. I've seen the K8N-DL, but it's a 940 board. Will there be any issues? Because I'd like to run dual dual-core chips. Thank you.
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    New Project.

    I'm playing with the idea of starting up a mail server for my friends and family and I was wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction as far as what software to use, and which Hardforums to look in??? Thank you.
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    At wits end!

    Hiya! I did a fresh install of XP Pro SP-2 on a friends system. An Asus A7N8X-X Nforce 2 board. I have it on a DHCP network. Everything went fine during the install. No power outtages, glitches or anything weird. After the install the onboard NIC senses a 100mbp connection. And it...
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    An idea for a stress test

    I have a novel idea??? How about [H] or someone have a wireless fragathon session, for charity or whatever. No CAT-5 cables at all!!! Say about 140 or so people, all gaming the same game wirelesly in the same room. Just ta see if it can be done on such a large scale. It'd be kinda...
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    Cooling towers.

    A 2 parter. 1. Does anyone remember that watertower the guy had in his kitchen about a year ago??? It had a shower head on top inside, about 6ft of wide lear plexi tubing, fans and a Coleman cooler for the base??? If any of you remember, could ya post a link? Thanks. 2. I remember seeing...