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    How much of a pain in the ass is this case to watercool? Ill get to find out soon enough. Always wanted to do a high end halo build. This is the basis for my over the top, stupid money build basically
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    Backup pictures/videos from iphone to Windows 10 NAS?

    looking for an app to backup my pics/videos seemlessly like onedrive does to its cloud but to my local Windows 10 server with 34TB of storage. Look like a lot of sol
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    Cases that support a 480mm rad

    Been searching for a while now and only thing I can find are the 900d, caselabs and some nasty TT cube thingy. Probably leaning towards the 900d but it’s an older design. Anybody have better recommendations or know of another case?
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    Punctured my HWLabs GTX480 radiator(pics of sad carnage)

    Ended up slipping and falling atop of my rad, sending bolts straight into the core. This is an older 20fpi design that I was using in a push/pull with GT15s. I see most rads are now 16fpi or lower, what do you guys think? should I try hunting down a similar replacement or what would you...
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    Spend my money and help finish my new build!

    this is what I have so far CPU: Intel Intel Core i7-7700K Motherboard: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS IX APEX Power Supply: SeaSonic 1200W Platinum-1200(SS-1200XP3) Im looking to do a 4x120mm watercooling setup, need(want) something like a Caselabs SM8, single GPU(will mine when Im at work)
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    WD - Easystore 8TB External USB 3.0 Hard Drive - $129.99

    feel it needed its own thread. GOGOGOGOGOGOG
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    Anybody else with older iOS devices suddenly get slower in the last two weeks?

    i noticed in the past two weeks many different apps have started slowing down to a crawl on my iPhone 6 Plus, videos/pictures won't load, apps take 15-30 seconds to open/register a tap. I've confirmed with 2 other people same situation, although we're all ATT, it's the same problem on cell data...
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    Just a random question about mining

    Ive been curious about mining for a while now. Want to try it but the electricity costs always kill it for me in the end. The question I have is, I have a 520w solar panel system(planning to expand to 1000w) that currently feeds my PC, essentially giving me free electricity during the day. Would...
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    Fixing CoolerMaster Glacer pump failure

    A few weeks ago, the pump in my modified Glacer kit finally died after 2 and a half years of reliable service, the pumps seem to be a fairly common issue with these kits. I ordered another CM AIO kit that i was planning to salvage the...
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    CM Glacer pump died.

    I've been using a Coolermaster Glacer 240L (v2 I believe) for 2.5 years now. I expanded it to include a GPU waterblock. Well the pump died and its integrated into the cpu waterblock. What options are there to replace it? Keep in mind this is all stuffed into a ncase M1 so space is at a premium...
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    New Watercool Titan/GTX700 series waterblocks

    Was looking for a 780ti block and came across these i haven't seen before, according to Google these were posted 4 days ago, haven't found anything else. Black Edition Acrylic...
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    State of Thermal Pastes 2014

    I have a few syringes of different pastes all old stuff(AS5, IC Diamond, CM generic) all over 2-3 years old. Im about to start building and refreshing some rigs and was wondering what is the new paste on the block or should I stick with a fresh tube of an old classic? Thanks
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    Seasonic Platinum 1200w - $290

    Been waiting for this PSU since it was announced last year, Newegg has it listed for 399. wait time of 2-4 weeks though possibly more
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    PWM hardware control

    I have a MCP352X and have a few pwm fans on the way. one issue thats been bugging me is that upon bootup my pump will run 100% until i log in to windows and have either speedfan or the mobo software load up and control the pump. with the high speed pwm fans coming I was wondering if theres any...
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    Getting back into the [H]orde!

    Hey guys, its been about a year since I've been able to fold, Im looking to get back into it now that I have the means to do it comfortably (no issues with leaving it folding 24/7) I downloaded GPU Tracker and got it running like I remember, currently at ~32,000PPD, no more -bigadv i see, but...
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    Iphone 4 replacement battery

    After 2 years my ip4s battery is finally giving me issues, I'd like to replace it, but does anybody know where I can get a replacement battery that will restore my battery life like the day I got my ip4 brand new? or is that just not feasible with the generic replacements.
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    Tough decision, need your help [H]orde

    ***I dont know if its against the rules here, if it is, I apologize and will remove my post.*** So I since moved from my previous place where I had free electricity and now face a dilemma. as a full time student, and my part time job being very unstable, I cannot afford to keep running my...
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    HP Touchpad 16GB $99, 32GB $149, Active for .edu

    Students, login/register first, then click one of the links below. Apply the appropriate coupon and check out 16GB - $99 32GB - $149 Coupons Save15HP - $15 off Save30HP - $30 off $150 Student program works, I used paper as filler for the $30 off coupon ***COPYPASTA FROM SLICKDEALS***...
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    eVGA GTX460, 768mb, 768-P3-1360-TR

    YOU MUST BE AN ACTIVE FOLDER TO RECEIVE THE PRICE LISTED HERE, READ THE RULES! RMA'd and got this back around January, will ship in the original cards box or the RMA box with a few accessories. Registered to me and will assist in RMA'ing if needed. warranty until 8/29/2012 $90 Shipped
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    Added 560ti, PPD not what I expected :(

    Hey guys, I got a 560ti today, excited I shutdown my rig and move my GTX460 to the 2nd slot and place the 560ti in the 1st slot. restarted the rig and installed the newest drivers off the Nvidia website. Now that I restarted GPU Tracker, let it work for a few minutes and notice my 460 has lost...
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    Vote on my next upgrade! :p

    I just built my first watercooling loop and man is it addicting. now I want to watercool my GPU but i dont know what to do, I fold@home 85%, game 15%... so [H] you get to decide for me! :D :o:o:o
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    Odd discovery...

    EDIT: SOLVED! Molex ground pin had wiggled out of the connector First off, heres my pump setup as you can see the pump isnt straight and would hit the side panel, but I figured the...
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    Universal Mosfet/NB waterblocks

    Are they all the same or some better than others? Im hitting an OCing wall with my VRMs overheating @ 1.5v and was wondering if anybody had opinions/thoughts on them
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    Loosing anything by going to 4.3.3 from 4.1?

    Got an iphone 4, original 4.1, baseband 02.10.04, jailbroken. lately its been 'glitchy', 3G comes and goes, missed calls that never ring, etc. I've been trying to restore a clean 4.1, but its being difficult, so I was thinking about just upgrading to 4.3.3 and jailbreaking it, is that stupid?
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    Flaming Blade motherboard is literally flaming hot :O

    Maybe I've never noticed this but I brushed the heatsink with the back of my fingers and nearly got 3rd degree burns. This is while folding pretty much nonstop for 3 days now. Should I be worried?
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    Removed Corsair H50 backplate, took a piece of my mothernoard with it...

    I took off my Corsair H50 to move to a custom WC build, trying to remove the backplate the 3M sponge pads had become dry and brittle(turned to ashes when scraped off) I tried using alcohol to soften it up but somehow it still ripped a piece of my motherboard off... Is there any risk by...
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    Ordering from McMaster...

    about to place this order with McMaster and was wondering is there anything else I might want to buy? the screws and nuts are to hold my fans 30mm above the rad surface and I'll be making custom shrouds, and the mesh will be cut for fan filters.
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    Watercooling porn! (critique my build too :p )

    Finally picked out the last piece of my watercooling build. Its taken a few months to pickup everything that I wanted due to budget and availability. Man the quad rad is HUGE! much bigger than I had imagined. I'll probably end up mounting it on top of my P180. Heatkiller 3.0 LC w/Backplate -...
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    New symptom, PC shuts down under load

    So I've been folding pretty much 24/7 for awhile now, and I would get some BSODs every once and a awhile nothing major, so I would up the vcore and vtt voltages up slightly everytime, until the BSODs stopped. Now I am no stranger to TJmax, I've never had a problem with staying at 100*C for...
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    Help me with the location of my PC :S

    I finally managed to score a 480mm radiator for my watercooling project. Now I need help exhausting the heat outside the room. I have 3 options more or less Option 1, is a window towards the west, so for about 5-6 hours the sun hits this window, I can maybe fashion up some cover so the sun...
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    Win7 installation quirks...

    Alright I have a DVD for Home Premium upgrade, I've used it to do clean installs without a hitch on various PCs, even if its not technicality possible. Now on one of the PCs I had to do a reformat, same PC, same disc I always use, but now it gives me this error; which Im sure comes from...
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    Killed my Antec Tricools, need cheap replacements for my H50

    So I finally killed my antec tricools after 5 years, one wont spin and the other is about half speed. anyway, I need some ultra cheap fans that have good static pressure, budget maybe $15-20 for both.
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    WTB: A pair of 120mm fans

    thanks guys, im back up running with some medium speed yate loons :p
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    Meet my rag tag fleet of ppd

    I'd like to thank my landlord for including utilities :D
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    Looking for cheap LEDs

    I need six 5mm blue LEDs cheap, radioshack has them for 3.49 alittle to expensive for just 6 LEDs, and is it me or blue the most expensive color?
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    Does this qualify as ghetto?
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    Piecing together my first loop, on a budget.

    I have decided the heat produced by an overclocked i7 920 and overclocked GTX460 folding 24/7 is just too much for my room to handle, last summer was extra harsh. My plan is to piece together a budget "extreme" loop, scouring the FS section for bargains. Heres what I have in mind for parts so...
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    WMC and WMP playback issues

    Trying to play an avi, loads fine, plays for 5 minutes and then I get an error. It plays perfect in VLC though. any ideas?
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    Does Adobe photoshop 64bit use more then 4GB?

    I was working on a single image around 1.5 gigs, had F@H, firefox, itunes and utorrent running. Tried saving the file and I get this popup I tried closing any processes I didnt need and still got the same error. I realized photoshop never went above 3.5gigs or so and I think it was using...