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    Windows 95 internet angst!

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    Is this a good deal?

    uh why? whats wrong with them?
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    Is this a good deal? Samsung SyncMaster 19" CRT Monitor with DynaFlat Screen - Silver/Black Model: 997df 19" screen (18" viewable image) 1920 x 1440 maximum resolution at 64Hz 0.20mm dot pitch It's 200$...
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    new eMachines M6811 and M6810!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i don't really even see a difference in specs...aside from the processor speed? I wish they would upgrade there video :mad:
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    Anyone use this monitor?

    SAMSUNG 955DF-T/T 19" DynaFlat CRT doesn't seem to bad....210$ free shipping. THeo nly thing is the refresh rate looks a little off....1280@ 75? thats kinda strange. I'd want at least 85...
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    what media to use for making backups of DVDs?

    is it + or -? i'm so confused?
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    wtf my 9800 pro has only 11000 on 3dmark2001 se?

    Comp specs would be nice...check AA/AF. Check preformance options also.
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    Windows 95 internet angst!

    help i just got this computer free from a friend. I'm going to try and set it up as a internet only computer for my little brother so he doesn't have to use mine. I just installed a network card in it now i have no idea how to get it on the net...i plugged it into the router and such already but...