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    Updated: Threadripper 1920x $200 @ Amazon

    pgaster what a 1900x?
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    Updated: Threadripper 1920x $200 @ Amazon

    FrgMstr - I had one you could have tested without buying one lol.
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    New Ubiquiti setup at home

    Spartacus09 - Do you have IPS/IDS turned on? I take it you are using the Pro flavor?
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    Struggling with UniFi USG Pro 4 setup, anyone have time to help?

    Have you looked at the logs in the controller?
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    Network pics thread

    leezard That blanking panel is bad to the bone.
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    Is it possible for force link up on an esxi nic?

    danswartz - Did you get this figured out?
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    How feasible is this?

    I'll keep this short since I am short on time. Managing in the cloud doesn't remove the management of your systems so much as it removes the need to keep up with licensing, etc. The group you work for needs to do some in-house maintenance before moving to the cloud unless they move to a fully...
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    leezard shoot me a PM if you are still looking for a pfsense box
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    8TB WD Elements external HD $125

    Viper87227 I have a few red label 8s and white label 10s if you need them.
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    Is it possible for force link up on an esxi nic?

    If I understand this correctly you leave the second link as passive in configuration and it still goes down? Is the second path on a different or same subnet?
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    TeleFragger why not update your card?
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    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    Wow. Just seeing this. Happy to unload some of someone can use them.
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    10TB WD Easystore + 32GB USB $180

    Hmm.. What do you with the 16x new 8TB Reds I have.
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    Memory Prices Could Fall 20% in 2019

    Funny because I read an article yesterday that stated Samsung was going to scale back production to keep prices up. Further down it stated that Micron and Hynix might follow suite.
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    Intel Celeron G4920 Desktop Processor 2 Core $ 25

    Might want to add in-store pickup only in the title.
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    Corsair site 20% off till 10/5

    Doesn't work for me on KBs.
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    Work is upgrading my monitors-Recommendations?

    There is a shelf mounted above the present monitors that is in use.
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    Work is upgrading my monitors-Recommendations?

    I wish I could stack them but my desktop will not allow that.
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    Intel i7 7820x $379

    Don't see it. Must have went back out of stock.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Chas what model did you get?
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    Work is upgrading my monitors-Recommendations?

    Doesn't really matter I suppose. Look at what I am coming from. :)
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    Work is upgrading my monitors-Recommendations?

    I want IPS for the color and clarity. My eyes notice a difference.
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    Work is upgrading my monitors-Recommendations?

    My desk at home is an Ikea Jerker to give you at idea of what I am using. I am leaning towards a 27-29" 4K. I have an LG UW I really like for daily use, so it may have to go away, or blend in somehow. The text sharpness and focusing on it is a good thing as I think that is what tires the eyes...
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    Work is upgrading my monitors-Recommendations?

    In short, work is upgrading my monitors for my new office setup. I mainly handle general office items and nothing like video editing or gaming. I currently have 2x 24" 1080p monitors, so keeping dual monitors is the idea. Only requirements I have is: - more screen real estate in each...
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    Samsung 960 PRO 512gb nvme Amazon Warehouse

    I am not seeing anything deduct in price. Must be dead.
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    HP Omen 32 1440p Monitor [REFURB] - $239 shipped

    How are these sitting about 1-3 feet away for general office work, etc?
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    15% off eBay purchases today

    IT may ship. Hopefully.
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    ESXi vCPUs multiprocessor limits?

    Mr. Baz - it short, in my testing it netted no difference unless you start to talk about NUMA nodes. k1pp3r - It does suck the hard now. Makes home pc licensing harder for servers too. M$ needs their monies.
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    ESXi vCPUs multiprocessor limits?

    You have to be careful of what you subscribe due to licensing too. Mr. Baz there is not a sliding ruler for this stuff. It depends on all of the variables in the equation.
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    Mobil 1 EP 0W20 5qt - $3.85AR (Limit 2)

    I am showing this as a $15 rebate.
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    How to protect Virtualbox VM from coruption due to forced reboots?

    "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" setextradata "VM NAME" GUI/DefaultCloseAction Shutdown NOTE: Make sure you shutdown and restart your VM after you type that command as it doesn't take effect immediately. You can replace Shutdown with: SaveState, PowerOff, or...
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    Printers via Remote Desktop

    Be sure and click the ports box on the local resources tab. The other things to check is if the client printer port is remapped to the RDP session on the server in the cmd prompt.
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    Help me pick my third mass-store server

    Xeon-D seems to be the best fit. There is a mITX E5 MB out there but uses a narrow ILM so cooling options are limited.
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    Poor Storage IOPS

    First off, the RAID card is old and only PCIe 1.1 if I remember correctly. 800 IOPs is not bad from a 7200 rpm drive (single drive is ~100 IOPs). The SSD is on average about 3,000 IOPs. What are you looking for? What are you considering poor performance? What programs, etc. in the client VMs...
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    4U Chassis that can handle dual ATX board with Hyper 212 coolers?

    Anyone know of a 4U Chassis that can handle dual ATX board with Hyper 212 coolers? I'd rather not remove the coolers as something like the Noctuas are a little expensive. Please note I need to rack mount this chassis.
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    vMotion w/Affinity Rules

    Are you able to screen shot the rules and post them here? Are you running an affinity or anti-affinity rules? Do you have any VM-Host Affinity rules?
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    vMotion w/Affinity Rules

    There is something in your rules that violates vmotion. Without knowing your rules it's hard to decipher.
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    Looking for Advice

    IMO it sounds like the board. It may be the processor but doubt it. Replace the board if you can. Heck, for your budget I could easily put you into enterprise class hardware with 16gb ram.