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    HD Retrovision Component Cables for Genesis, SNES, Saturn, etc. So, first off, no I don't work for these people, nor am I affiliated with them, but I just picked up these component cables for use on my SNES and Saturn and I must say, wow. If you have a decent TV and like retro gaming, you must get these. Here's a quick comparison of...
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    Sega Saturn CD - Cracked After 20 Years

    Extremely interesting video about cracking the Saturn CD Block by an incredible engineer. Hopefully this guy gets his project to a stage where we can buy, I'd love to load up an HDD with backups of my Saturn games and go to town!
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    Unable to switch input methods - Windows 10

    So, I've run across a really strange problem that only affects one of the several W10 PC's in my house. I live in a bilingual household, so being able to type english as well as chinese are paramount. Recently, one of my machines stopped being able to switch IME's by either pressing win+space...
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    Best method for mounting bin/cue in windows 8?

    Hi everyone, I've searched for this and haven't really found a great answer. I have some backups of old sega saturn games that I would like to play using an emulator (yes they are backups of my own games), but it seems that Windows won't mount bin/cue images. Is there a recommended software...
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    Crucial M4 128GB SSD - $160.99 @ Newegg

    Not as good as the deal, but if you still have any of the $40 Newegg vouchers left, this is great!
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    BF Bad Company 2 Weird CPU issue

    I've looked all around the net for this, but I can't seem to find an answer. When I play BFBC2, my CPU usage is assumedly below 80% and I can't hear my CPU fan at all. However, once a multiplayer game ends, while viewing the results screen with the unlock progression and what not, my CPU ramps...
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    Windows 7 x64 only goes into S1 Sleep, S3 rarely

    Hey guys, My problem is that when I first boot the computer, I can tell it to sleep and it will enter S3. However, once I load the CPU for any length of time, say over a minute, it will no longer enter S3, and just stay in S1. After doing powercfg /a, it shows me that S1 and S3 are supported. I...
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    i7 2600K Expected Temps on Air

    I haven't really found any good info for this on the net, so I figured we could share the info here. I have a Venomous X with 2 Cooler Master Blademaster fans in Push/Pull and get about 78C on my hottest core @ 4.8GHz/1.4V. Part of the reason I created this thread was to compare and see if...
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    Dead Space 2

    Did anyone else try the demo last night? I played through it and have a few thoughts. The new zero-gravity movement is a huge improvement over DS1. No longer do you need to point and aim, jumping from surface to surface. You just fly around, and it works great. Graphics seem to be just about...
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    Windows 7 hangs at "Starting Windows" with Nvidia card

    Hey guys, I recently bought a Rampage Formula motherboard and I'm having some issues with my 8800GT. I migrated all my hardware from an Abit IP35-pro where the card worked fine. When I first install the card, the machine boots to windows in VGA mode. It then installs the driver and prompts...
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    Anyone with the Lian Li PC-P50?

    If anyone has this case, I'd love to see some shots with hardware installed, preferably with some attempt at cable management without any kind of mods. All of the review sites don't really try to manage their cables, so they are not very helpful.
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    IP35 Pro @ 400 MHz FSB

    Here's the deal: I'm trying to get the board to be stable at 400 MHz FSB (8x400=3200). I can get the board to boot and it passes the Prime95 stress test just fine. However, everytime I bring the computer out of standby, it eventually freezes, or sometimes nothing comes up on the screen. CPU...
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    Western Digital Caviar Black 640GB WD6401AALS $68.89 Shipped @ ZZF This beats thew newegg price by a good 8 dollars and people have said their HDD shipping is infinitely better.
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    Windows 7 Explorer Hang Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm having a weird problem with Windows 7 when waking from sleep. When I open an explorer window and try to explore a folder (by double clicking, anything), it acts as if it's trying to access a network share or something and times out. I then close the window, and the next...
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    Windows 7 waking from sleep problem

    I'm currently running Windows 7 x64 on my computer (specs in sig). Basically what happens is when I leave my computer in sleep mode for a prolonged period of time, such as overnight while I'm sleeping, when I wake it up and go to explorer and try to open certain partitions, it acts almost like...
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    Erratic Wireless Card Performance

    I currently have two wireless cards based off the Ralink RT61. Normally they are great cards, but when I am running any kind of torrents, these cards tank. They go from 1.5 MB/s download rates to around 70-80 KB/s, and when I do a test at, they don't even break 1 Mbps to the server...
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    Q6600 Wierd Temp Spread

    I've been reading and it seems to be that the normal variance between the cores seems to be that core 0 & 1 run hotter, or core 0 & 3. However, mine is kind of strange. Core 0 and 2 run hotter, while core 1&3 run cooler. Is there any explanation for this variance? Running @ 3.1 GHz on...
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    Logitech g5 Sleep Issue

    Hey guys, I've been searching around looking for anything on this, but I've found nothing. Basically, when I wake my computer from sleep, the g5 wakes up with the middle light on, but retains my previous maxed out setting. Is there a way to just make it wake up with the correct light on...