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    Gauging interest in a new DC-DC board solution

    Hey Guys, I'm currently trying to see if there is interest in a DC-DC board I have been planning out with the good people over at HDPlex. As a fan of small form factor I am really tired of the 24 pin cable and so I set out to design a board that eliminated the need for all that bulk while...
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    VR Backpacks Outdated Soon?

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering what the enthusiasts here think about whether VR/AR backpacks or wearable PCs have much of a future with the Vive and Rift both having wireless solutions on the horizon. It seems to me that as the resolution of headsets goes up, which it inevitably will, wireless...
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    HDPlex PCIe Riser Cable

    Just wanted to make people aware that HDPlex has released a new PCIe 3.0 16x riser card and the thing is beautiful. Unlike most of the other products on the market (I have a Li-Heat as well as a number of standard issue cables), this thing is massively pliable and much lighter than anything else...
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    Sub ITX Gaming Rig Idea.

    Hey Guys, I've been brewing an idea for a while and would like to vet it with the community here before I go spending the money to build it. With the upcoming NuC release, several models are coming with both a M.2 slot and a SATA slot, including the i7 model. What I am thinking of doing is...