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    Receiver to Bluetooth Transmitter Help

    Hello, I am looking to connect my receiver (Oykno SR-313) to a Class 1 Bluetooth transmitter for audio but am having trouble finding a class one transmitter that accepts audio cables. Typically I only find 3.5 mm inputs or the odd time RCA. I am only using this to transmit music to an outdoor...
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    Drivers not present after reboot and 13.19 update

    Hello, I have been trying to update my drivers but once they are installed and I reboot my computer the display drivers are missing. I did not have this problem on my last drivers and the beta (13.20) gives me the same problem. If I do not reboot then the drivers work but I do not have...
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    CF Issues 7850 13.4

    Hello I just got back my second ASUS 7850 from RMA and am having problems with Crossfire. Before I upgraded to 7850's I was running CF 6870's with no problems (except for one card dying leading to the upgrade from ASUS). Without CF games run great, once I turn CF on the in-game screens seem to...
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    RMA Replacement Choice Help: CF 6870 or 1 7850

    One of my CF 6870 1GB cards stopped working so through the RMA process they have offered be a 7850 2GB to replace it. I know I cannot CF a 7850 with a 6870 but would it be worthwhile to just take the 7850 for now and grab another one on sale down the line or try and see if they can get another...
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    DNS Server not responding multiple times a day

    Hello, For the last several months, but progressively worse, my internet drops due to the DNS Server not responding. This happens across my whole network and the only fix I can come up with is to reset the router every time it does this. At this point I am thinking a new router is in order...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Thoughts?

    Hi, I am looking for an ereader that will do pdfs really well. The pdfs are from scientific journals (multiple columns, full page graphs, etc.). I have been looking at the kindle fire, nook tablet, and the kobo vox color. But each of these suck for pdfs so I am looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab...
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    DVI-D or HDMI to Composite Help

    I need some help with converting a DVI-D or HDMI to Composite Video. I can get the DVI-D into VGA but from there I am stuck on how to do this. My TV, receiver are all old and do not have HDMI or DVI-D inputs. Audio will be done (for now) through optical out on my motherboard. My HTPC specs are...
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    HTPC Build Help

    Hi I need some help in picking out parts for a HTPC build. Below are the answers to the standard questions. Here are some parts I think will work well but am looking for help. CPU - PSU -...
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    Reinstalling Windows Applications on another HDD

    Hi, I am reinstalling windows and most of my programs are on a separate HDD. Will I need to reinstall them or can I just run them from that drive provided I name the drive the same? Thanks
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    Do I need to reinstall Windows?

    Hi, I got a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 today and currently have a Gugabyte 880a-UD3. Do I need to reinstall Windows or can I just swap them out? Thanks.
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    CF Mobo Recomendation

    Hello, I attempted to CF 6970's on my current board but the PCIE 4x slot limited the second card and decreased the performance. I am looking for a good AM3 or AM3+ CF board that can survive a few years (possible CPU upgrade down the line). I would prefer 16x16x but am not set on that. I really...
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    Crossfire not working

    Hi, It seems that my CF setup is not working. In GPUZ the first 6870 is CF enabled, while the 2nd is disabled. I have seen no improvement in frame rate in Lotro ~40-80fps (outside), ~20fps (busy town). I have downloaded and reinstalled 11.9 and CAP, but it did not help. I have CrossfireX...
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    Gigabyte GA-870a-UD3 Crossfire??

    Hi, I know this board does not support crossfire but I have come across a few articles that say you can run crossfire inthe PCI-E x4 slot, which equates to a bandwidth comparable to PCI-E 1.1 x8. Would I notice an increase in performance? Would the be adivsable or should I get a new board that...
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    Cheap Portrait Mode Monitor (For Text)

    Hi, I am wondering if there are any good ~22inch monitors that can do portrait mode? The only use for this monitor will be text, web, pdf, etc. No gaming or movies. I would like to keep the cost sub $200CND but can get things shipped to the states. I do not care if it is TN or IPS, etc. Any...
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    Upgrade Advice

    Hello all, I am thinking of upgrading my computer and wanted advice on components. Here are my answers to the standard questions. I will be upgrading the GPU later this year (Christmas time) and the rest is within a month (finances willing). 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming...
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    Anti Virus and Firewall

    Hi Currently I am running NOD32 and I was wondering if I should switch to MSE? Also what program is best for a firewall, spamfilter, etc...Thanks
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    OCZ Vertex or Kingston V+

    Hi all, I am deciding between the OCZ Vertex 120GB or the Kingston SSDnow V+ or V series? Which one should I go with? It will be put into a Asus N81VP-D2 laptop. Thanks
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    Recommend New Laptop 1800$ CND

    Hi, I have about 1800CND with tax to spend on a new laptop. I am looking for something around 14.1'' screen that can handle some gaming (lotro, source games, CoH, FO3) I understand that they will not be maxed out. It needs to have some processing power as I do some hydraulic modlelling and...
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    All-in-One Printers

    Hi, I am looking for a new all in one printer. I know that they are not the best printers but I need the portability as I move a lot. I like the Cannon printers but am not sure what to get. Any recomendations would be great. Thanks.
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    AM2 Motherboard problem

    Hi, I am having some problems with my motherboard, the usb sockets seem to be turing on and off during regular use and games. So far it has only happened to my mouse (logitech MX500), which I am testing today at my work computer and so far no problems. Besides physical device failure is there...
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    Deleting Old Windows Files

    Hi, I have an Window.Old file that I cannot delete from my computer that is taking up a lot of space. Is there a freeware program that I can use to delete the whole folder, instead of one by one like fileassassin wants me too?
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    Which Case to Buy

    Hello, I am looking for a case that will keep my computer much cooler than it is now. Currently I am running 80-100 degrees on my GPU and 40-60 on my CPU (with after market cooler). I was looking at the CM 690, CM 590 and the CM Storm Scout. I move around quite a bit due to my job and...
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    Webcams on Vista x64

    hello, I need a webcam for me just to talk to my family. I do not want to spend a lot (under 100 CND) and it has to be able to run on Vista X64 and with a USB headphone/mic set (steelseries 3H). My rig in the sig. Any recommendations would be great. Thanks.
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    CM 590, 690 or Antec 900

    I am trying to decide between these cases, I want a case that is quite and cool (more cool than quite). On top of those two requirements good cable management is a factor as well. My rig in the sig.
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    Upgrading SLI or New GPU

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my graphics and am wondering if it would be better for a cost vs preformance stance to upgrade my motherboard to a 750a SLI and get a second 8800GT or to keep my current motherboard and spend the extra 150ish on a better video card, or wait and upgrade later? I...
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    Hauppauge WINTV-HVR-1800 Question

    Hi, I am wondering if I will be able to hook up digital and analog cables to this tuner. I know that you can use OTA HiDef but not sure if you can watch HiDef over cable. Any help would be great. Thanks Colin
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    What to buy

    I am currently looking for a new AM2+ Motherboard to replace my mpv. I am wondering about any suggestions. SLI is not needed because i plan and sticking to single card solutions but i would not be agaist going SLI in the future. Any suggestions. Colin
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    Over Heating problems

    Hi I have a Silverstone TJ01 Case and my rig is listed in my sig. The problem I am having is that my cpu is running at around 45-50C with no load and can get up to 65C while gaming. My case temps are in the high 50's with Hard drives around 45C. I have an Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 64 on my...
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    Transfering Widows between hard Drives

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to trasfer windows vista 64bit and my files and programs on to another hard drive without reinsalling. I wish to do this because I am running out of room on my 250gb. I have a 160gb for file storage as well. My rig should be in my sig. Thanks Colin
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    M2r32-MPV Issues

    Hello, I have been trying to get my 8800GT and Creative Xfi-Xtremegamer to work on my Asus M2R32-MPV Mobo for months now. I have updated to the most recent bios, upgraded my PSU and tried every combination of RAM slots, Power Cords, and PCI and PCIE slots. What else can I do or is there any...
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    Consider some Help

    Hi, I am in the market for a new PSU because when I installed my 8800GT SC it was too much with everything eles in my case. My specs are in my sig. Beyond that I have two DVD RW drives and I plan on overclocking my 4600+ and am running all of this in a Silverstone TJ-01 Mid Tower Case. I am...
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    A little help on air cooling

    Hi, I just put in a AC Freezer 64 pro and on boot up I get an error message saying "Fan Error" "Press F1 to Continue". Has anyone seen this before/ knows how to fix it? As well, my temps idle around 40C and under load low 50s. Is this normal or high? Here are my specs AMD X2 4600+ ASUS...
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    New Cooling Help

    Hi, My CPU fan is dying on my and I am looking to upgrade as well as start to overclock. I am wondering what CPU Fan should I get? My system is: Asus M2r32-MPV AMD64 X2 4600+ 4GB 6400 ram 650W PSU (soon to be a 850W) 8800GT (OC'd) If you need anymore information let me know Colin
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    ASUS M2R32-MPV conflicts with Creative X-fi Gamer

    Hi, I upgraded my Video Card to an EVGA 8800GT OC, and to my suprise I got boot beeping and no video output. The beeps are one Long and 3 short. When I removed my Creative X-fi XtremeGamer the computer would boot normally with no problems. My configuration is as follows ASUS M2r32-MPV...
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    8800GT and Sound Card Issues

    Hi, I finally got my 8800GT working, the problem was the sound card being in. I have an Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic. I am wondering if it could be the sound cards fault or if it is another problem. My specs are MoBo - Asus M2r32-MPV GPU - eVGA 8800GT Superclocked 2GB Kinston Ram (cant...
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    eVGA 8800GT Install Problems

    Hi, I have searched this forum as well as others but have not found a good answer for my problem. I appoligize if I have missed a thread and am double posting, if that is the case please direct me to the thread. I got an eVGA 8800GT superclocked card for christmas and have just gotten...
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    New Wireless Router

    I have a problem with my Creative Z5450 speakers interfering with my D-link 'G' band router since both devices run at 2.4 ghz. I am wondering if draft-N band router uses a different frequency. I have heard that it uses 5.8 ghz. Would an N band router be the best choice for me or just keep...
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    Upgrading to 8800GT

    I am currently running: X2 4400+ Asus M2R32 MPV X1900 XTX 2gb 667 Will my system be compatable with an 8800GT? Will I need a new MoBo if I decide to go SLI? Thanks