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    Rumble in the Bronze, SC2 Charity event

    Hey guys, if you've been following, this is the third annual Rumble in the Bronze charity event for Child's Play going on today. Stream is here all donations go to Child's Play. They have pros playing and casting (incontrol, TLO, a few...
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    Starcraft 2 Charity Event --Rumble in the Bronze

    Hey all, thought I would spread the word. There's going to be a charity event this weekend for Starcraft 2. The TeamLiquid link is here and for those of you who can't go to the site due to filters, I've posted the original...
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    $15 for (1x)2GB 1333

    Courtesy of slickdeals PC3-10700 DDR3 1333mhz 9-9-9-24 DIMM $15 and free shipping. Not bad.
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    PS3 and Ti-84 calculator

    The PS3 is so super advanced it takes a Ti-84 series calculator to jailbreak it. damn. No wonder piracy isn't rampant on the PS3. Who the hell can afford a ti84?
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    Duke Nukem Forever--A real thing

    So people got to play it at PAX today. It exists and it's coming out. Hah. Owned naysayers. Owned.
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    Crackdown 2 360 $40

    Care of, Dell is offering Crackdown 2 for $40 free shipping.
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    Terminator Salvation: Free!

    Courtesy of Go here,default,pd.html?AID=10280984&PID=1225267 add divx version to cart apply coupon terminatordivx Enjoy!
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    LED Monitor a good purchase? (time sensitive material)

    Hey all, I'm looking for a monitor to double as a console display. This looks tempting: I'm in unfamiliar territory when it comes to LED displays. This displays full HD at under 200 bones. On paper, it sounds great. Also...
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    Build suggestions.

    Hey all, so here's the questions answered. ) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming, web browsing, movies. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? The lower the better. $500 is the goal for now with future expandability later...
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    Play N Trade

    Anyone ever hear of this store? I was getting a haircut the other day, and one just opened up near me. Went in and it seems they are like Gamestop that they trade games for credit blah blah. BUT They had "retro" games and systems. Was able to pick up...
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    What would you label this action as?

    How to cripple IW's net and bring dedicated servers back: Basically, when IW makes you host of a game use net limiter to limit the connection speeds to the other players. Is this an unfair advantage? IW net is using your...
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    Xbox 360 Netflix and streaming quality question

    Hey, I'm signed up for the netflix streaming on xbox live but it pisses me off to no end sometimes. I'm on a University connection so it constantly changes (the bandwidth) and netflix has this retarded automated system that always overdoes the quality on the movies. Because it sees "oh shit...
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    3850 and Driver issues...I'm dying over here

    Alright, so I put together my new system today that has the P5k-VM Motherboard. This particular motherboard has onboard graphics. Here's the issue, my HIS 3850 wont install any type of Radeon drivers. Here are the list of errors: from the 3850 CD itself, it errors saying the setup only...
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    Micro Fly Case

    Anyone else order one of these from Fry's? I went to assemble it today and realized it came with no fucking screws. Last time I order something from Fry's.
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    First time mATX would like some direction

    Hey, I've read some of the stickies and threads around here and compiled myself a SFF system. Here's my situation. I go to school in Alaska and will be for the next 3 years or so. I'm a grad student and like to do some light gaming in my spare time. I enjoy games like Unreal, Counter...
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    Monitor lock up and flashing problem

    Hello, here is my problem that I hope someone can help me fix. My monitor, occasionaly(and its been happening more often) the screen starts to act up. When I start to move the mouse the screen will stop responding(the mouse will still work) but I can't click anything until the monitor seems...
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    Moddable 6800

    How much is a reasonable price for a 6800NU that mods to 16 pipes, 6 vertexes and no artifacts? think between 270-300 is fair? I think I might have one and I'm looking to sell it. Doing the final stability tests now... edit: and only been opened/used to check to see if the mod would...
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    Peltier Sandwich

    I was reading on some other forums and wanted to know what the general consensus here was on sandwiching a waterblock between two pelts to cool down the water in a water cooling setup. Assume you do this right after the rad(thus the water has lost most of its heat, since a rad can only cool...
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    Input please on water coolin' setup (pic included!)

    All right. Just running by some experts to see if they have any suggestion to my water cooling setup. Here is the pic It is going to be a two tower solution. Case B is gonna be an old gutted tower that I have in the basement. Anyway, as you can see I got all the water cooling things...
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    Possible Forton problem?

    I bhad a problem with my computer shutting off under heavy load for would just shut off so I thought my PSU was ucked someway even though the rails were well within the range according to software so I heard on these forums that a comp being plugged into a power strip could cause...
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    How does this stock cooling look on GT? Copper core and dual fans 2 socket solution anyone with experience? It looks pretty good to me, but I can't see underneath so it might be flimsy.
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    Mirrored Super Flower 550W

    anyone have any experience with Super Flower PSU? Here is the one I want: and the rails are very nice. But I just wanted to know if anyone could provide experience with these things. had a review of the 500watt version and...