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    Budget ~$400 Gaming Build

    I was looking at newegg, and If I get an antec case+psu combo I can save a bunch of money. However, is 430W enough power for a GTX260, and the rest of the computer. I was also leaning towards getting a phenom II x4 processor, I know it's a little old but at $100 it's hard to beat for the price...
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    Budget ~$400 Gaming Build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? Ideally under $400 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if possible. US-PA 4) What exact parts do you need for...
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    Is a Ultraportable right for College??

    I really don't think a SSD is worth it. Especially if you are gonna go cheap. I'd reccomend getting a fast 7200rpm drive they're fast enough. My T410 with a 7200rpm is as fast as my desktop with a corsair black.
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    Is a Ultraportable right for College??

    I'd recommend getting a T410, I think it's the perfect size. The new T420 came out the T410 has been on sale like crazy. I just bought mine with a 3yr warranty, 1440x900 res screen, 9 cell battery and discrete graphics for 850 shipped. I carry the T410 to class with me every day, with the 9cell...
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    Best 12-13"

    I'm having trouble finding these on ebay, would you mind helping me out with an example link or search criteria.
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    Not bad OCZ Agility 2 120GB + MIR = $136

    Is anyone else unable to get this code to work?
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    Mtro2033 Free at Nvidia Store!

    If I recall correctly, the last time I bought something that used Digital Rivers for digital distribution it took a while to get my key and download link. So don't get discouraged if it takes a couple of hours, this could still work.
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    Replacing an old dell

    My friends dell broke, last day of finals with a paper due. :( He's looking to build a new pc to replace it. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc General use and eventually gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? close to or...
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    Galaxy 3rd Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Yay, christmas!
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    Fallout New Vegas Performance Issues? *Read Me*

    I tried this solution, it did the thing where it reconfigured for my graphics hardware. When I tried to start the game it errored out. I bought the game on steam and put the dll in my new vegas file. The folder tree is something like thise. Not at home right now so i can't confirm...
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    Reccomend me a good 2.1 pc speaker set

    I'm looking to get a set of 2.1 speakers for my pc. I'd like the price to be under $100. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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    Xbox360 novice , what to get?

    Unless I'm mistaken, the 3 year warranty that you are referring to, is the 3 year warranty given to the original launch 360s and was only for the RROD. All new 360s have a 1 year warranty, I haven't heard of any major problems with newere 360s though. If you want to get into console gaming...
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    Online Retailer for transistors and LEDs

    I'm looking to buy some transistors and LEDs, and was wondering if anyone knew of a good cheap place to buy them online.
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    Fast (High transfer rate) 16GB Flash drive

    No one knows anything about this?
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    Fast (High transfer rate) 16GB Flash drive

    Now that the 360 is going to support flash drives as of the April 6 updaet. I'm looking for a 16GB flash drive. I want one that is of higher quality, Normally with flash drives I don't care how fast it is because I'm only using them to transfer small files <500MB. However now that I'll be...
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    Netbook advice

    YOu want the 1001p or 1005pe because it has the new n450 atom processor which yields enhanced battery lfie.
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    Netbook advice

    I personally would recommend the Asus EEE pc 1005pe / peb. If all you want to do is listen to music, browse the net and do some word processing you should be good. Take note that while doing all this I was maxing the processor out. In fact having to many tabs open at once in chrome was...
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    PCI or USB wireless adaptar.

    I can get a usb wireless N adaptar from my cousin for free. I'm assuming this would be the best choice, I'm just wondering if a usb wireless adaptar is noticably slower than one that uses pci for connection.
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    How to turn ventrillo into a jukebox

    I just learned about this the other day, now I use my netbook as a full time jukebox. How to make ventrillo into a jukebox I thought this was awesome and wanted to share it.
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    Hommade selector switch.

    Yeah I was thinking about getting three a red, green and blue and wrapping them in a bundle so that I could try and make different colors.
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    Hommade selector switch.

    I'm sorry, you're right about the LEDs. I haven't used led rope lights in a while. I forget if they have a acdc rectifier on them for a wall plug, if they do this will be even better.
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    Scanning as a pdf

    I'm looking for free software to will scan to a pdf, or software that will convert from a .jpg to pdf.
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    Hommade selector switch.

    So what you are saying is I can wire the selector switch shown in the second link inline with a 120VAC electrical line using crimp-on quickconnects. How will I insulate the quickconnects so that I don't electrocute myself? Basically what I want to do is add and inline toggle switch to an LED...
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    Hommade selector switch.

    After looking into this more, does anyone know where I could find inline switches, worst case scenario I can use the ones that usually come with lamps. You know the rotating disc as shown here . Like I said earlier I'd really like if I could create a unit that performed the same job and was...
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    Hommade selector switch.

    Basically what I want to do is wire a switch so that when I have it in the "ON" position the LED rope light turns on. I have never done this with circuititry that was operating above 5V and a few mA. My question is what do I need to watch for so that I don't build a suicide button. Would I...
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    I need a netbook.

    After using the 1005peb for a couple hours, I can't notice any differences besides the matte finish on the outer screen. I personally would recommend the 1005pe / peb over the 1001p because of the keyboard alone. I feel that it is noticeably better than that on the 1001p. The computer is by no...
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    Bad Company 2 Map Wish List

    wake island 2010.
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    I need a netbook.

    This is actually the 1005PEB unless we are thinking of different things. This is the retail version of the 1005PE it has slight differences which I perfer over the regular 1005PE. Mine is coming in the mail and should be here in the next couple days I'll give my impressions of it then.
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    I need a netbook.

    I'm not aware of any newer netbooks that come with ssds. From my understanding those netbooks all sucked due to the fact that they were using extremely low quality SSDs. In regards to a 9" Netbook, It would reduce the size of the keyboard would be my main concern. I find a 10" netbook has a...
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    I need a netbook.

    The ASUS 1001P would do everything that you requested, and costs $300. For $330 you can get the ASUS 1005PE which has a better keyboard, bigger hdd and wireless N. I got it mainly for the better keyboard. To make it so the computer doen't go to sleep when you shut the screen, you just change...
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    Fanless netbook a problem or a positive?

    Actually the n450 is barely faster than the nzxx series the difference comes in the power consumption of the n450 chipset. The netbooks with the n450 chipset have been getting noticeably better battery lives than the previous nzxx series. Really the only thing that makes it better. Performance...
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    Fanless netbook a problem or a positive?

    I'm thinking about buying a dell mini10 but it's fanless design has me worried. Now that means one less thing to break however won't the netbook just overheat easier? All I forsee is thermal throttling of my cpu. Does anyone have any experience with the fanless min10?
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    Any good RPGs lately?

    Any of the new bioware rpgs are great: Dragon Age, Mass effect 1/2, however you seem to be more into JRPGs in all honesty if you aren't worried about graphics buy a ps2 and you'll have RPGs for years. FFX,X-2, Xenogears, Suikoden, Kingdom hearts and many more.
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    BF-BC2 - Post your vital statistics...

    This is playing mainly rush with a group of 3 other people, so I have an advantage over people playing with all randoms. Also I love the blackhawk in this game, went 55 and 5 last night on the rush map in the jungle i think its Valpresio(sp?) the key is to have the pilot fly like a drunk...
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    Onlive Release Date and Pricing (June 17th launch)

    Tell that to the people that own a pc just to play wow, have been paying subscription fees for years and have bought all the expansion packs. That adds up to well past $200 some people have definately paid $800. However I see the best use of this being that you could play your games no...
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    Reccomend me a netbook

    After reading reviews on all the respective laptops I think I'm gonna go with the ASUS. I'm gonna use this as a fun pc as well. Gonna dabble in linux with this one. I hear good things about netbook optimized linux versions. Does anyone have any experience with this?
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    Reccomend me a netbook

    I could also get a dell mini 10 for 280. It seems like a very similar machine except it has a 3cell battery would I be better off going with the ASUS and...
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    Reccomend me a netbook

    I'm looking for a netbook would like to pay <$300. I plan on using it so that when I'm on campus I will always have a pc on me. I plan on carrying it everywhere. The most intensive program I will use on it would be matlab. I will use it for excel, word, internet browsing, pdf viewing. Battery...
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    Bad Company 2

    That's a safety mechanism built into grenade launchers. (From my understanding unless it's changed for more modern guns) For the gernade to be armed it requires so many rotations in the air, which in turn equates to going x amount of distance (This way you don't kill yourself if you accidently...
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    Yeah I haven't been able to get 75Hz since I upgraded my nividia drivers in August. If someone can give me a guide as to how to do it on the newest nividia drivers I'd be very happy.