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    SSD drive password

    Hi all- A friend of mine recently gave me an old SATA-2 SSD that I'm going to put into an old laptop. However, he forgot to remove his drive password. My motherboard has no option to set (and hence to remove) a drive password. Is there any utility I can use to remove it? I know the...
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    X79 Raid 0

    I'm curious if anyone has SSDs working with TRIM in RAID0 on an x79 board. I know a few years ago TRIM wasn't supported for RAID configurations but that Intel supposedly was going to add the capability later. I've searched around to see but Googling or searching here has only produced the...
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    3930K/3960X voltages?

    Hi guys- Spent the weekend tweaking stuff on my rig. I had a question about the voltage on these chips...what is the stock voltage, anyways? My Asus board is running it defaulted at 1.345V, even at "stock" of 3.9GHz, and I'm wondering if that's a bit high. (The board is configured to run...
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    Simple 650D mod

    Hi guys- Just did some simple work on my 650D to make a video card support bar. I used about 9.5 inches of aluminum bar, along with 1/2" L brackets and screws. The bottom L-bracket secures to the case using a thumb screw and one of the holes from the PSU support bracket. The L-brackets do...
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    Single drive to RAID0?

    Here's a question, and I can't seem to find any non-stupid answers: If I have a single drive, and want to get an exact match for it, how would I go about RAID0ing it? Using Win7. The drive I want to do this on is a mechanical drive, and not the boot drive, but it'd be nice to know how to...
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    LGA2011 RAM

    So it seems that if your board has 8 DIMM slots, and they are all populated, the memory controller down-clocks to 1333 MHz instead of the stock 1600 MHz. I'm going to experiment with adjusting it back up to 1600 MHz tonight, but thought I'd ask if anyone else has tried this and what sort of...
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    Clean Windows install: free space?

    So I just installed a copy of Win7Pro x64, cleanly, onto a 120GB SSD. After that, some of the updates, and drivers, it's sitting at 40ish GB free. Any idea what's taking up so damned much space? It's as if it didn't delete temporary installer files or some such. Thanks.