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    10% Of Americans Don’t Carry Cash Anymore

    9 years ago when i lived in Canada I only carried cash for small things, maybe $20-30 tops... basically breakfast in the cafeteria and lunch money. Then I moved to Germany and it blew my mind how cash is still used almost exclusively for everything you do during the day. Credit Cards can only...
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    UK's Security Branch Says Ubuntu Most Secure End-User OS

    Hearing the GCHQ say this, the first thing to pop into my mind is a loud Ackbarian "IT'S A TRAP!"
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    Germany Bans Sales of Xbox One’s Dead Rising 3

    It's only banned from being sold to underage minors, however it won't be approved for sale until sometime after the console release date due to the wonders of german bureacracy. This also happened with Dead Space 2, and after some time they managed to get it an 18+ rating. Germany is very...
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    People Don't Understand Or Use Digital Wallets

    I live in Germany... digital wallets will probably never arrive here, between Germany's privacy laws and privacy paranoia. I always need to carry cash, as most bars/restaurants/etc don't accept debit cards due or have a very high minimum purchase value. My Credit Card is for online purchases...
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    Hawken PhysX Trailer

    That just looks terrible imo... I've been considering going back to an Nvidia card at my next upgrade for PhysX, but if thats all it brings to games, I'll keep the cash and get the AMD....
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    Violent Video Games Removed From Rest Areas

    When I was a kid I used sticks as rifles and my hands as pistols and played war, pointing them at animals and people and cars... All sticks and children's hands need to be removed to prevent violent crime... wait... GENIUS!
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    Former First Lady Suing Google Over Auto-Completes

    She's the former first lady of german president with the shortest term ever because he is suspected of [getting caught] corruption and accepting bribes and such. So that makes it all the more hilarious that she's going to learn all about the Streisand effect... Now that this has made...
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    Questions to ESXi all-in-one

    No, but my drives are 1TB WD Greens and everything I've read tells me that ZFS and these don't play well together, something about sector size or something like that (I read up on it a while back).
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    Questions to ESXi all-in-one

    It's been 100% rock solid for me for about 2 years now, it was other hardware in the old server that died, and I just plugged the harddrives into the new system and did a mdadm --scan --reassemble (something like that) and 10 seconds later I mounted the /dev/md0 and all was online again. It...
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    Skyrim for $40?

    I'm not a huge skyrim fan, nonetheless I sunk 40 hours into the game in the first 3 weeks (before the good mods were out) and haven't touched it since. 60 bucks for 40 hours isn't too bad, compared to many games... and probably later this year will be the first "mod bundle" such as Oblivion...
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    Questions to ESXi all-in-one

    I have a few questions about migrating to an ESXi all-in-one build: Some Background I'm running a small linux file/web/FTP/Media/Torrent server at home. I have 4x1TB WD Green drives in a Software RAID10, and it has a 5th drive as a system drive. I had a catasprohic hardware failure in...
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    Planescape Torment or Dragon Age?

    I really liked Dragon Age and Witcher and co... but Planescape was truly amazing. Right down to having dialogue options for a drooling idot of a character.
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    "Dark Souls : Prepare to Die Edition" coming to PC.

    Easy Solution: Do like CD Projekt and use none. Even Steam has issues, but GFWL are much more widespread and much more serious as a whole (I also suffered the disappearing save bug in several games, also not being able to move saves between my PC and my laptop).
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    "Dark Souls : Prepare to Die Edition" coming to PC.

    Honestly, I'm one of the people who has nothing but issues with GFWL. I've managed to get it working 80% of the time, I simply have to tweak the MTU on my PC (I have a customer VPN installed that needs a MTU lower than 1500, GFWL doesn't work with that). I also have to enable UPNP AND make my...
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    Windows 8 helping me sell sell sell.

    The changes most people here are asking for aren't massive, I can think of the following "solutions" for my problems: - push the start key for a windowed (!!!) search for programs, not a full screen waste of space, this windows resizes dynamically (and customizable) with the relevant search...
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    Windows 8 Consumer Preview to be released 02/29/2012

    I really like the boot time and the revamped task manager. The background pic before logging in through me for a loop, but I can just mash spacebar and type my password and its good. I see no purpose to using Metro for me. I don't use MS apps, I like my portable thunderbird installation. I use...
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    Yeah, I have no clue what shipping from canada would cost, it wasn't too bad within canada though, at least for the individual pieces.
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    I have my old CCNA/CCNP lab still laying around in Canada... 2 2600 routers, 1 1800, and a 2950 switch. The routers all have smart serial interfaces and the cables should be there too. I don't remember exactly what I bought, that was 7 years ago. :) I'd just have to get my parents to find...
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    Favorite Linux distro?

    What advantages would Arch offer to a fairly-new linux user wanting to run it in a dual-boot setup (I'm also a gamer, wanting to boot to linux to boost my productivity, less distractions).
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    The Mounting Minuses at Google+

    I wish more people would use google+. It makes it a lot easier for me to keep things sorted between: Friends, close friends, work "friends", colleagues, the boss + co, customers. Facebook's groups are so cryptic I have a fake account that I shove around between groups just to test, and some...
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    This. (I was completely offline in vacation.) This. Except I usually just use my dad's account since we have a 9 hour time difference. :) SWTOR sent me a mail this morning begging me to log in again, I don't really have any interest to log in and gear grind so that I can PvP. Gonna cancel...
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    How The Information You Feed The Network Is Used

    What to do? Log off, move into the forest and learn to swing an axe like Abe Lincoln. Honestly, I'm not sure what all can be done. I know there are tools that help to remain anonymous, and services one should avoid, yet in the end these are also a large inconvenience. I generally try and...
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    Free Open Source On-The-Fly Encryption Software

    I use Truecrypt for a few folders on my server where I store private documents (Bank statements and such)... I do this as I also have internet facing aspects (behind a firewall) of my server, and would prefer not to trust things to chance. I did it the easy way, every time it rebooted I had...
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    Thermal Compound Roundup

    I used 5 year old AS5 on my new build, it's running great...*shrug* I'll remember to try mayo soon
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    Electrical Socket That Forcibly Ejects Inactive Plugs

    As much as I Personally see no use for this device, I'd much rather have several power bars that I just turn on or off completely... My wife constantly unplugs things (from the electric kettle and coffee machine to the charger for my cellphone which I leave plugged in)... so for somebody like...
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    Anyone have a Razer Blackwidow/Blackwidow Ultimate and happy with it?

    I wish German B&M stores would sell anything other than the cheapest shit, being able to try one of these keyboard would make my life quite easy. From what I've read, the MX-reds need a lot of getting used to, and can be hard for noobs to mechanical keyboards. I'm still thinking those might be...
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    SFF for Photoediting

    Price Quotes I can track down well enough :) Thanks for the tips though. Should I be using the stock llano cooler or an aftermarket one? How good are the power supplies in these? Would it be worthwhile to replace the one that comes with the case?
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    SFF for Photoediting

    My wife is currently using an Asrock ION 330 (atom processor) as her primary computer. It often chokes on the photos she's editing, especially since we've upgraded to a new DSLR camera (RAW Editing). Of late its been struggling with watching videos as well, this is most likely an issue with...
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    Epic Marketing Meltdown of the Day

    I see this whole thing like this: Paul: Douchebag, unprofessional, doesn't belong in the industry. He's the epitomy of both bad customer service and the worst of marketing/sales scum. (The name droppers, etc). Does he does personal attacks/threats? No. Does he deserve to be professionally...
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    Corsair has great support, and they make good products. Plus side: Forum presence on Hardocp!
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    Majority of Young People Online for No Reason

    I am so glad that books are (by law) cheap here.... But back on topic... from what I read in the article... we're lurking the internet, creating childish humor or possibly reading/watching something useful, educational or entertaining, instead of: - hanging around at a mall spending...
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    Mechanical Keyboard for gaming?

    I've got a full stash of Crisco for cookies and seasoning my Wok, only real craving I have is old dutch salt n vinegar chips... god I miss those... But hardly worth the effort. ;) Plus a US keyboard doesn't do me all that much good, considering I need all the german keys on it. ;)
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    Need a 2.1 system for laptop/PC. Music will be the main use

    If you only get an answer in german feel free to give me a PM for some help(if you need it). :)
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    Mechanical Keyboard for gaming?

    I was looking at the Razer Black Widow Ultimate Stealth, but its not available in germany right now... I gave the blues a few sample listens and... no, hence the need for the blacks. Then I looked at some of the Deck Keyboards, I like them, and I don't really know if I'd ever use the macro keys...
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    Need a 2.1 system for laptop/PC. Music will be the main use

    rather than create a new thread, I'll continue this one. I'm in Germany, so first off a thanks to Dankex for posting the link to the german dealer, I had only found the cakewalk speakers on amazon until now. Those are currently my preferred solution, but I'm curious about what you guys think of...
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    Skyrim impressions

    I've got a 2500K and a 6950. I run the game at maximum, with shadow tweaks and such turned on with minimal slowdown. I occaisionall get some slow-downs here and there, especially after alt-tabbing back into the game. I've noticed minimal to no difference between my 2500K at stock and at 4,3 Ghz.
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    Skyrim impressions

    I ran into the whispmother and stomped her fairly easy, yet much later on I struggled with the dragon, last time I kicked his ass. (because I'm not an archer this time around)
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    Skyrim impressions

    Seconded, that looks great. I'd like to have a seperate section for active effects, maybe some icons? They should have just asked DarN to make the UI for skyrim for them.