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    Backup server

    Hi. Just moved to new hardware for my storage server running blue iris and plex. The old hardware and disks will be my new backup and vmware server. My storageserver is running windows10 with drivepool and snapraid. ill rather not spend $ on another license for drivepool if there is an...
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    SAS controller here in 2020?

    Hello. Moving my server to new hardware, my LSI controller is running on 8+ years and i'm considering using the old server and LSI card for a backup server and getting a new card. But what cards are recommended now? Harddiskes are 10x 12TB Seagate exos X16 running Drivepool with Snapraid in...
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    Racing games for lan

    hi I’ll like to build a setup with 2 pcs and Logitech racingwheels. But before that I would like to know if there is even any games that can be played together 2+?
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    Whole room watercooling

    hi I’m planning to do a whole room watercooling system. 8 systems alle with 1080TIs and different i7 cpus, I already have water blocks for 4 of the 1080ti EK ftw3 blocks that I plan to use. I’ll like to mount a radiator on the outside of the house. I would prefer one or more car radiator for...
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    StorageSpaces windows 2016

    Hi. I currently have a StorageSpace with 24x 3TB HGST drives with dual parity. Its working fine but its really slow. I made a new server with space for 3 nvme m.2 and 8 SATA. I want to get 8x 12TB HGST/Seagate and 2 m.2 250GB Samsung evo 960 for ssd cache. and the last slot m.2 for OS. What...
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    OI + Nappit read speed

    Hi guys. I am having some trouble with the speed on my OI/Nappit All-In-One. When i copy files to the box i get 95 mb/sec but when i copy from the box i only get 50 mb/sec. I googled it and after that removed TeraCopy that got me from 30 mb/sec to 50 mb/sec. I tried using both...
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    Checksum of 40TB?

    Hi. I have a lot of data that is manual backed up, simply by copying the files to both servers (in 2 different locations) This is not really the best way. So i want to make a checksum of one then run it on the other. So i know what files might be missing or be different in some way. It...
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    Storage on ESXi

    Hi. I'm configuring my new NAS server with ESXi, or at least I'm testing how it works. I have 2x120GB Intel 510 i was planing on using in RAID1. And then the storage that will be devided in 2. 1 for main storage 1 for backup and IP cam recording. The question is what is the best...
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    2U server for HTPC?

    Hi. I'm mounting all my stuff in a rack. (NAS Server, HTPCs, Amps) i want to build some new HTPCs that will fit so here is the build: SuperChassis 111LT-330CB link: PCI-E Raiser RSC-R2UT-E16R ASUS P8H67-M LE, uATX Intel Core i3...
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    Is badsectors good or critical?

    Hi. I been using CrystalDiskInfo for finding out the condition of my drives. But on 1 drive it can report Good with 200+ bad sectors on other drives its bad with 34, i don't get it.
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    My server rebuild in the making.

    Hi Guys So I'm moving my NAS server to a rack, and moving from desktop to server hardware. It contains 28 hard drives. I'm keeping the drives and the controller, and i already have 1 case and 1 SSD the rest i am getting now. Edit: Will be using Windows 2008R2 Here is the config: Case 1: 1x...
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    Internal expander that works with Adaptec controller?

    Hi there. My RAID is now over ½ full and i want to know if i can expand it in any way. I have i have 4 empty slots in the front and 6 inside. So i have room fore more disks. But the controller is at its limit regarding ports. But i can control 256 drives via extenders. But i cant find any...
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    online system disc change?

    Hi. I would like to change my 2 SSD system discs that are running in RAID1 on the intel motherbord raid controller, to 2 HDD. running 2008r2 Im thinking i can just swap one of them and let it rebuild and when its done swap the other, and then resize to fill the whole drive. Im not sure...
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    Terminal services tough NAT?

    Hi. I don't have any access to opening up ports in my router. I really need to use terminal services so I can do stuff on my windows 2008r2 server when I’m not home. Is that at all possible? Is there any way I can make a tunnel. Maybe logon to a VPN from the inside? Or a 3rd part program...
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    Terminal services tough NAT?

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    4 bay external HDD cage with 4 esata

    Hi. Im looking for a external hotswap bay for 4 or 8 harddrives with the same number of Esata connectors. I haven't found even one, so maby you guys have seen one?
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    How do i copy alot of files 130k+ 13TB

    My server of 13TB is full (Vista) and now i want move the data to the new server (2008R2) I tryed windows explore copy / Paste but it starts copying and says items and 1,7TB remaning so i stopped that again. I tryed total commander but the tranfer is quiet slow (30-40mb/sec) where...
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    APC UPS PowerChute does not support HyperV

    Hi there. So i setup my Smart-UPS 2200 and got the latest PowerChute Business Edition installed it and i says i need to buy deluxe version to use it with HyperV, wtf... So is there a way to get around that, im not about to spend more money on software that was suppose to come with the UPS.
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    Joining 2 RAID6 = Less security

    Hi Guys. I been reading some about JBOD and want to use it to join 2x10TB RAID6 arrays to 1 large partition. But will that meen 2x more chance for loosing all data? I have backup solution but i still don't like to loose 2 arrays. Can a HighPoint RocketRAID 3560 Have 2 RAID6 arrays and join...
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    Extending drives?

    Hi guys. Im making a server with 12 discs of 2TB in RAID6. Later i want to add another 12 drives and merge them together to 1 drive in windows 2008R2. What is the best way? Extend volume in 2008 or another?
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    Intel X25-E SSD 32 GB in RAID 0

    Hi. I have 2 Intel X25-E SSD, 32 GB and a Adaptec 5805 controller i would like to use in my new win7 PC, is there anything i should be aware off? I read about problems with TRIM not working in RAID will that be an issue?
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    Bilding large storage with 2TB disc and HighPoint controller

    Hi there. After reading a lot of posts in here I decided to register and account and ask my own question. I'm in the process of building a storage with 24x WD Caviar Green, 2 TB, 32 MB hdwd20eads on a HighPoint RocketRAID 3560 24 ports controller. I'm going to go with Raid 6. Is...