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    Bad PSU

    Just replaced my hard drive because the old one was becoming corrupt. Windows 8.1 took a while to boot so I upgraded the SSD (had a Kingston 64 now a Samsung 120). Now whenever I play Eve Online the computer freezes. Had two 6870 running in crossfire. Removed one and now Eve does not...
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    New Egg has The Old Rebuplic Collector's Edition

    New Egg still has the Collector's Edition for pre order. I want this out so the scalpers on eBay can't jack up the price on those of us that actually want it for the right reasons.
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    6879 or ???

    I already own a 6870 looking to upgrade. On Tuesday I'll have 16mb ram and a Amd 1090t(witch I plan to overclock w/ an Antec 20) I can get another brand new 6870 for $160 I am looking to play SWTOR with this system with as much eye candy as possible on a Hans-G HZ281HPB 28" 1920 x 1200...
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