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    Best business-grade windows laptop without a gpu

    Thanks for the help. It's frustrating as every option I've found thus far with a full-fledged, 45-watt i7 comes paired with a GTX1050 or similar. I did find the Zbook Studio you mentioned - however, the version without a gpu is actually more expensive than the version with the gpu, at least...
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    Best business-grade windows laptop without a gpu

    Trying to find a cheaper macbook alternative. Won't be needing a gpu so I hope to cut costs there. What's a business-grade, 15" windows laptop that has an i7-7700hq or faster, has great battery life, and doesn't look like a spaceship? Cheaper the better, of course. Currently looking into the...
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    Vertical (portrait) screen mount

    Super basic question here - I'm trying to buy a birthday gift for a friend, who has told me on several occasions that he wants a vertical monitor on his computer desk. The thing is, his desk already has two monitors and is cluttered as is, so I don't want to get him a mount with a big footprint...
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    Steel Series Sensei Raw ($39) Free next day shipping (with Prime)

    This is certainly a good mouse. My only complaint is that, at least the Raw version, the matte finish starts rubbing off within half a year.
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    Square Enix PC Games Surprise Box $9.99 (warm?)

    FF13 had just been ported to PC in October 2014. Since then two more games were released. Also, each game is priced at around $20. I think it's very possible.
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    Square Enix PC Games Surprise Box $9.99 (warm?)

    Hope the newly released FF13 pc ports are included. I bit.
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    Are Senns the bomb or is just marketing hype?

    Budget-tier Sennheiser's aren't much better than other entry-level headphones. They shine once you hit the $150+ range, starting from the HD558 and the HD600/650. That said, I've owned the JVC RX900, I thought they sounded really good. 90% similar to the mighty audio-technica m50. If you...
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    10% best buy coupon

    Expires 8/31/15 First person to PM me gets it. TAKEN
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    Asus ROG G73JH-BST7 Gaming Laptop
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    The first FX-7600P product drop.

    Okay. It turns out it's not crossfire/dual graphics in that sense. It just switches from the R5 to the R7, like from integrated to dedicated. Also, the FX-7600P model has the R9-M270 as its gpu, not the R7-M270 (no such thing exists). A little disappointed, but will depend on the price.
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    The first FX-7600P product drop.

    Still, this is interesting because it uses dual graphics. Should be more affordable than the MSI's with the R9 M290X. Very nice find, OP!
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    Thinking about a new laptop... suggestions?

    When are more kaveri apu's coming out on the market? It's been four months since they've been announced, and still no signs of the flagship FX-7600p.
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    Sony VAIO Flip14a

    FYI, I picked up an open-box (scratch & dent) pair from Best Buy for $350 (i3 model). And there are a lot of open-box pairs for under $500, at least in my area. I think it has to do with the fact that initially these laptops had a lot of problems with the touchpad and touchscreen and fan...
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    Toshiba S50 Laptop - i7-4700MQ + GT740 - $540 [Ends 8/14/14]

    Came across this searching for a good college work/game rig for under $600. Pros: i7 and GT740M at this price? Pretty good! Cons: Toshiba. 1366x768 screen. 4GB Ram. Also, did I say Toshiba? You can use two coupons for...
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    Steelseries Sensei Refurb - $30 Free shipping, decent deal imo for the best mouse in town.
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    Madcatz Arcade sticks $50 off with code

    Good deal, if you're looking for a fightstick. Most used ones go for $80 or so, and you're getting a new one for that price.
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    Do all Ultrabooks suck or what?

    Why not asus?
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    HP 17" Laptop - A8-5550M - Open Box - $310 Use "Cowboom20" with a new account to get $20 off. After tax it came to ~$310. Not an amazing laptop, but if you're searching for a budget 17" laptop, this should fit the bill. Should throw in another 4GB 1600MHz stick to take advantage of dual...
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    Microsoft Surface RT 32GB - Auction starts at $1, BIN - $140
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    Kaveri Laptop Release Date?

    Alright. And I'm not expecting too much from kaveri, it's just that I just want a cheaper, lighter machine that I can casually game with. AMD APU's seem to fit the bill, and the new HSA/Mantle stuff, tho probably overrated, seem interesting... :) I'll wait a bit longer then.
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    Kaveri Laptop Release Date?

    I've been holding out on a laptop purchase for a long time waiting for kaveri, which was slated to come out in January/February of this year. Well, it's February already, and there's no word of mobile Kaveri chips yet. Does anyone know when they'll be released?
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    Used 32GB Surface RT $166 +FS @Cowboom

    Haha. Yes.
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    gaming headset + cellphone.

    dafaq I didn't know etymotic made gaming gear. The HF3/HF5's are epic IEM's.
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    Just a quick question- I'm a nub when it comes to mechanical keyboards. I just purchased a Quickfire Rapid with black switches, and I will be using it via USB which does not have NKRO. However, it does advertise "anti-ghosting" even in USB mode. I play a lot of fighting games, namely BlazBlue...
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    Opinions on this Samsung Laptop

    You can get better specs than this for ~$600. So I'd take it only if it's around $400 or so.
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    So, what's with all the plastic headphones?

    IMO there's nothing wrong with all-plastic designs. Metal/wood/leather simply adds to the weight, without really improving the SQ.
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    Audio-Technica ATH-A900X (or AD900) Headphones $128 @Buydig w/

    I never had them side by side to compare, but the difference is pretty significant. First is the soundstage. The M50 is very closed-off, and soundstage is below average IMO for closed cans. The A900X's have angled drivers- you will see when you wear them that inside the cups the drivers are...
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    Audio-Technica ATH-A900X (or AD900) Headphones $128 @Buydig w/

    The A900X is a league above the M50 - they're currently the best value/price ratio you can get at the moment. IMO it sounds better than the K550 and competes in the $300 range. I haven't heard the AD900, since it's supposed to be bass-light. But it's also supposed to be one of the best...
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    CAUTION: Newegg Pricing 1TB SSD Above Retail

    Pretty much. It's not being dishonest of them to price above the MSRP. After all, the MSRP is the "recommended price." If buyer demand is higher than supply (after all, Amazon is OOS) it makes perfect sense for them to increase the price.
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    Razer Blackwidow Tournament Keyboard Cherry Blue $57
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    Better laptop graphics?

    I'd rather get an A10-4600M APU... cheaper, better performance/price ratio. You get a entry-level graphics card, 7660G, probably better than that integrated gpu even for running 1080p HD video.
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    Best performance under $700

    Hmm thanks for the suggestions. I think the Acer might work well for my friend.
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    Best performance under $700

    Looking for a laptop under $700 for a friend. But he has a very strict budget, can't go up to $750 or $800. He's not a big gamer but he would like to run moderate games (Sim City, for one) at decent settings. Currently the best deal I see is a U410 with a low-voltage i7 and a gt610M. But the...
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    Best Buy Says It Will Kill 'Showrooming' For Good

    Although BB gets so much shit here on [H], for most smaller towns Best Buy is the only place that features higher-end PC, audio, and video products. Not all places have B&H or J&R superstores like NYC... And in some parts Best Buy employees are actually very informed and enthusiastic about...
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    Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason Steam Key $0.99 Under the Death2Spies Bundle or whatever. Pay 99 cents and get the steam key for the game. People bash this game way too hard- it's slow, terrible optimization, whatever. It's one of the few single player shooter games that I really enjoyed (I'm more of a...
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    Warm: Diablo III Mouse YMMV.

    I checked at my local wal mart today, and it was still $70.
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    Fallen on Hard Times Thread

    Heya, Is there any way to attach/use the Hori fight stick with the PC? Or is it for the Wii only? Best Wishes,
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    Like-New Shure SRH750DJ, 01/14/13 @ 12:00PM, $0.01 Listing started at $0.01 but now is $3.25.
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    Klipsch Image X10's are on sale again at Amazon

    Because it sounds better. For 90 these are a steal. And I know Klipsch earbuds aren't the most durable (most earphones in general), but I believe it comes with a 2 year warranty.