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    2013 Mac Mini, Thoughts?

    Anyone think its likely that they'll release a Haswell mini with GT3 around october? Hell does anyone think they'll release one at all? I'm on the fence about a 2012 model, and just want to hear if you think there's a possible 2013 in the works, and what you expect it to have and not have...
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    24" 16:10 IPS with speakers

    Title says it all really, i'm looking for a modern 24" 16:10 IPS with built-in speakers. Used primarily for office work (coding and web dev) and reading, with some slight movie watching and gaming on the side. But i care more about being able to read without eye strain than i do about...
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    Thunderbolt Daisy chain question

    I need to know if its possible to add a mini DisplayPort monitor to the end of a Thunderbolt Daisy chain. Something like this: PC with Thunderbolt -----------------> Thunderbolt storage device -----------------> Mini DP monitor (with sound). I know they can't be used in the middle, as you...
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    Help with Point and shoot compact choices

    My betterhalf is after a Point and shoot compact camera and we need some recommendations. 1. Must be < £100 2. Must be black or silver 3. Must come with a rechargeable battery This camera will be used for holidays, mostly outdoor shots in sunny conditions. Water and shock resistance...
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    £1100 Gaming build - UK

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Web, software Development and gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? £1100, tax and shipping included 3) Where do you live? Manchester, UK 4) What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU...
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    How comfortable are v-moda vibes?

    I ordered a samsung k3 (4gb) from amazon yesterday, recieved it today. The earphones supplied are average at best (not that i expected anything better for free supplied earphones). Now im no audiophile, and i know the k3 isnt known for its superior sound quality, but i want some decent...
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    CnC3 and 8800GTS

    Could someone With a 8800GTS and the CnC3 demo report some fps's @ max settings (everything maxed out) i wanna know if the gts can handle it, or whether i need to spring for the gtx.
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    AV software, is it worth it and if so which one?

    In 3 weeks my trial of norton internet security will come to an end, i know norton is considered major bloatware by many people, but i found that it is very easy to use, requires no user input, and never asks for a thing except to renew subscription. I know some of you will like software...
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    Geforce 8600

    I don't know the validity of the following article or how good engadgets rep is, but news is news so here ya go ;) The general gist of the article is: 8600GT: 48 stream procs, core...
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    Intel 945gm > geforce go 7400?

    Hi i recently purchased a new laptop (hp pavilion dv6000), dual core 1.6Ghz, 2gig ram, and geforce go 7400 256mb. i benched marked it against an older machine (toshiba satelite), single core 1.8Ghz, 512mb ram, and mobile intel 945GM Express Chipset 64mb. the newer machine outperformed the...
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    Domo-kun Wallpapers

    Been on the old thread and its outdated (2004 last post) and most of the links no longer work. Basically im looking for decent domo-kun wallpapers, iv been all over deviantart but nothing tickles my fancy, so what do you guys have. :cool: Sidenote: keep em at 1024x768 or higher, i dont...
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    S-Video doesn't look right

    Im outputing to a pal tv over S-Video but the image is jumpy (reminds me of bad refresh rate) and it also has a red and a blue shadow. To solve this i usually output through composite instead (heres another thread of mine discussing recent rouble i have had with that...
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    component over s-video

    I have a cable, svideo on one end, scart on the other. if i connect my desktop to the tv the picture looks 'shaky' (cant really describe it better than that, sorta looks like bad refresh with a blue and red outline of everything on the screen) however if i go into the nvidia control panel and...
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    HP Pavilion OSD software name?

    I recently purchased an hp pavilion dv6000 series notebook. after the first day off use my on-screen-display (the one that shows valume up and down, mute, play pause and all that other stuff) stop working. however it doesnt seem a mystery as to why it stopped as right before it did i deleted...