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    Newegg Labor Day Sale

    Just got this in an email. here :)
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    Intel Processors to ship CPU ONLY for retail...up to 180w TDP

    Read more: Read more:
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    Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro : Yay or Nay?

    I'm currently working on a big project and I'm wondering what you guys think of this heat sink. It will cost me double the price of a NH-D14 to bring it in the US, but as long as my project comes out perfect...I'm happy. There's a decent chance the fan will be changed with an AK-FN059, but that...
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    Need a black cpu heatsink for price limit

    Greetings all :) I've been working on a project for the past 6 months and I'm coming down to towards the end of it. I'm looking for an 1155 compatible heatsink with a black finish. I'm going for something other than shiny (anodized) black such as the Mega Shadow or the VX Black. I've also taken...
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    SeaSonic X750 80 Plus Gold Modular PSU $120 Shipped

    *DEAD* COUPON CODE: EMCYTZT453 $159.99 - 40 = $119.99 Shipped LINK SOURCE
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    Just ordered the PC-X500FX >.<

    I'm not sure of what I've just done, but hopefully it's a good decision... I felt every cent leave my pocket... a review of the case What do you guys think?
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    6950 otw...good decision for single 1920x1080?

    Just purchased the 2GB version of the XFX 6950 and I was wondering if I made the right decision as far as an upgrade from the 8800gts G80 (320mb). All specs are in sig. I play pretty much anything and everything. I currently just want to run COD 4 at higher settings than default without being in...
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    HDD keeps dropping during windows install..please help

    Hi, I've been having some problems with my computer lately (PC in sig, not OC'd). The problem was the computer kept freezing. When I reset the computer without shutting it off, it would show me that one of the ports that connects to the hard drive isn't detecting a one of the drives in the...
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    HDD keeps dropping during windows install..please help

    MOVED ->
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    [HOT] Pre-purchase Bioshock 2 for $44.99 on Steam & Get Bioshock 1 FREE

    Please READ before posting Bioshock 2 Available on February 9th Very good deal if you don't have Bioshock 1 :) Deactivation Tool for Bioshock: Group Buy Terms...
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    [HOT] MASS EFFECT Download for $5.33

    Coupon Code: M93SW4PQQ2 from
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    Looking for high quality 23" - 26" w/ component...welcome to suggestions

    As the title states. I'm trying to replace my current 17" LCD so that I could hook up my HD receiver to the monitor instead of using a TV card. My priorities are size, component, and color that order. Just because color reproduction is last, it's certainly not least. I'm also...
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    What's your opinion of this purchase?

    Well I just purchased the following laptop for my father. Best price I could find. This laptop is being used mainly for an EEG machine for neurology. But I figured that I might as well...
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    Computer freezes for 3 seconds then returns...CONSTANTLY

    My computer has been acting up recently. I'll be playing something as small as cs 1.6 and it will just "pause" everything for 3 seconds or so and then come back as if nothing happens. I turned on performance monitor to see what it could be and here's what I got. If you'll notice the gap in...
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    WD3000HLFS SecureConnect

    Well I was looking the FS/FT thread today and I saw the GLFS version of the velociraptor. It's deactivated though, so I then started looking at the newer version HLFS remembering that it was usually the connections/heatsink that...
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    8800GTS 320MB Overclock

    Well I have a XFX 8800GTS 320MB XXX factory overclocked @ 580gpu/1500shader/1800mem. I was considering to purchase a 285gtx, but I thought I'd try to pull the most out of my 8800 first. Well I was able to get the gpu from 580 to 651, the shader from 1500 to 1580, and the memory from 1800 to 2124...
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    Too much voltage for q6600 G0?

    I'm currently running my q6600 @ 3.6ghz on air (TRUE) @ 1.44v. I know this isn't too good for the life of my cpu, but I'm wondering if it's a lethal dose of voltage that's delaying the inevitable death of my cpu. I've been running this for over 8 months at this speed & voltage. Temperatures are...
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    Ideas for storage options for mobile buisness?

    My father has his buisness with important information that needs to be backed up 24/7. Every second of his work that is saved on a drive needs to be backed up. Currently he's using a single 40gb toshiba drive which I find to be extremely unreliable if something where to happen. Data is obviously...
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    Ear pain from high quality headphones!

    I received my HD580s last year with a custom built amp. I've been having a lot of issues with the pain in my left ear. The inner part of my ear gets really inflamed. I've been using the beyerdynamic dt770 for the past month and i'm having the problem again. I didn't have this with other lower...
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    Which OS to install for this PC?

    The goal of this PC is to enable a user to do some browsing, look at pictures, listen to music, and be able to use usb 2.0 devices, but without a whole bunch of waiting (work with me here :p). Specs are as follows: Socket A AMD Athlon XP @ 1.35ghz w/ 256KB (either 1500+ or 1600+, didn't check)...
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    Need help remember name of software

    There was a stability benchmark which showed 3d high quality spheres with lighting effects of all sorts w/ the option to change AA/AF. The name was like rdtlbh or something. Does anyone know the name? Thanks.
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    SanDisk 8GB Cruzer Micro U3 Flash Drive - $30 Free shipping

    $20 with google checkout
  23. A invites

    0 available atm requirements: 2+ years member of [H] Gawd+ pm me email 1st come 1st serve
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    XBOX 360 to HD Entertainment

    Hi. What I am in search of here is an adapter for my 360. I have a 360 that I would like to play my HD movies and play games on. The 360 will be attached to my 56" HDTV supporting a maximum of 1080i. The 360 will be connected wirelessly to my wrt54g (DD-WRT). My PC (in sig) is also connected to...
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    Antec Solo or Lian Li PC-7B+ II

    Building a PC for my uncle who wants a professional looking case. So I am down to these two cases. The parts that I will be purchasing for the PC are as follows: Q6600 Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Abit IP35 Pro 2x2GB G.Skill PC6400 (5-5-5-15) Corsair 650TX WD 640GB AAKS (WD6400AAKS) EVGA 8600GT Samsung...
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    Creative's New Beta Drivers for X-FI ; 4GB issue fixed Or you can choose your card...
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    Zalman's New 8800 Cooler VF1000 LED + ZM-RHS88

    Zalman has just released its 8800 VGA cooler, but it takes the more expensive route. In order to install it on a 8800 card, you need to purchase 2 coolers! One for the 8800 GPU and the other for everything else. I'll let the pictures do the talking ;) V1000LED...
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    Abit IP35 Pro @ClubIT 157.48 Shipped AR

    Just found this while looking for a good deal on the motherboard. Price has changed a little since post: ABIT IP35 PRO = $$172.50 + 7.49 shipping - $20 MIR = 159.99 Shipped AR
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    Career choice problems

    I have been looking into becoming a hardware engineer for about a year. I want to know if there are any sites where I can find information on the job (salary, responsibility, avg work time, etc). Me and my dad have been having a lot of talks about this. He's a doctor and wants me to follow in...
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    Where to buy 120mm Yellow LED fans?

    As the title states. I've been googling like crazy. :p Any help would be appreciated.
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    Need help choosing LCD

    Hi. I am in search of a NON-Widescreen LCD. I really want the largest one possible, but with the requirement of HDCP ready and if possible HDMI. I want the LCD dedicated for HD/DVD Movies, medium gaming, and internet use. I understand that these requirements will make finding a good LCD much...
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    Maxtor HDD PCB chip blown- Need Help Replacing PCB

    My Maxtor HDD was recently not being detected by my promise sata controller. I figured out that the HDD was the problem after I saw a chip on the PCB blown and around the corner it was blown was some yellowish residue. So I know that the platters are perfectly fine and the chip that was blown...
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    HD580 + X-FI Fatal1ty + Amp?

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    How to run both cores on F@H Graphic client

    I have a P4 3ghz HT. I want to use both cores when I'm away from my pc. Currently it's only 50 percent. BTW, that 52C is the weather on weatherbug not my cpu ;)
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    What should I expect from this upgrade?

    I'm upgrading from a Steelsound 5H + Audigy LS -----> Sennheiser HD 580 + MisterX built Dynalo Amp + X-Fi Fatal1ty w/bay. Any ideas of what I should be expecting?
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    [Warm] Acoustic Research 15-Device Universal Remote Control w/LCD Touch-Screen $40 has the Acoustic Research Universal Remote Control ARR1540 for $38.99
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    Dell Inspiron 6400 1.73GHz/2GB DDR2/160GB HDD $700

    Dell Small Business has the Inspiron 6400 Core Duo 1.73GHz 2GB DDR2 15.4" Notebook for $1,104.00 - $405.00 = $699.00
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    Behold The GOD of all PSUs 10,000W of PURE POWER! :D
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    New Build or Wait?

    have literally been going crazy about this. I have waited and waited (ever since FX-57 came out). Everytime I want to upgrade, something new comes out. This has happened to the point that my pc is not much upgradeable anymore because price/performance would not do it justice. Feels like...
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    Need Survellience System for Home

    Hi. I want to thank everyone in advance because as usual, you guys always do a great job of helping. Well anyway, I want to setup a survellience system in my home that would be quiet and run 24/7. I want it/them capable of attaching on a ceiling or wall. There was an incident that occured...