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    UT3 for 9.90 at go gamer 70 hours left!!

    I too have ordered from them a few times before with no issues. I bit on this deal for UT3. I kinda hope the recent deals stimulate the in-game population. (I have heard it was low).
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    Mirror's Edge

    I played the demo on PS3 and thought it was pretty neat. I own ZERO First Person Shooters on consoles because of my complete inability to use the thumbstick, but I did pretty good with this game. I may pick it up.
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    FarCry2: For those at end of Act 1 (spoiler alert)

    I ultimately went to the church and the same thing happens. You become overwhelmed. I had a save right before my decision, so I went down both paths to see what happens.
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    My Far Cry 2 Quick Thoughts, AWESOME

    I had the same thing happening while running vista 64 on the Forceware 180.42 betas. I disabled Aero and was able to play the game.
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    Never thought I'de get a GTX 260, but impulse got the best of me! ;)

    I nabbed the EVGA GX260 that was on sale at the egg earlier in the week as well. I also didn't think I would ever own one. Between promo codes, rebates and free Crysis, I figured I couldn't pass it up. I can't wait until it arrives on Monday.
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    Warm - EVGA GTX 260 for $219.99 after MIR, comes with Crysis+FS @ newegg

    Nice Deal, thanks. I scooped one up to replace an 8800GTS.
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    City of Heroes/Villains turns into Neverwinter Nights?

    Yeah I am glad they did this. The character / costume creator basically set a bar for me on all MMOs. If the mission creator is even close to character customization, I'll be happy. I used to love making quests in NWN, and now I can follow suit in CoH. :)
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    post pics of ur p180/p182/190s

    I've had an original P180 for a few years now but never posted in this thread. Just last week though, there was a pretty sweet deal on the P182SEs, so I picked one up. I was pretty surprised how reflective they are. Anyway I just got done moving the guts out of my old P180, to the new P182...
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    Band of Brothers Bluray Edition - $55 before tax and free shipping. Tonite only.

    Thanks for posting this. Band of Brothers is amazing, and I've never even seen it on DVD. I watched them on HBO and then later on the History Channel.
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    Antec NP-100 Universal Power Supply for Laptops $25.24 Free Shipping,

    Thanks, I have been wanting an extra one so I can just leave it under my desk at work.
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    TF2 Acheivements
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    Lost Planet problem

    I am at 1680x1050 in the full version, and no I was not able to use that option in the demo.
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    Freeware server browser? Like Gamespy or ASE?

    I use Qtracker as well.
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    Attention: All Samsung 204B owners

    I have an EVGA 8800GTS with the 204bw. In the first 2 days of use I experienced the flicker numerous times.. I was ready to take the monitor back, but instead first just switched to my DVI cable from my old monitor. Since then I have not seen the monitor go off and on. Its been fine for a...
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    Antec P180...dual 120's in the front...proof!!! (pics)

    There are pics at . With Java enabled, Go to Photo Album in the top right. Then click Misc Projects, then Antec p180
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    I can attest that the Corsair hx520w works in the P180. I have the older version of the P180 with the 38mm fan. Cable management was pretty easy. The 8 pin 12v cable is a stretch but it works.
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    Hot Deal on X-Fi Platinum 78.99 AR

    Thanks, I was just about to pull the trigger on the $90 XtremeMusic. The platinum ends up costing less plus you get a remote and the drive bay.
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    Best Buy has P180's for $80.00 or less now

    Wow thanks alot for this heads up. The free shipping on a case of that weight and size was big plus as well. Got one on the way now.
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    What do creative haters do for 5.1 sound ?

    Im currently using a 2100+ on an Abit NF7-S (its v1.2) Im gona upgrade to a 3200+ 64 s939 on an Epox EP-9NDA3+ Its just a cheap little upgrade. I can still use alota my parts, but im faced with the decisions of soundcards. I'd rather not get a creative, but if there are some...
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    What do creative haters do for 5.1 sound ?

    Right now I have an nforce2 board with SoundStorm audio. I love it. I've had no troubles with audio and it always sounds beautiful. It has now become the time to upgrade. I was saddened that nvidia did not continue with their soundstorm technology in the nforce3 / 4 line of mobos. Now...
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    What is everybody playing right now?

    A whole lotta City of Heroes.
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    City of Hero's. Invasion of the Rikti

    You just convinced me into buying this one. That looks so awesome. Thanks
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    MP? That would be pretty sweet. Was that in the console version?
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    NF7-S vs. NF7 .... whats the difference?

    S has Soundstorm 5.1 audio too
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    So, what are the odds of a new-gen card coming out (retail) with dual DVI?

    The screenshots of the nvidia 6800 show 2 DVI inputs on the card. On the front page of [H]ocp
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    Building a Counter Strike computer.

    Get a Ti-83+. It should run very well. Make sure it is a plus though, I havn't had to much luck with the non + version.
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    Vice City rendering problem (r9800)

    Yeah rockstar had a fix for it, but it didnt work for me. Then I found that fix and i was happy again :)
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    What about the 9800XT's BIOS??

    To answer the original question, I think u should just follow the brand name you have. For instance, I own a Sapphire 9800pro 256mb, So ..... I flashed my card with a Sapphire 9800XT 256mb bios from here
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    Vice City rendering problem (r9800)

    Run the program in WIN98 compatibility mode
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    Graphics setting in far cry

    shadows, lighting, and water are gonna hit u the hardest but dont take my word for it, just splay around with settings and see what feels best for you.
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    does 256mb ram make difference?

    I just bought the Saphire 9800por 256mb 3 days ago. Got it in the mail today and flashed the bios to a Saphire 9800XT 256. Its running beautiful. I got temp readings and all the other sweet stuff. 3dmark before the flash = 5572 after the flash = 6233 I say , go with...
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    Main differences between NF7-S v1.2 and v2.0?

    Not many differences. The major things they did in 2.0 were fixes with the SATA and temperatures / voltages being more accurate (still not perfect). And they also "officially support 200fsb". I still have a v1.2 and its been kickin for more than year at 220fsb. They're both great boards...
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    Does anybody else find the Pandora Tomorrow night vision sucky?

    The new ATI drivers resolve something to this effect. I too think nightvision looks shitty on my 9800pro. It looks like the res drops to 320x240 when i switch em on. lol Anyway I havnt tried the new 4.4 catalysts (waiting for the omegas) but I did see something in the release notes about...
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    Bios for NF7-S

    Is there a Bios like this that I can use on my nf7-s v1.2 ?
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    Abit NF7-S

    Have you tried this thread ? Its 5 pages I think.
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    Far Cry - Nforce 2 Soundstorm Issues

    This is a known problem that is stated in the readme. The 4.31 beta drivers fix it. Im actually loving these new drivers. You can finally clone your front speakers to your rear speakers in winamp !!!!! 4.31 audio with NVmixer These drivers actually fix alot more stuff (some more UBI...
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    How freakin' long is Far Cry?

    There are 20 levels in the game. If you were just at the Catacombs, you got 5 more levels to go.
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    Rage3D Website ??

    Rocket Search for me too ????????????????
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    Random 9800 Pro death

    Mine is in the process of dying. I get reboots and blank screens when i play games. I have to stick a giant fan next to my pc just to play far cry now. I bought the VGA cooler thinking it would solve the problem. Stuck it on yesterday, 20 minutes into far cry I get a black screen. So i...
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    farcry audio problem

    THe nforce2 audio problem is a know bug, and is mentioned in the readme. Hopefully they're working on a fix. I would just like to have some hardware sound in this great game.