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    Where is the 512 variant of the Samsung M2 NVMe?

    Bought mine here, quick and cheap delivery, recommended place! 9 in stock as of writing this post...
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    Samsung Magician V 4.7 for Win 10

    Support for Win10 is not listed in the changelog for this release. And from what I read stuff like rapid etc do not work in Win10
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    ASUS X99 Motherboard Series - Official Support Thread

    Hi, the Asus website is confusing when it comes to memory support. Looking at for example at their X99-A mainboard specifications we see that it does not support ECC memory, but that we should also refer to the Memory QVL. So we go into Support > Memory Support and click on the "X99 Series DRAM...
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    Samsung XP 941 vs SM 951. What am I doing wrong?

    Default I/O size in HD Tune us only 64KB, increase it to 8MB and you should see a big increase. It's also worth noting that if you don't perform a "full test" on the same options/benchmark page it's known to cause iffy numbers with SSD's. Remember that HD Tune was developed for mechanical hard...
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    M.2 and SSD's 20 to 40 Gbps with NVMe

    15 in stock In stock...
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    M.2 and SSD's 20 to 40 Gbps with NVMe

    Well maybe you should move to Sweden then, they are certainly available here:
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    Enterprise hard drive for desktop use?

    If you want a quiet 15k RPM drive I can recommend the Cheetah 15k.7 drives, I have one and it's at least way more silent than a WD Raptor 10k RPM drive. That said it's a SAS drive so you need a SAS controller for it...
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    Samsung 840 EVO Performance Restoring Firmware Only Partially Effective

    Report your issue to Samsung, because they are playing the game of holding their hands to their ears and pretending there exists no problem: Q: Will there be a firmware update for the other Samsung TLC-based SSD models that have also demonstrated this read performance issue? If so, which models...
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    Intel SSD 730 Series 480GB benchmark request

    EnderW: It would be interesting to see if the physical sector size can be changed on your 730 like it can on the S3500, they are the same drives after all. I don't have high hopes though, Intel is famous for not updating "old" drives firmware. It's probably the best option for forcing Windows to...
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    Intel SSD 750 PCIe SSD Review: NVMe for the Client

    Techspot also has a review up:
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    SM951 (first?) benchmark

    Surprise surprise: Intel's "new" NVMe based SSD 750 1.2TB is beat by the Samsung SM951 AHCI drive in all relevant consumer tests in Anandtech's review Well, it was not a surprise for me, except it does show much better numbers than what I pieced together intitally. But then I found this, look...
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    SM951 (first?) benchmark

    That lead time has been shown as 16 weeks for the last few months
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    SM951 (first?) benchmark

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    SM951 (first?) benchmark

    Don't you see the error in your own text? I wrote in my initial post that transfer speed is 321KB/sec for the 1.6TB P3700 when doing small I/O's How much less consistent do you need the performance to be for you to accept it's bad?
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    SM951 (first?) benchmark

    ToddW2, please this isn't about performance at higher queue depths or I/O transfer sizes. I said in my initial post "It's a benchmark which highlights performance of a corner case: IO performance at transfer sizes below 4KB." All I'm trying to do is confirm if Intel are wrong in their...
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    SM951 (first?) benchmark

    Bullshit. Any server load will have a mix of both high queue depths and medium to low queue depths. I just copied a large folder with many files to the Intel SSD 910. The speeds ranged from insane down to 91KB/s Any SSD developed for enterprise use is supposed to have a minimum sustained speed...
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    SM951 (first?) benchmark

    It's really slow at booting, and it's also slow at launching a browser with many tabs open. Both actions that I would assume cause allot of IO activity below 4K. Looking for example at the Windows folder there are over 50000 files below 4KB in size, and the Program Files folder has another...
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    SM951 (first?) benchmark

    Just providing my input on this. The original Intel X25-M controller and it's minor updates in the G2 & G3 received critical acclaim and are really fast for consumer workloads. The last drive released in that series was called Intel SSD 710 and is aimed for the enterprise. All of these drives...
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    SM951 (first?) benchmark

    Well I'm not really sure it supports NVMe, it was supposed to according to the info posted at the SSD Summit 2014, however reading the press release below it seems a no :(
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    SM951 (first?) benchmark

    You need to have UEFI enabled in the BIOS and start the installation in UEFI mode Settings > Advanced > Windows 8/ 8.1 Configuration: Windows 8/ 8.1 Feature: Enabled (The system will switch to UEFI mode) Please note that there is a bug with the Windows 8.1 installation DVD which makes it...
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    Samsung 840 Pro -- Owners Report

    Hi, you can use the following method if you have one system where you had the drive installed, and that you have not wiped: Download & run this BAT file: It will open your systems Device Manager. Next press "View > Show Hidden...
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    Apple Patents "Switching Between Radio and Local Media"

    Yea sure, except all my cars have had this feature since I got a license 10 years ago? There is a button called "News" you push it and it switches to news broadcasts when they air. There is another for Traffic Alerts When done it switches back to whatever you where listening to...
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    Portal 2 PC User Review Backlash

    I have not bought the game, but I have played the original and really liked it. I very much remember Valve saying that Portal 1 was just a "training ground" or similar wording about Portal 1, hinting that the second game would be much more difficult... But most PC users are saying that the...
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    Ten Years Ago On Tax Day

    Wow, I still have one in a KT7A mobo if memory serves 10 years already? -Amazing how time flies! I have just one word to say :) AXIA
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    Most Fragmented Hard Drive EVER!

    Yea tell me about it, computer is of course full of Viruses and shit too First scanned it with Macafee Stinger from my BartPE USB stick (where I also took the Defrag screenshot) It found 12 viruses Then booted it up to the Windows install after my "fix" and installed Symantec Corporate...
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    Most Fragmented Hard Drive EVER!

    I'll up you all one. "Friend of a friend" left me this PC to fix Had a "bluescreen problem" > turned out it was an in-progress installation of Windows he referred to as the "bluescreen" (deleting the installation files and restoring the boot.ini fixed that "problem" They say a picture says...
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    Crytek Announces DX11 Patch....Eventually

    I could care less for a DX11 patch really Start by releasing a high resolution pack, or to begin atleast a texture pack which is not half the resolution of Crysis 1 Source:
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    AMD "Bulldozer" Interactive Series Is Live

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that recognized that's not a bulldozer, but infact a wheel loader :)
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    3dfx Voodoo 590

    Actually you know, their final comments here are spot on. I just found this april fools kinda strange. I really miss 3dfx, and anything nVidia release will (for me) never leave the memory that the 3dfx Voodoo brand has I agree with one of the previous posters that said they could use the...
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    Drivers Cause GTX 590 To Burn (On Video)?

    Translation from the video;
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    New York Times' Website Fees Revealed

    Hmm, what do you mean Spaghetti != spent nuclear fuel?
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    Light Painting WiFi

    The Touch project is based at the Oslo School of Architecture & Design and funded by the Research Council of Norway.
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    Kaspersky: Malicious Ads Through ICQ

    I could ask the question people still use the original ICQ and/or MSN clients? I thought everyone had switched to something decent like Miranda IM where this wont be an issue...?
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    The plain looks of the sticks is just awesome, the warranty is just pudding to the cake :)
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    World of Warcraft Running On iPad—Streamed

    Service already exists and does not require you to run a latency ridden streaming Flash client
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    Sega's Office Pranks = Win!

    Wow, I didn't know the vacations in the US where so short Guess I should be happy then, as I wrote in my previous post we get 4 weeks in the summer, and then one week (5 working days) to spend whenever you want to And if you don't spend them they get saved I actually have saved 3 such...
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    Sega's Office Pranks = Win!

    3 weeks is considered much in the US? In most of Europe you get 5 weeks each year, 4 in the summer and 1 in the winter Paid of course, I just had my first week of work after one month summer vacation here in Sweden :) Oh, as to this prank, not very fun at all He was in on it before he...
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    Skynet Virus Is HERE!

    Are you being ironic? Sure, their Visual Basic based POS systems are worst But their hardware aint far behind We have so many failures and everything has to be based on Siemens own proprietary communication protocols etc so you can't even stand a chance debugging it without buying Siemens...
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    Just ordered the Dell UltraSharp 2209WA

    Hi, I have done a little mini test of the 2209WA, you might find it interesting...
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    Windows 7 Will Allow Downgrades Too

    Hmm, having Windows Terminal Server on a notebook feels like it somewhat limits the purpose of the notbook no? Why not just use a 19" Rack server for that since that is what they are made for? (Which will make it quite nice to connect to with that notebook btw)