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    Update for FP News Threads Edit

    Is there an update for the situation that was perfectly described by the OP in this thread? A 20-60 second edit window would be great so that we could edit typos or maybe re-word something that seemed off.
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    Mobo for i5 2500k

    Hey i5 2500k owners. Let me know what board you are using with your cpu. I'm looking to spend < $200 but I would like to see what everyone is rocking with regardless. Hopefully I want to OC as high as I can using the stock heatsink. So far I have nabbed these from fellow [H]'s sig's in the...
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    Question: GTX 285 vs 5850

    So I was wondering. With the current set of drivers for nVidia (257.21) and Ati, what is the performance difference of these two cards in a nutshell? Let's have a target resolution of 1680x1050 If one had the choice of a $200 used 285 vs a $300 new 5850, which one would be the better option?
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    Nintendo Game Contains Racial Slur @ Kotaku

    I think this is complete bullshit. That is NOT racist. I am black/hispanic and that is NOT racist at all. When dealing with racism, a huge component of that is "CONTEXT". It all depends on the context of the statement said or action done. This game uses "n*gga" which is not a purely racist...
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    Critique my design please

    I am putting together a news feeder site and would like your feedback on the site. Tell me if anything loads slow, or any formatting breaks and also anything you think should or could be changed. I'm tough so rip it apart people.
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    Counter Strike Server

    IP: 27015 Title: Wargames: The Battle Ground Maps: All the usual greats + aim_ak-colt2k, aim_usp2k, po_sunworld de_pacman, vertigo, awp_city, fy_iceworld2k Rules: The usual stuff... not sure, check the MOTD. This is runnin on a T3 connection from the East Coast...