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    AWS Migration tools? Anyone with VMware on prem and moving to AWS?

    I would recommend Terraform. It will help you manage your infrastructure in the cloud as code. I've only used it for a week or two, but the capabilities are vast. It has an import option so you can import your vmware environment state. Could be helpful.
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    Help adding ip address from another machine using a gre tunnel in linux.

    Check the upstream router. I think you'll find it doesn't know about your assigned IP address.
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    Super Mega Baseball 3

    Is this a new engine? I can't figure out why they didn't release these changes for SMB2. I would have been happy to pay the $10 or a couple more dollars for these fixes, but I don't know if I can handle $40+.
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    What DLC expansions are totally worth playing?

    Most games I don't even finish the game. Much less get to the DLC. Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction takes the best "DLC" award for me. Added two new classes, raised the graphics resolution, and introduced a whole new act. Good times back in the day when games released actual expansions, and were...
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    Microsoft Puts $500 Million Towards Affordable Seattle Area Housing

    More people moving to Seattle with no plans because they heard a whisper of low income housing. Sure they won't end up on the streets..
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    Destiny 2

    Wonder how much more life I can get out of the standard Destiny 2 experience. Interested in what the exotic changes bring. I mostly just like to grind public events and the random encounter on the planets.
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    Your Favorite Twitch "Gamers"

    I don't watch streams often except when I'm working from home. AvoidingThePuddle.. Tekken and other games Summit1G... But he is being a real whiner lately Random pick of games I'm playing like Destiny 2 and Elder Scrolls Online
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    Destiny 2

    I believe without the expansion 305 is the highest you can go. I only play 4 to 6 hours a week so I'm 1 light level away from it. The grind has been fun. Is there a HardOCP clan? My current clan I'm the only one still around.
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    Google Accused in Lawsuit of Excluding White and Asian Men in Hiring

    I am in no way surprised by this behavior..
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    Bestbuy deal on Dell S2716DGR

    It is a great gaming monitor. There is some banding that I can see on a static image and other TN related issues. Nothing bad enough to distract me while gaming though. I came from an IPS 21:9 34 inch 60hz monitor and I'm really happy with this purchase. The Dell monitor is very fluid and feels...
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    NOC software

    You could try using OneNote and having that on one of the screens. This will allow you to update the document and the NOC staff will see the information as it changes. For some time my NOC used OneNote to share information with the service desk incident notification team.
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    3750x L3 Switch configuration Issue(s)

    By sending the text file you proved that packets are being routed from Vlan 63 to Vlan 1. Without an ACL then all unicast IP traffic will make it. Now assume (post #52) that the RF readers and server are using Multicast to communicate you need to do the previous configuration to allow...
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    3750x L3 Switch configuration Issue(s)

    If the devices are using multicast then you will need to turn multicast routing on the switch to allow the device and server to communicate on different Vlans. By default the switch will not route multicast packets to different Vlans. Remove the trunks since you will only need access ports. To...
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    Help with very sporadic network blips, cisco gear

    Check for Spanning-Tree problems on the network. It sounds like Spanning-Tree is converging causing the ports to go through the process (Blocking, Listening, Learning, Forwarding). Configure ports that do not point to the root bridge with root guard to prevent superior BPDUs from causing...
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    CCIE - anyone else working on their Certs?

    Will take CCIE written late this year or Jan of next with plans to complete the lab in 2015. I'm working on my Masters as well so I'm pretty busy. My work does not expect a CCIE or want a person to obtain it. I don't see myself being there much into next year.
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    CCENT Help - RIPv2 Routing

    Simple explanation: RIP summarizes routes by default. R1 never knew how to get to subnets or R1 saw those as the same network Imagine a giant cloud encompassing TopSwitch and BottomSwitch. That was R1s view of the network. Now you are going to...
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    CCENT Help - RIPv2 Routing

    I hate to be cryptic, but I really want you to figure this out. Try the command "show ip rip database". This will lead you in the right direction.
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    CCENT Help - RIPv2 Routing

    On the Cisco site there are guides on just about anything. Here is one for RIP.
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    Job Listing Cert Questions

    The desired certifications/skills is not weird for a defense contracting job. The company is dreaming and does not want a CISSP to apply for the job. They couldn't afford one and would rather hire someone with 0-2 years experience and pay them pennies hoping they stick around for 5 years. During...
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    Madden NFL 13 Sells 900k in 24 Hours

    Fair warning the last Madden I purchased was 2008 on the PS2. I played the demo and thought that the game was pretty good. The new tackling mechanics looked nice. I didn't purchase it though. I prefer NCAA football and got that for $40 on Newegg.
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    Need QOS assistance with a Alcatel Lucent 6850

    Have you looked into the documentation for this device? I feel really sorry for you. I have worked with these devices and they have their quirks. Look at the Network Configuration guide. Chapter 31 is where QoS starts. I will see what I can come up with for you...
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    Any Dell Switch Experts?

    Give this a try. I made this config thinking the Zyxel is just a firewall/DHCP server and not doing routing for the network. Set the default-gateway of workstations on the Vlans to the Layer3 Vlan IP setup on the 6224. Keep the IP of the Zyxel and change the subnet mask to a /30. Otherwise...
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    Any Dell Switch Experts?

    Do you want the subnets routed by the Zyxel or by the 6224?
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Currently your MF is out of my league. I'm working on getting MF with my gear.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    My Barb. Feel that it should last me a while and I only farm act1 anyway. Still working on the rest of my armor. Anyone want to MF act1 tonight? I should be on a while. Just add pizzahut4lif#1685. I really need more people who play regularly.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    Well this conversation has really gone off what do you all think of this item I found farming with no MF gear swap?
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I don't believe item swapping is a major issue. I think people are frustrated that there are macros that switch all of your items within a second for the last hit. I manually right clicked when I was switching to MF gear and died a few times which slowed my farm. I offered a suggestion because I...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I dissagree with any of those options they have suggested for item swapping. My suggestion is that you can only change your items quickly when in town just like skills. If you are in hostile territory then there should be a delay of 3-5 seconds between swapping any items. The first item swapped...
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    I need this videocard so I have an excuse to get a bigger monitor, computer case, and power supply.
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    Watching live stream of games?

    I watch a lot of Street Fighter streams. Then I attempt the combos on the AI or training dummy since I can't do anything against real humans.
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    HEAT.NET - Were you there, do you remember? Post up!

    I remember playing Q2 a long time ago. That was great stuff. Too drunk to type so good night.
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    Battlefield 3 - Post your soldier statistics

    I guess if you are really worried... I've been there, done that. Maybe you don't get it. It's just a game.
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    Battlefield 3 - Post your soldier statistics

    WTF are you talking about Ruoh?
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    BF3 squad setup for X360.

    Not missing anything. They posted a how to on the battlelog. It is a great how to though... /sarcasm/ Create the squad. Go to server browser and find a server that is a very low population. Join game. Unfortunately, it doesn't work all of the time either.
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    Can anyone else NOT log into battlelog?

    I saw a post on the EA forums. This worked for me, although I'm on the Xbox. Go to website and login. Then click your EA ID as your default account if you have multiple accounts. Mine has my Xbox live account and the EA ID account listed as possible default accounts. Go to the...
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    cisco 1841 help

    Copy and paste that into putty.
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    Anyone Download Bulletstorm Demo off of XBL

    I downloaded and played it. Was fun but I got a little headache and stomach sickness from it. Just like all Unreal Engine 3 games. Maybe I will play it on PC if I can change the FOV.
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    PSA: Get Ready for the Steam sales

    LFD2 for $5 please.