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    Want help finding a good 32" screen.

    I am going to be getting rid of a 8 year old 720p heavy ass Visio. I want to get a new LED 32" with 1080p 16:9 screen. This is going to be for both plugging in my PS4 and primary monitor for my PC. I want to this route to create more desk space and increase my screen real-estate. Current...
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    USB bluetooth dongle on a PS4?

    I am trying to get a bluetooth headset to work on the PS4. I know Sony decided to encrypt the bluetooth this time around and normal unlicensed things will not work. I had some guy at work tell me that I could get a dongle and plug it into the PS4 and get it to work that way but I haven't seen...
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    Problems with ENB with new system

    I have recently built a new gaming machine. Specs are as follows. Haswell i7-4770 Gigabyte Z87 1150 mobo 16 gig of ram Gigabyte GTX 660 2gig Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit with all updates completed. System runs very smooth and quiet. I just installed Farcry3 and it is playing full graphics...
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    Router causing no Windows Updates?

    I took windows updates for granted but I have been noticing a couple problems so that was an area I decided to try and noticed none of my computers are getting windows updates since August 2nd. I have a windows phones also and it will not process an update through my local wireless. So I am...
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    Arcade racers?

    Last good arcade racer that I played was Midnight Club LA on the 360. I really enjoy these types. Don't get me wrong I like games like Forza but I enjoy arcade styles a little more due to not having to think much into it. Has there been any in the last year that I have overlooked? I have not...
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    WP8 & Win7

    I am thinking of picking up a Windows Phone 8 and I have Windows 7 at the house. Will I run into any problems? Does Windows 7 work with this Skydrive software or is it a windows 8 exclusive? I am not upgrading my computers to windows 8 so this is the last question I have before I make my...
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    620 x4 vs 965?

    What kind of benefits would I see by upgrading from my 620 denub OC@3.2 to a 965 AM3 chip? I am mostly playing with a heavily modified Skyrim. I am currently running a slim ENB setting with no loss of frames. I would like to run a higher ENB though. I have done a bunch of tweaks like changing...
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    First OC since early 2000's have questions

    I have decided I want to delve into OC my system a bit. I am going to order a new Zalman HSF in the next couple days and wanted to wrap my head around some settings. Here is my current setup. Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P AM3 AMD770 CPU Socket Type AM3 FSB 5200 MT/s MEMORY Capacity...
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    ATI series dilemma

    I am trying to wrap my head around something. I currently have a 5870 in my main machine right now that I picked awhile ago. I was thinking of picking up something like a 7850 2gig due to reading some articles on tomshardware. I decided to do some comparisons on AMD's website. Other than the...
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    Mounting bracket on glass

    Is mounting an adjustable monitor arm an easy chore on a glass computer desk? Should I make some pads for it? I want to get the monitor closer to me and an arm would do the trick. Thinking if I use some wood to protect the glass it should be OK.
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    Steam running high on mem

    Anyone know why Steam will craw up to around 200meg of memory when it isn't suppose to be doing anything? Granted, all I have to do is open the store or something then close it and it goes back to normal but I shouldn't have to do this. Anyone else run into this kind of problem or even...
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    BluRay Win7MC Remote question

    I have a Gyration remote that I use for pretty much everything to control the computer from the couch. The only thing I have not gotten it work with is with Blurays playing through MC with the use of PowerDVD12. It only recognizes my keyboard.
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    Sound update?

    I am kind of curious about something and I figured I would post it here. Not sure if my mind is playing tricks on me or not. Has anyone else noticed sound volume increase on Windows7 in the last week or so? Playing DVD's through my media center seems to have gotten louder. My setup has been the...
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    Choice of card

    I am going to make a secondary machine for server and side games and I was trying to choose from one of my old video cards I have laying around. I am kind of a pack rat and still have all of my old video cards along with mobo's and proc's. The choice I was trying to figure out is between the...
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    BSOD issue on XP machines

    I have a situation here at work and I am all out of ideas. This concerns a BSOD on an XP Dell Optiplex 780 that belongs to a domain. I have been doing HDD image creation for a couple years. It is not rocket science but there is some customization involved. Here is the situation. I install...
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    Question on A8 with dual graphics

    I recently re-built my HTPC with an A8 and I am glad I did, I had a few questions though. Before I built this box I bought a discreet 6570 card to limp the old build along. I had no idea what I could do with this card later. Turns out it is one of the cards I can couple with the new build to...
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    Question concerning hardware upgrade/win7

    I was going to ask about if I needed to re-activate or have problems re-activating if I upgrade my mobo/cpu/ram but I did some google searches and found I will most likely have to re-activate. I can understand that from their EULA. The question I have now is the following. Would it be worth my...
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    Any old school Q2 players form the past?

    Not really asking if anyone is still playing quake2 but I had a question about a mod that I used a long time ago. I used to use a sound total conversion for the game that replaced all the stock Quake 2 sounds with sounds from the movie 5th Element. I am a huge packrat when it comes to backing...
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    Looking for a good audio creator

    I used to use what I thought I remembered to be Nero Soundtrax. It was a multi-threaded layout where you could drop loop wavs and other sounds to create a song. I have Sony Vegas Movie studio 9 and it came with Soundforge. This is not as user friendly as the Soundtrax was. Is there another...
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    Question for speaker experts

    I recently found out that my wife's old Technics system had some Bose speaker boxes and I decided to hook them up to the HTPC system via her tuner system. One of the Bose woofers has a small tear in the paper in between the cone and the surround. Does this pose a huge problem or can I use a...
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    HTPC Upgrade questions

    I have been running an HTPC for a couple years now. I have a nice setup for my purposes but I have been noticing things like netflix and other things doing some chunking. I found most of the culprits by looking through the performance logs. Things like my WinTV, my media remote, Media browser...
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    Monitor arm quesiton

    How well do monitor arms work with glass computer desks? I want to get an adjustable arm to bring the monitor closer when gaming or other scenarios. If I just get some rubber to make sure any metal parts touch will this work?
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    Skyrim on Alternate Monitor?

    I am curious about getting this working in my situation. I have noticed some games will allow you to pick which monitor to play on depending on if you have the monitor currently plugged in. I thought Skyrim would allow it since there is a drop down for what looks like which card to use in the...
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    Question on available Memory

    If I am using Windows 7 32 Host OS with 4gig of memory running VMware with a Windows XP client, could I allocate a full 4 gig to the client? The FAQ on the sticky leads me to believe it will use the Host Virtual Memory to make up for it. Does work as I am thinking it will? This is taken from...
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    HTPC Video Card choice

    Which would do better in my Windows XP Media Center HTPC for a video choice? I have 2 cards that are free. ATi x800GT 256mb or a Nvidia 9500GT 512mb card I need to upgrade to one of these 2 so I can get the HDCP out of it for when I get a BDRom to watch bluray's.
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    Question on BD ROM

    My dvd player in my htpc is pretty much dead now. I was thinking of just picking up a bd-rom. Is there anything other than a decoder issue that I will need to pick up in order to play blu-rays thru media center xp? Was thinking of picking up one of the Samsung BD ROMs from newegg. Liteon's are...
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    Difficulty levels in fighting games

    Is it me or is Capcom making the difficulty levels in fighting games like Tekken and Soul Calibur harder than they used to be? SCIV I dont have much of a problem getting thru arcade mode without loosing to the point where I have to use Continue. The apprentice is still a major pain the ass...
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    WWI or II FPS name?

    I am trying to think of a game me and a friend used to play bitd. I almost want to say it was MoH but 2002 sounds a bit too current from when I thought I was playing it. What are the names of all the WW style FPS's. I remember running thru kind of urban environments around broken up European...
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    HTPC upgrade question

    I recently updated my gaming computer so I was going to take the dual core 4800+ and OCZ platinum ram and install it into my 3400+ onboard ATI video motherboard. Question mostly I am wondering is would it be worth taking my old gtx7800+ and putting it into that instead of using the onboard. I...
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    office 2007 GP question

    Anyone know of a way to have outlook's exchange server name specifically entered for any user that newly configures there outlook for the first time? I am in a situation where I am on a separate domain from the exchange server but it is in the dns search list. We use a friendly name if things...
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    Windows 7 MC

    Win7 continues to amaze me. I was playing around with media center and the extender for my xbox and my xbox can now play all my xvid avi's along with divx and quicktime movies. My xp media center htpc can not do that thru my xbox. I can even stream my netflix thru media center now. Looks like...
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    CD/DVD burning choices in win7

    If you had to choose from either Roxio or Nero for windows 7 64b which would you choose? If you have any other options I dont know of post it so I can have more choices. I used nero 6 when I was using xp so I like nero but I know there is some good things in Roxio so I wanted some outside...
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    windows 7 permissions helpful links?

    Anyone have any good links on changing permissions options and such? I am unable to run an msi file since it says I need admin permissions when I am one and everywhere I look I am part of the administrators group but it still doenst allow some things. I also have an external drive that according...
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    GA-MA770T-UD3P sound question

    I just ordered my new Mobo, proc and ram. I am upgrading my existing computer for a win7 build. Only thing I am bringing over from my old computer is HDD's, dvd-rom, PS and video card. I have a creative xtreme music sound card and was curious if I need to bring it over. Is the onboard sound on...
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    Small upgrade parts decision

    I would like to upgrade my current gaming rig. So far I am not having any problems with any of my games. Most graphically intensive is GTA4 and its playing fine. Current build is old. Bought everything brand new top of the line in dec05. Build WAS as follows. Processor - AMD X2 4800+ Ram -...
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    Streaming BD questions

    Does anyone know if any of the newer BD players that have built in netflix/youtube/cinema now streaming capabilities have any ability to stream videos from a PC or HDD in the house? I am wondering because I use an HTPC right now but its not going to be able to handle BD and HD stuff very well...
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    Xp and daylight savings

    Kind of curious why my clock on my computer is changing its time according to European Union time. I have it set to United States and Eastern Standard time. Only reason I knew it is stating EU is because I saw this page. Daylight Savings Anyone know why my clock would be saying this? I even...
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    Funcom's The Secret World

    Just got a beta test invite from funcom for a new MMO they are making. Seems interesting, its set in present time with familiar areas like New York, London, Seoul etc. The page Dark Days are Coming has a test to show which faction you would want to be. I guess I got the email from being playing...
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    PS2 Component games

    Anyone know of a page that gives a list of all component enabled games? Was away from the house and the house I was at had a ps3 with no games and a ps2. So I brought SSX3 with me and forgot how much I loved it. I want to try and finish out all the different char in the campaign mode but I...
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    C++ error at log off

    I am on a domain computer and getting the following error every time I log off or restart the computer. debug assertion failed? program: C:windows/explorer.exe file: dbgheap.c line: 1132 expression: _CrtIsValidHeapPointer(pUserData) visual c++ debug Library. I get 3 buttons when this comes...