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    Mushkin Dual Channel (2x256) pc3500

    Anybody have this? NOT the BLACK version, just Mushkin Level One Dual Pack 184 Pin 512MB(256MBx2) DDR PC-3500. If you have it, can you post your specs? motherboard, ram timings, ram speed, cpu & cpu speed. I'm curious to know how well this ram overclocks.
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    Aquamark3 Showdown!!

    Hey everyone, I'd like to see what is the best score you can possibly score on Aquamark3. I want to include ATi and nVidia cards in it. I would prefer that you use benchmark #1 on aquamark, and leave the settings at default. i'll start off with mine Score: 51,043 CPU: P4 2.4 @ 3.15...
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    i need help!!!

    while putting in some fans and removing them, i sorta jerked the fan (with little force) while taking it out and my computer shut off. after messing around with it, i figured out that my computer won't boot when i have the molex power connector hooked up to my video card. my computer will boot...
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    mushkin or ocz?

    I own an ASUS P4P800 and i'm deciding on 2 different kinds of ram. I got a p4 2.4c coming and i want to overclock. Here is the OCZ Mushkin...
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    Intellimouse randomly shuts off?

    I have a Microsoft 3.0 Intellimouse and it likes to randomly shut off. What i mean by that, the lights shuts off and my windows XP makes that beep noise. The mouse turns off and on repeatedly and sometimes it won't come back on until i unplug the USB and re-connect. I am running the mouse...
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    QDDR3 on FX 5700 ultra?

    I currently own an eVGA GeForce FX 5700 Ultra. After reading a review on the BFG fx 5700 ultra i noticed it says it supports ddr, ddr2, and qddr3. I know my card has ddr2, but i would like to know if i can swap the ram for qddr3. I've never seen it around anywhere and i was wondering where i...
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    Best RAM for ASUS mobos

    Hi I'd like to get everyone's opinion on what the best name brand RAM for an ASUS motherboard. I want to know the best model, size, speed, and best OC'er for an ASUS motherboard. To be specific the ASUS P4P800 865PE chipset. Right now I'm looking at the Kingston pc3500. But I see some that costs...
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    pc3200, pc3500, pc3700

    I have an ASUSP4P800 865PE motherboard coming in soon and i'm trying to decide on what ram i should buy that gets the best performance on this motherboard. The max speed on the motherboard for the ram is rated ddr400. I'm thinking I should get two 256mb sticks of ram for now and get two 512mb...
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    CPU Compatibility question?

    Ok I have ordered an ASUSP4P800 865PE motherboard a few days ago from It is a 478 Socket Motherboard and it says that it also supports Celeron. Which confuses me because it's a 478 socket and Celeron's are 370? I don't know if I completely trust their specs on the motherboard. So...