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    Looking for a 5ghz WAP

    Just moved into a new apartment and my Belkin router isn't cutting it to get wireless to the other end of the apartment. Looked via my phone and it seems 2.4 ghz is oversaturated in my building, so looking to go 5ghz. I was thinking it'd be easier to just add a new WAP than an entire new...
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    Windows 8.1 turns on after hibernation

    Hi guys, Here's an odd one. Since upgrading from 8 to 8.1, my system will turn itself on after going into hibernation for 1-2 minutes. I've tried disabling peripheral devices from being to wake up the computer but it doesn't seem to be fixing it. Anyone else have this happen?
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    Cost-effective way to get Plex onto TV?

    I started using Plex a little while ago and love it. My only issue is, I don't want to be using my gaming rig to simply stream videos. So what currently is the best way to get Plex on my TV? I've seen those android sticks, but I've heard of a lot of stability issues as well. What do you all...
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    2x1 Monitor Stand

    Hi guys, I recently moved into a new place and bought a new desk. Unfortunately, it's not quite wide enough to fit 2 monitors + speakers nicely, so I was wondering about a 2x1 monitor stand that would work with a glass desk. Basically, I want my main 24'' monitor to be below, and the...
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    New Nokia Lumia 800 - Ends 7/12 @ 11:55 PDT $350

    Just listed a brand new, still sealed Nokia Lumia 800 (black) $350 starting bid, $399 BIN. Thanks for looking
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    Switching between 2 monitor setups?

    Hi, I recently setup my computer with my two main monitors and a TV via HDMI. I'm running 2x460's in SLI. My question is, there must be an easier way to select which 2 monitors I want to use than opening up nvidia control panel and checking off which two I want each and every time. Any...
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    No video from second DVI port?

    Hi all, I just got a second monitor. I've used two before (A TV and a monitor) both connected via DVI. The issue I'm having now is that one of my DVI ports doesn't seem to want to display a valid signal, despite it having done so in the past. Whenever I plug either monitor into it, the...
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    GTX 460 SLI

    Hi all, Setup SLI yesterday and after fiddling around it's running pretty good, besides a little stuttering (most of which was fixed by reseating the bridge). I did notice one strange thing; The primary GPU (the one that shows first in GPUz) is the bottom card. My monitor is connected to...
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    Entertainment display?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a relatively cheap (<$200) 23/24' monitor for bedtime TV(from HTPC)/PS3 use. I'm looking for something with uniform light (little backlight bleed) and good contrast. If you think I'd be better of with a TV, I'd like those recommendations too. Thanks, ~Rock
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    Sub upgrade advice...

    Hey all, Recently I've had the urge to upgrade my sub somehow. I currently have a Dayton Sub 80. I recently have noticed just how muddy it sounds. I did some looking and noticed quite a few people have upgraded the woofer to a Tang Band W8-740P...
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    Dayton DTA-1 Crackling/hissing?

    Hi all, Just got a Dayton DTA-1 and a set of B652's. I seem to get a crackling/hissing sound when i don't have anything playing. Is this a wire issue, a malfunction, or just a defect? Thanks, ~Rock
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    X-fi configuration for headphones and speakers

    Hi all, I've been using headphones with my x-fi card on it's 2.1 speaker setting, with the modified thx.ini file to make the angle 89*/89*. I'm gonna be getting a stereo system next week, and want to use the x-fi for that as well. Would my angle mod have a noticeable affect on the speakers...