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    Windows 64bit Edition and SATA

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    File Server Remote Access Rec

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    Recommended PCI Wireless Adapter

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    Exos-1 Problem, need suggestions!

    I am having some trouble with my exos-1. I spent the better part of the evening cleaning my exos but when I reassembled the unit, the user interface on the front no longer works. The green power led is lit up but the fans are not spinning. The pump is running however. I am very worried...
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    Serial Communications?

    So I am trying to get this serial device I have to communicate through a serial->usb adapter to my mac. Drivers are installed, everything is ready to go. Problem is I don't know how to get a terminal to connect to my serial device. I know in windows I can use hyperterminal, set the...
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    Mac Media Programs

    Alright so I'm very excited to say I just picked up my apple system a wonderful powerbook. I'm having the incredible experience of sitting out on my patio listening to music streaming off of my NAS in the other room. While this all may not seem like much, this is freakin nuts to me! Anyhow...
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    Raid5 Cooling

    I have a 5 disk raid 5 array and I have had the second disk failure in about 3 weeks. This would lead me to believe it is a cooling issue. Does anybody have proven suggestions on hard disk cooling. These drives are always on and noise isn't a big issue. I don't care about flashy blue...
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    Raid 5 Array Restoring...Safe to Use?

    So after a drive failure in my new 1.2Tb raid5 array I left the whole system off until my replacement arrived out of fear of a second drive failing. But now the second drive has arrived and the array is restoring itself to full functionality. The downside...its going to take the next 20+ hours...
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    TriColor LED Problem

    So I picked up a very nice tricolor led from I can't seem to get it wired properly and was hoping somebody could point out my stupidity. Here is a datasheet for the led: I picked up one of the common...
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    Carbon Fiber Material for Robot!

    I am working on a bit of a robotics project currently but figured you guys would be good to ask. I need 2 small 3"x4"x~.125" carbon fiber panels. I also need over 12" of 90degree angle. The 90degree angle piece needs 1" or 2" on the two sides and roughly the same thickness (.125") as above...
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    Refinishing Beige Case - Restoring that Classic Look

    I came across an old Apple SE a physics professor of mine had lying around her office and I knew I had to have it. The modding potential for such a thing was just to great to leave it sitting there unused. Anyhow she agreed to part ways with it. It's Beige exterior is in need of a little...
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    Music Collection Organizational Program?

    Alright so I'm looking for a recommendation on a lightweight, fast music management program with all the normal features. I have a iTunesesqe arranged mp3 collection and need a good way to manage all these files. I could use iTunes but...ya I know there are a number of progs out there that...
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    Audio Interpreter output to Parallel port

    I was wondering if anybody has heard of anything like this before. I am interested in tapping into the output of my audio driver, interpreting that in a program and then outputting a representation of that to my parallel port which will have a bunch of led's connected. Basically I want to...
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    Interest Check: 5Disk RAID 5 SFF Computer

    I am trying to judge how interested the [H] community is regarding a system I am considering to begin building and selling The RAID 5 SFF File Server will start at a base price of approx $1900. For this you will recieve all the parts mentioned below as well as a SATA hotswap bay (5...
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    File Server Remote Access Rec

    I am running a windows xp file server that runs eXeem, a bittorrent client, and an ftp server. My objective is a way of managing all of these services remotely without the use of VNC which tends to eat up resources like no other. I am currently using ABC as my bittorrent client. It is ok...
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    Steam Crashes w/ latest patches

    Yes another steam crashes thread...A64 3200+, abit k8v pro, corsair xms3200c2, gigabyte 9700 I have latest 4in1 drivers, 4.12 catalysts, cant think of anything else. Any ideas?
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    P4 Heatsink under 46mm (Oh boy)

    So this is the case im working with, I have a clearance issue, my best estimate from the base of the socket as you can see in the pic is 51mm, I roughly estimate with the thickness of the cpu included that I have 46mm or so to really work with safely (ie not cutting it to close). This happens...
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    Custom Mobo Mount Rear Panel

    So I just finished putting together a custom motherboard mount for my case. The back of the case poses an issue: This is a totally non standard setup, the mobo did not come with a rear panel as they usually do. I am hoping to piece together a custom rear panel that looks pretty good. I...
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    Project pDat (uDat clone!)

    After being inspired by mashie's Project uDat, I decided I had to make my own version! I started with many of the same parts as mashie and here is a log of my work so far! Objectives: -Small form factor -Gigabytes a plenty -Sleek appearance Status: Mods...
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    Ideal Pentium M Passive Sink

    Im looking for a low profile passive heatsink for a 1.8Ghz Pentium M. Its gonna be in a sff box that needs to be very quiet. I would like to avoid a fan however I understand that might not be possible. Anybody heard of anything that works? These .9nm M's are pretty cool runners so I'm...
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    Mini-ITX board for File Server

    Im putting together a Mini-ITX box and I am looking for a good mobo with a few particular features: 1) PCI-E 2) Gigabit Ethernet (More than one Ethernet jack preferable) Some may question why I need the PCI-E, I plan to connect a Raidcore 4852 SATA controller to this board which is a...
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    Halflife 2 SDK, How-to Guide?

    Im looking around for a recommended SDK howto guide. I am interested in figuring out some basic operations in the program yet have been having trouble. Thanks!
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    Headset Thread

    Just picked up some Planetronics .90's. I am very impressed with the audio quality and especially the mic. It filters out everythinng but my voice very nice. A+
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    WoW Character & Server List

    I think this thread should be stickied, post your WoW Character and Server so we can meet up. Post in this format: Name, Race/Class, Server Dalarana, Nightelf Hunter, Cenarius
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    Cutting Aluminum

    Im looking for some advice on how to cut perfectly straight edges on 1mm aluminum panels. I need to cut a perfectly straight line. Is there a attachment for a dremel that allows this to be performed easily?
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    Recommended PCI Wireless Adapter

    Im looking for a solid PCI wireless adapter. I want to try building some directional WiFi antennas but I dont have a pci card to work with. I know of the offerings from linksys and dlink but I wasn't sure if there was something in particular I should look for.
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    Mechanical Latches?

    Anybody know anything about mechanical latches, where to get them etc... Im looking for one of those latches that allows a door on a hinge to sit flush, then when you push the door down it unlocks and pushes the door up a little. Then to close it back up again you push down and it locks flush...
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    SATA Hotswap Device

    Anybody have any experience with this bad boy: I am considering using it in a mod like mashie's Project uDat . It looks to be a nice piece of equipment but I was wondering if there are any first hand experiences or opinions on these types of things. Note: this is a crosspost
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    SATA Hotswap Devices

    Anybody have any experience with this bad boy: I am considering using it in a mod like mashie's Project uDat . It looks to be a nice piece of equipment but I was wondering if there are any first hand experiences or opinions on these types of things. Note: this is a crosspost
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    Unused WoW Beta Account?

    I was wondering if anybody out there had a unused World of Warcraft beta account. Please pm me if you happen to be such a person!
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    C++ Compiler / Debugger, etc Suite

    I am looking for a free alternative to ms visual c++. I like the gui and would like to try to avoid running gcc for example but gcc would do the job i suppose
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    Ethereal / Cain & Abel / ARP Poisoning

    I have started to play around with ethereal and cain & able and have been blown away by the results. I am currently on a university network with a setup of extreme networks routers. I am normally behind a linksys switch/router so i dont get to see much of the good stuff that goes down on the...
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    Bittorrent Client w/ Web Interface

    I am wondering if anybody is aware of a bittorrent client that has a web interface to add/remove and generally manage downloads. I did notice ABC has something of this sort not but I haven't tried it out yet. Has anybody played with this yet? I was...
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    IRC anyone?

    I was wondering if any of you hardocp folks use irc regularly
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    PRIZE Stuff!

    Hey guys I saw this over at procooling... and it got me thinking. It seems the gmail giveaway was popular. What about occasional hardware giveaways like they are doing over at procooling. Not to the person who folds the...
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    Computer Education Resource

    I was wondering if there are any good sites out there that serve as a resource for teaching about computers from the most basic level. For example explination of the intel chip architecture, history on the development of the early chips (8086, 286 etc). Basic info on operating systems, what...
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    C Program Restart Code

    I am running a linux box and I want to have an executable that restarts a program called wastesrv. Here is the bit of code I have come up that I hope would perform such a function is this remotely correct? Thanks! #include stdio.h int main(){ //kill off running waste process...
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    HardGaming CS:S Server

    HardGaming needs a CS:S server up STAT! This must happen!
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    Insane overheating problems

    Insane overheating problems are driving me nuts, I have all the latest drivers yet my system alarms set at 80deg C go off after 30 minutes or so of gameplay. I HAVE A BLOODY KOOLANCE system to top it off. Nothing is overclocked, voltages are at stock. The only thing i could think of is that...
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    New Site Finished, Testers Please!

    I have finished up putting together a site for distributing WASTE an encrypted file transfer tool around my college campus. Please take a look at the site and tell me what could use fixing up. thanks!