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    4K 60Hz 4:4:4 HDMI 2.0 TV Database

    Anyone own or have experience with the Panasonic TX-43CX740 or CX740? What is the static contrast ratio like, when disabling the dynamic backlight? Does 4:4:4 at 60 Hz work as intended?
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    Eizo CG246 Teaser ;-)

    Why are you bumping a more than one year old thread with this short post? If it was a user review, then ok... but... :confused:
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    Lawyer needs advice about monitor purchase

    I can only recommend option 5 - but for your uses it might be overkill, i.e. offer a lot of features which you'll never need - and again, it's a used monitor, but at $200 a steal if the seller is honest. So one should make sure it doesn't have tons of hours of use, is discolored/tinted etc. It's...
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    are there any IPS's with 'real' blacks and none of that 'IPS glow'?

    @Namelessme Hmm, well, if the monitor can be set to a lower brightness level than the 2490 (which can't be set very low compared to most monitors) then the black levels will be better/lower. The "good" thing is that CCFLs lose brightness over time. The contrast ratio ought to be...
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    are there any IPS's with 'real' blacks and none of that 'IPS glow'?

    I've owned both the S-PVA S2243W Eizo (22" WUXGA) and the Nec 2490. While PVA is (was) endorsed for it's lower black levels, it didn't appear "uniform" in real life because of the narrrower viewing angles when sitting right in front of it. Result = in real life not observable better blacks...
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    Retina display - how good is it and how does it compare?

    I think he means for the PC monitor segment :) Yes, but only because LG/Samsung can produce the panels with a now pretty matured LCD technology with high yields, and because Apple choose to place very large orders. But I agree, as another consumer, it also means a great deal to me that they...
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    Retina display - how good is it and how does it compare?

    Apple don't communicate with consumers either - or ?. They are brilliant at thinking out-of-the box and come up with new brilliant ideas or features the users didn't think they needed, but (as sales results show) do appreciate. In the display industry, Apple has done very little. They have...
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    It's time: a new monitor.

    I can view all transitions of the animation on just fine on a <sRGB gamut, 6 bit DD-IPS based laptop display made in 2004, based on a design from 2001. So, as the result of tweaking also shows, something is/was wrong with the Dell. Not that it...
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    LCD2490WUXi calibrated?

    The DTP94 is not discontinued, but it is only sold as OEM now (for some reason). Are you in Europe? If yes, then you can also consider the Quato DTP94 bundled with iColor Display 3. The iColor Display 3 is actualy quite an excellent and easy to understand calibration application for generating...
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    My LG DM2792D review! 27 IPS inch Glass monitor!

    Hmm, if it is that easy, then it seems to be just a protective film applied in order to prevent scratches ocurring during shipment and packaging/unpackaging the monitor. Those thin, protective films are normally supposed to be removed. Does the manual state anything regading this? :)
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    Image retention - nec 2490 -- is this normal?

    Did the seller indicate anything regarding what the monitor was used for? If the first 2490 had a defect in the same location with the same shape, it sounds like someone using it for work, and never turning it off after leaving from work. If it is indeed just retention and not permanent burn-in...
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    Image retention - nec 2490 -- is this normal?

    I'm late as usual. Just tested main page for 10 mins, and then going to main page. I don't see anything out of the ordinary, i.e. no hint of image retention. Mine has around 2.6k hours of usage. Is overdrive enabled in the advancd menu? Really old IPS generations (DD-IPS)...
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    Any HardMEMBER with u2711 successfully remove the AG coating

    50/50 ? Considering unprotected polarizers are not immune towards many humidity and temperature cycles - let alone cleaning off dust, it's a 100% failure with time. But if you can control all three parameters, you're safe. But remember that glossy monitors have a clear coat treatment of the...
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    Which 24" IPS 1920x1200 with AG-coating <$400?

    Regarding flicker: CCFLs (or the phosphors) glow a long time (a few ms) after they have been turned off - the same principle in why CRTs shows an image and not just what appears to be dots with tails - even though decay time differs between phosphorous compositions. LEDs are comparatively...
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    What solutions have worked for LCD image persistence?

    For IPS/VA: Use a pure white image, since the default/off-state of IPS/VA panels is to block light. For TN: Black image, since the off-state is non-blocking. Maybe even periodically flash between black and white to exercise the crystals, so that they "forget" their previous state.
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    Samsung S27B970

    Well, that's completely irrelevant. Claiming that a monitor is factory calibrated and enclosing fake proof of calibration is fraud. It's impressive that Samsung cannot even be bothered at a $1200 price point, if this is really true. With a clear, and very distinct tint problem as shown in...
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    IPS vs PVA/VA and LED backlighting

    Which store has such a low amount of ambient lighting to make one able to judge any kind of black level? In normal office lighting the black level of neither IPS or VA would be detectable (not even close).
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    NEC 2490WUXi - The Full Story

    Forceman, In Europe, basiCColor is "licensed" by NEC to perform hardware calibration in NEC displays (SVII is not for sale in Europe). No other software suites than these can utilize the monitor's LUT. Swame Sp, I think a calibrator would be a good idea (for both displays). Not too fond of...
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    ATW polarizer monitors

    If you want monitors with larger gamuts than sRGB and A-TW, a few options still exist: LG W2420R HP LP2480ZX Quato IP240-EX i believe all are still in production, but I may be wrong. For A-TW and sRGB: None.
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    NEC 2490WUXi - The Full Story

    Namelessme said it very well, actually. You could always try resetting the monitor, in case the previous owner has done something incorrectly. After it's been reset (menu -> press reset and confirm buttons), set brightness to a very low percentage, contrast to 50% and black level to 50 %. Set...
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    Achieva Shimian QH270| $400 IPS 2560x1440 Korean Monitor

    The panel grading is only a guaranteed minimum classification. If you place an order at LG etc for a specific grading, it only means that what doesn't meet the minimum grade is discarded. But of course, if another buyer places a large order for the same size panel, but at a higher grade, you'd...
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    Dell U2312HM--Manufacturing defect or not? Need advice

    Judging from your last three images, it's a little bit of backlight bleed, while most of it is "glow". An LCD panel basically consists of a backlight, two sheets of polarizers (back + front) and the LCD matrix sandwiched between the polarizers. The angle that the two polarizers are rotated...
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    Monitor Rec. Off-axis viewing?

    That's why I didn't buy an IPS monitor without the polarizer back in the days. Even my old DD-IPS laptop screen had better viewing angles than the S2243W, so I knew that if this was the "level" Samsung and LG were competing at.... it was either CRT or IPS with ATW-polarizer. Kind of frustrating...
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    Monitor Rec. Off-axis viewing?

    17" and 19" LCDs are actually 5:4 (for some reason). If you want to avoid as much of white glow as even possible, a used LCD2490WUXi can be obtained within your budget. I would never consider an A-MVA as a replacement for a CRT, when it supposedly has more gamma shift than S-PVA (which I found...
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    My Xrite DTP94 colorimeter birthday...

    Hi :) The DTP94 lasts longer than what's otherwise on the market due to it's filter construction - the newly released EyeOne Display 3 Pro is also in the same ballpark. So after a year, I wouldn't worry at all. But if you left it pointing upwards towards the sun for two weeks (i.e. stored it...
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    Best (cheap) calibration tool for a NEC 2190Uxp (pva)?

    Very sorry for the lack of a reply. I see that you've got more serious issues with this monitor (from your other thread). Frankly, i don't know what could be wrong. The amount of colorcomp (and loss of brightness) can be controlled in the advanced menu. Default is 3, but if it is one of the...
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    Best (cheap) calibration tool for a NEC 2190Uxp (pva)?

    The monitor if of the same generation as LCD2090UXI, 2190UXi, 2490,2690WUXi and 3090WQXi, and they all share nearly (if not) identical OSDs. The SVII software is a separate purchase, and optionally comes included with a very good calibration sensor (better than a Spyder 3). A Spyder 3 is...
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    U2410: Grey gradients have pinkish stripes after calibration.

    If the multiple calibration attempts (at slightly different location on the monitor) results in the same problem, I'd probably suspect the calibration unit - or the correction matrix applied to it. Is it possible to try out calibration with another wide gamut monitor? Not necessarily an U2410...
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    Dell U2412M issue

    When this happens, are you by any chance also playing back a movie in another application, or viewing something on e.g. youtube?
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    uneven brightness, display dark on the left side (Lenovo L2461x)

    Well, it would be near impossible to replace the LEDs. Obtaining the correct parts is probably impossible. Disassembling the panel is most likely also hard - some are impossible to re-assemble. It is also more likely that it is the LED driver that doesn't work rather than the LEDs. Replacing one...
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    uneven brightness, display dark on the left side (Lenovo L2461x)

    Hm, It seems as if only one of the LED strips are powered on, i.e. the two strips are installed at the bottom with their own dedicated driver. Has it always behaved like this - also with the original adapter? If the output voltage and current ratings are the same, it would be no problem to just...
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    Internal XGA zu VGA

    Are you really sure you want to do this? I mean, after all, many laptop displays, including this one, has a contrast of about 200:1, a low color gamut and more narrow viewing angles than budget desktop displays. Just a thought. Laptop LCDs were (and most are still) equipped with only an LVDS...
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    List of Monitors with A-TW Filter?

    26.2% (default I think). Also: Brightness: 0%, Contrast: 50%, Black Level: 50%. If using devices with a limited RGB range (such as 16-235 for TV signals), black level is set to 44.1% which corresponds to mapping RGB level 16 to level 0. All settings are defined individually for each input port.
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    Cant get my calibration right (NEC 2490 rev1)

    That is a screenshot, right? It doesn't show how the monitor displays the image, since it is just a copy of what the video card sends (basically). The only option would be to use a camera and take a picture of the monitor. The best judge is probably your own eyes. Color tints in...
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    Cant get my calibration right (NEC 2490 rev1)

    You should be able to get a bit more than that. Also when new, the monitor applies panel blocking, if the brightness of white is at ~140 nits or lower. As the monitor ages, the brightness also becomes lower. In order to achieve the lowest black settings, i'd set the monitor in "native" mode...
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    List of Monitors with A-TW Filter?

    The black levels seem to be very similar... since both of the monitors have aged, the black level is in the ball park of 0.13 nits or so when at 0 % brightness. The 2408 has got a little bit of flashlighting from the upper two corners when viewed in darker environments, but I haven't got the...
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    List of Monitors with A-TW Filter?

    It ought to have an amount of usage in the ballpark of what 10e's had. Along with the 2090 (first gen), the WUXIs are one of the best (if not the best) sRGB displays when it comes to functionality coupled with image quality. I'm using a Dell 2408WFP S-PVA at work and it's coating is very...
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    NEC 2490WUXi - The Full Story

    I haven't tested this on a wuxi2, so I can't confirm if it works, but: Go into the Advanced OSM: - When the monitor is off, hold "Input" and press the power button. Hold the input button for 3-4 seconds and release. Press Select. - Use the arrow keys to get to tab E. - Press and hold Up...
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    NEC 2490WUXi - The Full Story

    Xorbe - don't know if it's was natively adopted in the later FFs, but yeah a "Color Management" add-on existed for FF3 and above for a few years. But when developing web content one must still consider the main target. Most laptops, smartphones and tablets aren't even able to display something...
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    NEC 2490WUXi - The Full Story

    For those purposes, I don't see a U2410 being a very logical choice. Unless he's very serious about photos/scans that uses larger color profiles than just sRGB of course... It's native color space would be a bad match for movie watching, and previewing HTML pages (which 99% of the time is...