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    Explained: "Why Do Some OLED's Have Motion Blur?"

    Fair point, but isn't this valid only for scenes rendered without motion blur? A cinema frame does not represent a point sample, it's got a defined frame exposure time. I feel like holding time is valuable/necessary for film albeit maybe not with 100% temporal density. It might be a cool...
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    Discrepancies with input lag measurement

    Point taken! As philm2004 said, it's a shame that it's so hard for a consumer to get reliable numbers for such an important display property. 9 people out of 10 will assume advertised pixel response time is how to compare 'lag' between screens, and it's hard to blame them for doing that...
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    Discrepancies with input lag measurement is the only site that produces reputable numbers on input lag. If TFTCentral or Anand says one number and Prad says something else, trust Prad. They've established their reputation here with unrivaled depth. Prad's input lag numbers are pulled from an oscilloscope setup, completely...
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    EVGA 670 FTW - Any recent issues?

    The price difference isn't so significant in this country, only 40 USD at the time of purchase. Normally I'd go with a card closer to reference, but a combination of the 680+ clocks and apparent better reliability of the FTW over EVGA's base card ended up pushing me over.
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    EVGA 670 FTW - Any recent issues?

    Got it installed last night and everything seems to be working great! It's a shame to see low utilization in CPU-bound scenarios but it is breathtaking when it gets to stretch its legs. It's going to be fun revisiting some of the graphically intense games from the past couple years with a...
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    EVGA 670 FTW - Any recent issues?

    Thanks for all the comments, I'm looking forward to it! To those of you talking about not wanting to exceed 70C on the core due to throttling, do you mean that the clock drops from one of the boost states at this temp or are things dropping down below the base clock?
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    EVGA 670 FTW - Any recent issues?

    Just finished placing the order! It's a shame the price has stayed so consistently high, but then NVIDIA has every right to charge what people will pay for it... they made the better product this round. As a furious, foaming-at-the-mouth ATI fanboy for ten years, this marks my first trek...
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    EVGA 670 FTW - Any recent issues?

    Scary video! :eek: Glad to hear it's quiet, and 75 C sounds alright to me, that is cooler than the HD 4890 I've run for the past few years. I'm also assuming quiet here means no coil whine, which is a plus.
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    EVGA 670 FTW - Any recent issues?

    Looking to bite the bullet on an EVGA 670 FTW 2GB... have you guys had any issues with these recently, like the flickering or red screens I've read about in the past? I'm mostly curious about reliability and coil whine. Also for the two game coupon promotions currently running (Borderlands 2...
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    Connecticut - Trade in Violent Games/Media for $25

    Let's burn the books while we're at it! Oh wait...
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    Has Treyarch surpassed Infinity Ward? What Infinity Ward should do next... WW2.

    Don't forget that the IW of today is not the same IW responsible for CoD1, CoD2, MW1, and MW2. Very different beasts given the mass exodus of staff after MW2.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    For you guys out there with Galants, particularly with A-legs, how does it handle a steering wheel? Is there any significant wobble and is the table massive enough to hold its own against strong inputs and force feedback? Also, how is the finish on the chrome plated legs? Worth getting?
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    Please Don't Laugh at This Question

    The two main points of consideration are 4:4:4 chroma subsampling and input lag. You will notice half chroma resolution during desktop use and there basically isn't an HDTV out there with less than a frame of lag. Probably room for potential levels problems (16-235 vs 0-255) somewhere in there...
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    FOV: Best Method of Calculation?

    WSGF's bullishness on hor+ can be a bit behind the times these days. 8+ years ago, it used to be that default fovs were all set with 4:3 in mind, and those games deemed hor+ were ones that would maintain vertical fov as the user changed from 4:3 to a widescreen resolution, hence an appropriate...
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    FOV: Best Method of Calculation?

    Sure, set 90° in games specifying horizontal and 58.7° for those using vertical. In the case of those weird examples [QuakeLive, all Call of Duty titles, Oblivion, Doom 3], set 73.7°. This is all assuming 16:9 on your monitor, of course.
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    FOV: Best Method of Calculation?

    FoV is a subjective thing... The only "correct" fov we can talk about is the one matching the angle formed between your head and the edges of your screen: you get no distortion or fisheye effect at this setting, but it is almost universally too low to be practical in games. So we set it at...
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    U2311H vs U2312HM vs U2412M vs other

    When it comes to input lag and pixel response, should be your reference point. Their measurement methods are far more advanced/superior to what anyone else uses, and they offer not just time estimations for pixel response, but actual response curves so you can objectively compare things...
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    U2311H vs U2312HM vs U2412M vs other

    None of those have input lag as confirmed by Prad, and all have similar pixel response. The 2312 may be thought of as a 2311 with LED backlighting instead of CCFL. The 2412 is 16:10 giving it more area for desktop use, but it's a less friendly aspect ratio for games and video, as well as being...
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    Question about 16:10 vs 16:9 when increasing FOV

    Basically, this is because the in-game fovs are far higher than your seating position relative to the screen would dictate as 'correct'. Whether you play at 70 or 120, the distortion will still be there, but the severity is proportional to how big the gap is. It is impractical to play games...
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    LCD can be better than OLED in motion blur. (actual test)

    You make a good point with these things being configurable. Like a lot of things, having that flexibility is probably the best solution, and something that OLEDs will make possible given the right control circuitry.
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    LCD can be better than OLED in motion blur. (actual test)

    This is always going to be a compromise I think... For gaming and movies, there is merit to reducing how long each frame is shown for, but for general desktop use and eye comfort, continuous will always win. There are people today who shy away from purchasing certain LCDs because of low PWM...
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    Black frames/Scanning Backlight + 120Hz for less motion blur? (240Hz/480Hz/960Hz)

    I think the proliferation of OLEDs will eventually give you what you want, as they have response times measured in μs instead of ms. In this scenario, you would still be bandwidth-limited when it comes to the scanning time unless you wanted to add latency and do it with a scanning...
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    Custom Steam screenshots question

    You beat me to the punch with the side-cropping solution you found... :p In my experience, the aspect ratio of screenshots is stored somewhere separate to the images themselves, so if you want to change a shot, you must maintain the original aspect. You can change the resolution, however.
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    Any suggestions for pure skill games?

    While everything takes some amount of skill, there are differences in how much games hinge on that amount. If you throw someone into a 1v1 match of Quake 3 against a seasoned pro, they are going to lose 0 and 30 (for example) every match due to the nature of the game. Change the game to COD...
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    Any suggestions for pure skill games?

    Quakeworld and Quake 3 for FPS... Unfortunately in a lot of racing games, you will be beaten on technicality a lot unless you are exceptionally good at refining setups (and throwing reality out the window, usually).
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    What happened to per pixel bullet placement?

    I would put it down to a combination of 1) There are probably better/more important subsystems to invest time into during development. 2) Gaming as a self-censoring industry and the ESRB (and other ratings boards). Publishers can't risk receiving an AO rating. I, too, miss the detail that...
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    Flight Sim?

    DCS Black Shark and A-10C.
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    Whatever happened to gritty, hard, dirty realism?

    Push it too far and you risk your game getting an AO [or equivalent] rating, which basically means it won't make any money due to nobody wanting to sell it. I, too, lament at the fact that SOF2, released in 2002, is basically as far as detailed gore/dismemberment ever got.
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    WASD: Why???

    Because of the arm spacing and comfort, but more in general, I think it's most common because Half-Life had them on default, and a lot of people played that + CS.
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    What games have you stopped playing because of severe bugs?

    Fallout 3 on PC. Waste of money. I feel like stuttering is one of those issues that a lot of people can be naive to, sort of like input lag. I can't think of how many "works fine for me"s I've heard from PC gamers over the years :(
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    Own a 2007WFP looking for replacement

    There is the U2212HM which looks to be a 21.5" version of the 2312, but I haven't read any reviews on it. Prad's review comes out on April 2nd.
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    Own a 2007WFP looking for replacement

    Maybe a Dell U2312HM? 23" eIPS, W-LED backlit, 1920x1080, and no input lag. Can be had for about $240 when it goes on sale.
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    360 Output resolution question

    Output resolution doesn't affect performance at all. Set it to whatever you want, 1080p in this case, because the Xbox's scalar is probably better quality than that of the TV. Unlike PC games, consoles render at a specific resolution regardless of what the output res is set to, with just a few...
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    Playseat G27 and Panasonic 37in Led all hooked up! Consoles almost All out too!

    Maybe give iRacing a shot? IMO the best quality simulation out there, but with an annoyingly high cost.
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    DLCs:Worth it?

    My typical stance is that sometimes the DLC is truly worth playing (more content from great developers in strong franchises), but almost always costs more than it should. DLC isn't about adding additional content so much as it is fragmenting an original concept and releasing it over time in...
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    OnLive..........Who has it??

    100% agree with what Sycraft said, and mainly I hope it fails to gain traction so as to not promote complacency with latency in gaming. I respect that there is a market for this sort of thing, but the thought of it being the future model of gaming in general isn't a comforting one. A more...
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    Serious Sam 2 is finally on Steam

    I remember being horribly disappointed with 2's upbeat/cartoon/childish mood, and glad to see Croteam return to form with 3.
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    Have a stock 5870 HSF you want to sell?

    I picked up a replacement fan off ebay for my 4890—it's the exact model used in the reference 5870 cooler and was $15, IIRC. Easy to install and works great, though took a couple of weeks to show up. edit: found it
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    G400 angle snapping removed.

    Basically it looks for near-horizontal and near-vertical trajectories and snaps them to perfectly horizontal and perfectly vertical. AKA trying to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place.
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    Quake 3

    Works exactly the same way in Quake 2, Doom 3, Quake 4, and even Rage, though Rage struggles a bit with the queuing of successive jump presses. It's still a crazy concept that you can more than double your speed in two jumps by simply looking in the right directions. Circle jumps (initial...