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    6770 Aftermarket Cooling

    I have an XFX 6770 (the one with the black orb type heatsink). I'm trying to find a decent replacement heatsink for it. I'm not water cooling at this time, so I'm looking for an air cooling solution.
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    Power supply - 90w Enough?

    I'm refitting an ammo can into an atom based HTPC. Mobo includes a 90w brick, and I need to know if it's sufficient: Mobo: ZOTAC IONITX-A-U RAM: 2 Sticks DDR2 Storage: 2.5" SSD for OS and SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB for media Optical: USB slim sata dvd (USB powered) USB...
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    Mountain Mods Owners...I have a question

    For anyone that owns a Mountain Mods case that has a 3 x 5.25 drive cage (pictured below), could you please let me know the dimentions of the front panel (with screw holes)
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    2TB Ammo Can

    Sorry for the double thread post.... mods, please lock. Actual thread:
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    2TB Ammo Can

    Yeah, so I decided to build a 2TB ammo can NAS box. I'm waiting for the hard drive and a custom I/O panel to arrive before I can wrap things up. The top of the ammo can after I cut the 120mm fan port. The lid is quite thick which made cutting it a bitch., I'll definitely consider placing the...
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    Need some advice on hiding a small mistake

    I know it looks rough, but I haven't finished filing the edges down, and the case will be repainted. That's not the issue. It's my first real attempt at a case mod, so I'm expecting a few flub ups. I need some advice on hiding the substandard cut on the right side of the power supply. Right now...
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    Grenade thumb drive

    I picked an inert grenade from an army surplus store in Colorado Springs and on my way home, looked at the microSD reader on my key chain and came up with an idea. Now I just need to get my hands on a microSD card (32gb preferably)
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    Need feedback on this cooling setup

    I'm building a case from scratch and this is the cooling loop that I came up with. Note that the side with the pair of 5870's is the max heat load that I'd likely put on that side. I left out the pumps and reservoirs to simplify the illustration. Yes, it's a dual system case.
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    How much radiator is enough?

    First, a little background on my system: E8500 (dual core 3.16Ghz) 2x Radeon 5770's (will be run at 100% for distributed computing) Will a dual 120mm radiator be sufficient until I can raise the funds to get a triple 120?
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    5770 H20!

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to find a water block for this card. I've seen a full block, but it seems to be sold out everywhere. The GPU cover blocks....well, I can't seem to find difinitive evidence that they will fit. Any advice, guidance, etc will be most appreciated.
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    Need some suggestions

    I'm going to be out of the country for about 6 months or so and will be bringing my meager laptop to keep me entertained. I'm looking for ideas on what games to get my hands on so play on it (already have C&C the first decade) Specs: Presario F572US 1.8ghz dual core 2gb DDR2 80gb HD...
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    Presario F572US - CPU Limits?

    I have a presario F572US with a 1.8ghz TK-53 cpu in it. What I can't seem to figure out is what socket this CPU is, and to what limits can the mobo support. Are there any more battery friendly options? What about performance based options? Basically I'd like to know how far I can take it...
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    Dual Mobo Case?

    Do these things exist? I'd prefer to avoid the hassle of modding if possible.