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    Analysis of Hardware Failures on 1M Consumer PCs

    Orly? Please tell me more about this "overclocking" you speak of.
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    Oracle Employee Named in Singapore Sex-for-Favors Case

    I think you misunderstand. The sex was payment for the government worker "to help further the firm's business interest". It was wanted and willing.
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    +1 for XFX RMA service

    Hey guys. I wanted to relate a good experience with XFX's RMA service since normally people only come post when they're pissed at a company. I have 4+ year-old GTX260 Black Edition that has made its way through 3 systems that recently went unstable on me and started hard crashing my system...
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    Hitachi Deskstar 2TB 7200 RPM SATA II - $109.99 IR + FS

    I still don't consider these HDD prices [H]ot, but this is the lowest price I've seen since before the flood. Use code EMCNENB33 for -$20.00 Linky
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    Lenovo N5902 (Enhanced Multimedia Remote) $35.99 shipped

    I got charged tax in WA as well. Mine shipped though. Currently in Louisville.
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    Xbox 360 refurb Best Buy outlet $149.99

    LOL @ half the reviewers not getting hard drives or controllers. I'll sit this one out.
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    HTPC/Gaming build critique please

    Ok thanks for your help as always Danny. I've ordered the SSD and case and I'll keep an eye out for video card deals.
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    HTPC/Gaming build critique please

    For a little bit. I will probably build an IB/GTX6xx rig later this summer, but I will be very busy the next few months with work. My entertainment requirements for the immediate future are: Play Skyrim, ME3, and Diablo3 on the tv at decently high quality Watch Blu-ray rips and streamed tv...
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    HTPC/Gaming build critique please

    Hey now there's an idea. I briefly considered that, but the Antec 900 is not spouse-approved living room furniture, and I was concerned about the GTX260's ability to play modern games at acceptably high settings. But I guess I don't have to throw the rest of the computer out with the...
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    HTPC/Gaming build critique please

    edit: I HAVE TO RUN OUT OF THE HOUSE REAL QUICK. I'l lbe back later to put down what my current idea for the build is so you can critique it. =p /edit Hi G[H]. I would like to build a HTPC that I can also play Skyrim/ME3 on. My goal is a quiet, cool pc that can still run modern games at...
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    My Build Log (LOTS OF PICS)

    Thanks for the update! What is the verdict on H100 noise level? Mainly I'm concerned with the pump, as I've read that it can sometimes be heard over everything else.
  12. J

    Warm... Crucial M4 128 GB for $141 shipped

    The bare drive version is only $125. oO Linky
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    Corsair valueselect 2x8 DDR3 1333 $85.49 + FS

    Really? I've had an eye out for 2x8GB sticks for a awhile and haven't seen much under $90.
  14. J

    Corsair valueselect 2x8 DDR3 1333 $85.49 + FS 10% off code: CorsairTen Code is valid until 05/02/2012 I think but the RAM itself is on a daily deal.
  15. J

    will you be getting Ivy Bridge?

    yes. Upgrading from an e8400, P45 chipset.
  16. J

    Corsair Force 3 - 240gb SSD - $229.99 - $30 MIR = $199.99

    Another day, another SSD deal. This is a trend I can get behind. :cool:
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    Not sure if [H]ot or Not (Frys SSD MIR deals)

    I'm hesitant to call this a [H]ot deal, mostly because I've read in a few places that Corsair's MIR contractor has been really flaky recently. But it seems like these are pretty good prices (specifically the 180GB Force)... What say you?
  18. J

    Seasonic High Voltage Lucky Draw

    I like to feel the fan wind blowing through my hair.
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    EVGA FTW GTX 560ti 448 edition for $219AR

    This seems like a really good deal... Why isn't it getting more attention? What am I missing?
  20. J

    My Build Log (LOTS OF PICS)

    Please do update once you get the H100 in. I've been curious about how loud it is compared to traditional coolers. Nice build!
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    SanDisk Extreme 120GB SSD $109 Free S&H

    When I go to checkout I'm getting charged S&H and tax. :mad: Makes the deal less sweet. edit: Nevermind about the S&H. I'm just retarded. Stupid taxes...
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    500-600 build help

    I'm no expert here, but I read this article the other day and thought you might find it helpful to get you started.
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    Need re-build advice

    I will be using the Antec in a HTPC build that I intended for it originally. Also I never felt comfortable overclocking her Q6600 or video card (can't remember what model at the moment) without a little more power overhead. It probably would have been fine, but everyone has their personal...
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    Need re-build advice

    Well no price drop is disappointing, but similarly priced IB processors would take the sting out. I guess we'll see. As for the rest, thanks for the spot-on advice as usual. The upgrade bug is starting to carry me away! =)
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    Need re-build advice

    Hey guys, I've been waiting for Ivy Bridge to release to upgrade my E8400 box. Early reviews are uninspiring, though, so now I'm thinking about saving some money and getting a 2550k after the Ivy Bridge release. Preferably on a Fry's sale. I have been out of the game for awhile though, so...
  26. J

    i5 2500K for $180 at Fry's

    Picked one up a couple days ago for $180. Thanks guys!
  27. J

    [H]ot? WD Caviar Black 640GB $55 shipped

    Lol ok so it's not a hot deal for everybody else. But I've had one of these drives for about a year and have been very impressed by its performance. I'm itching to pull the trigger on a RAID setup at this price.
  28. J

    [H]ot? WD Caviar Black 640GB $55 shipped

    From newegg using promo code EMCYVYT38. Valid until 11:59pm PT on 07/06/2010.
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    4x18" sata cables @ Meritline for $1.49 Shipped

    In for one. Thanks op. edit: deal is still on btw, but when i tried to put 2 packs in the cart, it still showed the same $2.50 discount. The second code reflected quantity properly though.
  30. J

    Logitech Wave Keyboard Wired - Dented Box $14 Shipped

    In for one. Thanks op.
  31. J

    Budget build for the wiff

    Ok thanks a ton! I'll post pics when I have it built.
  32. J

    Budget build for the wiff

    Hey guys, I decided to go a different direction since a friend gave me a motherboard and a power supply (both brand new) for free. The motherboard is an Elitegroup G31T-M. I know it's cheap and kind of crappy and has integrated graphics, but the price is right. Plus this way I can come in way...
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    NZXT M59 $28 AR, Gamma Classic $30 FS, Beta Evo $25 AR

    In for a Beta Evo. Thanks op.
  34. J

    Budget build for the wiff

    Hey thanks for all your help. I do like ASUS and I do like the idea of getting a more recent video card. Hey bastage if it wouldn't be too much trouble, could you post the names or links to the individual products? The combo links aren't working on Newegg right now so i can't see what you're...
  35. J

    Budget build for the wiff

    Hrmm. Excellent suggestions, thank you. I know this is way premature, but I like to lurk around looking for deals on every component. It's just something I do. edit: also I'm curious why you recommended that powercolor card over the many similarly-priced 4850's. I don't see that company...
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    Budget build for the wiff

    Hey guys. I came here for advice on a gaming computer build about a year ago and had great success, so I'm back! My wife really wants to be able to play Diablo 3 when it comes out some day, but we're pretty short on funds right now so I'm looking for budget build advice. Here we go... 1)...
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    Every 5800 series out of stock!