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    c++ command line arguments and "^" ?

    Can you do the following: C:\YourProgram.exe "parameter ^" this will be treated as 1 parameter.
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    The Altcoin Thread

    Software Engineer / Developer is the #1 best job for 2014!
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    I have lots of alts but have yet to exchange them.
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    Bitcoin Discussion Thread Part 2

    Is that bitcoin?
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    Intel Sandy Bridge 2600K and 2500K Processors @ [H]

    Yeah i'm on 2600K and still find it plenty fast and no need to upgrade anytime soon. Maybe another 2 years down the road. (maybe).
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    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB $139!!!!

    mine was delivered yesterday! very nice! good find...OP!! thx!
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    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB $139!!!!

    this is 2014... we don't go to the stores... we order online or through the phone... winter driving sucks!
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    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB $139!!!!

    I would have called a few minutes later and see if i get a different person.
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    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB $139!!!!

    the one that was "Sold Out Online" is from BestBuy and not a third party marketplace seller.
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    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB $139!!!!

    Thanks OP. Calling works! In for 2. One for my nephew.
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    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB $139!!!!

    Sold Out Online! Great price though.
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    Not [H]ot but 7950 for 229.97

    all i see is it sells for $443.99.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    That's absolutely right. I opt out as I still use my cell phone when i'm on the road.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    All you need to do is sign up for google voice (free), buy a adapter called obihai (one time cost about $30), plug the adapter into your router and configure the obihai to use google voice. Plug in any cordless phone that you have laying around the house from yesteryears and voila! Free calls...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Cordless phone running google voice....FREE home phone system :)
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Added a Crossover 30q5Pro (straight from South Korea) to my setup. Kinda messy and in need of tidy up.
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    Post Your Workstations 2013

    my current work area in my basement office... kinda messy and in need of a tidy up a bit.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    that's hella clean!
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    Ecomaster / Enermax Ostrog GT Case Lucky Draw

    International Orange!
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    Monoprice to sell re-branded FSM-270YG 2560x1440 IPS for $390

    Got my Crossover 30Q5 Pro 30" this afternoon and got it setup this evening... Absolutely beautiful. Will post pics soon.
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    Monoprice to sell re-branded FSM-270YG 2560x1440 IPS for $390

    Ordered a Crossover 30Q5 Pro 30" this afternoon. Kinda excited! :)
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    Monoprice to sell re-branded FSM-270YG 2560x1440 IPS for $390

    Looking to sell my two HP 22"-inchers for a 2560x1600 experience.. ever since I learn of these cheaper brands. First things first though got to sell before I buy :) Need to put up some craigslist ads soon.
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    Yamakasi 30" IPS 2560x1600 - Any Experiences

    really want to get one (maybe 2) now!!!!
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    that's a nice frame... "Keep Calm just Google It".... :D
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    Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 4

    The Galaxy will be aligned on December 21, 2012. I need to win before the end of the world!
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    Making money off mobile apps

    I've made more money designing websites on the side then mobile apps, my day job is a lead developer working on desktop applications for companies.
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    what would you do with a bandwidth as large as that?! there only so much movie one can download :)
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    best free cloning program for windows 7

    I used Acronis 2012 and works pretty well.
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    Acronis to clone a small SSD to a larger SSD

    Thanks guys for all the advice. I ended up just using Acronis 2012 home edition and use the clone tool. As process was completely painless. I was able to get my system upgraded to the new intel ssd 180gb in about 40 minutes. The part that took the most time actually was swapping the SSDs :)...
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    Acronis to clone a small SSD to a larger SSD

    Has anyone use Acronis backup to clone a smaller SSD to a larger SSD? I just bought a intel 330 (maple crest) 180gb to replace a Kingston 96gb ssd as my boot drive. I know that Acronis has a clone utility that clone drives. I got my system all configure exactly the way i want and did not want...
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    Canned air alternative?

    Get an industrial size air compressor :)
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    Starting programming in C++

    man... i hate technical interviews!
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    What's the name of that one Chinese site that sells electronics really cheap?

    I bought a Flying Ying (fg8) android phone and it works great! Only problem is I can't make calls on them... LOL. Well i bought to play android and not calls anyways. I got my item about 2 weeks.
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    Funky Deal: 16GB Samsung SSD for $18.99

    That is really a great idea!!
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    Cherry G81-1800LUMUS-0 mechanical kb - $27.99 shipped

    likewise i got a model m from 1988 and love that thing to death. got it used and dirty from ebay... a few wipes of clorox wipes and it looks new. Been thinking of getting a HHKB (lite 2) since the professional 2 is out of my price range.
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    I take back everything positive I've ever said about the Macbook Air.

    Sounds like you put the macbook air between books... ;)
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    (9) Fitocracy invites

    anyone have any invites left? if so, please PM them to me. Thanks!
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    Howard Hughes Medical Institute Education DVD's for $0 + free shipping

    I got mine a few days ago. Lot of DVDs... it even came with a few set of VHS tape and one book. I haven't gotten around to viewing them yet though. The VHS are the VHS version of some of the DVDs.