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    Stupid Question

    Thank you! I usually don't keep up with the latest gear. The kid dropped a stack of $20's on my desk and asked me to build him a new system.
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    Stupid Question

    I know it's a stupid question, but what is the current generation of AMD graphics cards? I'm looking for a mid to upper mid range card.
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    Any luck installing a 3000 Ryzen on an X370?

    If you take your 2700X back - you might be in a pickle if your old stock X370 doesn't have a BIOS on it that works with the 3000 series Ryzen..
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    amd 3000 cooler?

    I second this^^ If AMD was about to release a new cooler, they would be advertising it just like they did the present series a year ago or so.
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    AIO Liquid Cooling vs Air Cooling.

    From my experience, some of the worst H2O tend to work better than the best air coolers for keeping the processor cool. Leaks - haven't had one in 20 years with either hand built or AIO. The only time I had worried about water on components was way back when, when I was using a peltier on...
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    The lies of IGP.

    It is patently true when all you need is basic video display with a good buffer. As I mentioned before, most people do not play games - only watching videos online, email, porn, general internet browsing, and the occasional .pdf/.doc/.xls document. A generations old video card will do the...
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    The lies of IGP.

    I'm running a 5820K with GTX 960 right now, my house/plex server is a E5-2667v2 with a Radeon 6850. The old lady has a I5-2320 with a GTX950, and I'm building her a Ryzen 2600 here shortly.
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    The lies of IGP.

    Having come from the time when onboard graphics sucked for everything except looking at your desktop or a text document - I wouldn't have fallen for it today for gaming. Sure, integrated graphics has come a long ways since then, but if you're playing a real game, you'll need a real card...
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    Athlon II X4 and Phenom II X4 still good enough

    It depends on what it is being used for. For casual PC activities like internet, email, spreadsheet, video, etc - yeah. The Phenom II will work just fine. I would recommend using an SSD over a spinner though. Most of what you "feel" as slow on older computers is the slowness of the hard...
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    On an i7 970. Is $200 for an i7 990x worth the price?

    Just my thoughts.... Not worth it, unless you have a specific need due to some software/license being tied to an existing system. You can get later generation Xeon's with more cores/threads or even later gen I5 or I7 that out-perform it for less $$. Although, you may then need to buy another...
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    Have HDDs gotten any faster in the last decade?

    You don't need to replace your spinners entirely. Get a smaller SSD and put your operating system and bandwidth demanding programs on it, leave your spinners for storage.
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    My First Personal AMD Box in a While

    If it works, then who cares. This RGB crap is asinine these days. Hell, it is bad enough that it is difficult these days to get a case without a stupid window.
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    10TB WD Easystore - what's inside? ($180 @BB, plus 32GB USB flash)

    The WD 4TB EasyStore I cracked open had a WD Red NAS drive in it. I've read that lessor models(1-2TB) and some 8TB also had Red NAS
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    High Capacity SSD as primary drive

    If you can afford a massive SSD for primary - go for it. Overall you'll be better off. However, lots of stuff really doesn't need SSD speeds, like listening to ripped music, or watching ripped movies, or viewing stored pictures/documents/etc. A spinner HD will work just fine for most of...
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    When did golden age of computing end?

    Just my opinion, it happened about the time when overclocking was fully within the BIOS. dipswitchs, jumpers, hard modding, etc, etc.
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    Current home NAS/Plex server options

    A cheapo PC running your preferred OS works just fine. NAS requires virtually NO processing power. A used Windows machine with shared drives is usually cheaper than a NAS box, and doesn't have the limitations of a NAS box. If power is of concern, underclock it, or run whatever speed...
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    Intel lawsuit

    Oh yeah, the American way... Sue the manufacturer of the car instead of the person who throws nails out in front it.
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    If you were getting a new PC today would you pick SSD or Optane?

    #2. OS and essential programs on m.2 drive. Other programs and mass storage on spinner.
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    Help Me Understand RAM Frequencies

    You'll be lucky to get the Zen line to run at 3000mhz, so don't beat yourself up trying to get the fastest ram.
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    Are you guys still buying Intel CPU's inspite of Meltdown/Spectre ?

    Yep. I purchased a Xeon E5-2667v2 rig just recently for a stupidly low price(thank God for eBay with "older" server stuff). Apply patches where applicable, run firewalls, run AV software, be smart with internet usage. shouldn't have a problem. If you want to watch transexual...
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    Any still running an overclocked i7 5820k? (haswell-E)

    I made the jump from a Phenom II 945 to the 5820K a year or so ago and haven't seen a need to make another jump. I multi-task a bunch of lower demand things., massive spreadsheets, MS Paint, PDF editors, Google Maps, municipal GIS maps, a half dozen browser pages open, Youtube...
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    Any still running an overclocked i7 5820k? (haswell-E)

    I am. @ 4.375Ghz(all cores) 1.18v. I backed it down from what it is capable of doing. It is capable of north of 4.6Ghz, but I really don't need those 200-300+ Mhz. 360mm Thermaltake Water 3.0 Asrock - X99 Extreme4 Doing...
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    Ryzen Mobo Suggestion

    Unfortunately, no.. Rack mount case with a partition between mobo chamber and drive bay area. After looking at countless mobo's, AMD and Intel, only Intel has one with vertical headers. Figuring in price differential between AMD and Intel rigs - I'd be still under budget going with a PCIe...
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    Ryzen Mobo Suggestion

    Doh! Please move to AMD Mobo section. ...I thought I was in that section.
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    Ryzen Mobo Suggestion

    Due to my case I'm in need of an ATX mobo that has ALL vertical SATA headers instead of having them laid down to the edge. 6+ headers. $Cheap$ is highly desirable. It doesn't have to be pretty(will be in a 4U rack case), it doesn't have to be a great overclocker, it doesn't have to have...
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    Advice on backup software for a new NAS

    XCOPY batch file, save important stuff to listed places in batch file, use your preferred OS's task manager to set times/days to copy stuff to your backup location. You can set /switches so that it only copies over stuff that has changed since the last backup to save time, resources, etc. No...
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    Why video card prices are still so high?

    Yeah! WTF! I was thinking about upgrading my GTX 960 until I saw the latest prices. ....I guess I don't need to upgrade that bad now.
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    Why video card prices are still so high?

    I just got sticker shock looking at the prices lately. I swear I saw GTX 1060's in the LOW $200 range a year ago at my last build. Now they are $300 to $500+.
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    Have you ever damaged a CPU due to overclocking?

    I've killed a few Socket 7 processors and a Athlon Slot A 650. The Socket 7 CPU's were Intel 75mhz, 133mhz, 233mhz. Cyrix 166+. AMD K6-2 380mhz, 500mhz, and K6-3+ 450mhz. With the Slot A I had "decovered" the processor to have full access to the processor with a Gold Finger device. As I...
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    Best processor for budget NAS build

    It doesn't take much CPU for NAS. You should be more concerned with bus and interface bandwidth than a CPU. An ages old CPU from the late 1990's and early 2000's will handle the workload, but wont have the buses for good throughput. Any of the Core or AMD64 processors with PCI-e buses...
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    How long has it been since you checked/changed the TIM on your cpu?

    A little over a year ago when I applied it. I have backed my clock off from 4.5ghz to 4.375ghz because it really didn't matter to what I do.
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    PCIe or SATA III for new build?

    M.2 for operating system, swapfile, and whatever programs you can fit on it(depending on what size you get). Then for storage, use whatever floats your boat. I have my OS, swapfile, and main programs on my M.2. Then everything else is stored on RAID 10 spinners(thats what I had already)...
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    Your stories about how you got "x" computer part

    The only two component I'm running on my main system that I didn't buy are my case and PSU. The case was a gift from my old lady two Christmas' ago - a ThermalTake x9. The PSU is I think a Coolermaster(or something like that) 1250w that I had won in an online contest. My household...
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    Xeon == longer lifespan

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    Xeon == longer lifespan

    You aren't trying hard enough then... lol I've killed a few in the attempts for my megahertz(megahurts?? LOL). Never killed any built for duty purposes though. I had a resister on a AMD Slot A 650 pop off and hit me square in the eyeball while trying to push to limits. These were the...
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    Should I RMA MoBo immediately?

    The only thing stock coolers are good for are weights for fishing and crab traps. You'd probably see a very noticeable drop with a half decent aftermarket cooler.
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    My HDD can freeze my PC?

    Bad storage devices can freeze a PC. The last time I had it happen was on a RAID 0 array where one drive was "heading out the door". .....Random BSoD's, freezing, and restarts. One doesn't often think about the storage device causing it. ..I too tried replacing RAM, reseating cards...
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    Pulled out of a Lenovo

    On one of my Slot A's I had (2) of those Deltas. Then when the Socket A's came out I ran a single Delta on each CPU on a Tyan SMP board. didn't take long for me to switch to H2O. lol
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    Pulled out of a Lenovo

    If such fans are a surprise, you all must be too young to remember the screaming 60mm HSF's from the early 2000's.
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    High Performance Thermal Pads for CPU?

    Back in the day we used to throw away or scrape off any thermo pads that came with our coolers. ...they are just junk even compared to white birdshit paste. When the silver paste came out it was the bees knees thing to use. And there is a proven history of why those thermo pads don't work as...