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    Silent Hill HD Collection

    I'm planning a marathon of horror related games to play from Sept 1 through Nov 30 and was considering playing through at least the first couple Silent Hill games. I've never played any of them. Is the Silent Hill HD Collection an OK way to go? I know there were a bunch of problems when it...
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    Asylum Kickstarter

    I didn't see this posted anywhere and thought I'd give the Asylum Kickstarter some love. It's by the same guy who did Scratches and is a similar horror adventure game. I'm really impressed with how they are handling their campaign. They just announced that every pledge gets three copies, one...
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    Shadowrun Online Kickstarter

    The Shadowrun Online Kickstarter has a week left and is only half funded. Originally, I wasn't interested as they are using 4th ed rules/setting which I don't care for as much as 2nd/3rd ed. But having checked out their online model and gameplay systems it looks pretty fun and I'm actually...
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    DNF at BB for 3 bucks.

    PS3 and In store only, but if you don't mind people seeing you buy it for $3... Here it is.
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    Dark Souls Announcement

    For anyone who hasn't seen this, there's an app on facebook for a Dark Souls announcement reveal once there are enough like's. Its speculated that the announcement is a PC port, but who knows.. could be DLC or even a sequel. If you're interested and haven't liked it already go do it...
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    Digital Crack

    What are some games that you can't seem to let go? Games that no matter how many times you've beaten them, how old they are, or whatever.. you just have to jump back in long after its time came and went. TMNT: Turtles in Time is my first game I still go back to. I've beaten this game more...
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    How Much RAMS

    I was doing some Microsoft education stuff running three VMs inside VMware and my aging socket 939 Win7 system with 2GB RAM slowed to a crawl. This got me curious as to how many RAMS is everyone else running nowadays. 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 or moar GB?
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    Copying OS to new drive

    I was testing Win7 on an old HD and decided to go ahead and use it as my full time OS. I really don't want to have to completely reconfigure everything. Would it be possible to install it to a new drive, then copy my current install over?
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    Windows 7 and nforce4

    I noticed that nVidia does not have nforce4 driver support for Win7. I am currently running an nforce4 board with RAID0. Anyone successfully install Win7 on a nforce4 RAID?
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    Pardon if this is a stupid question, but...

    If I use a copy of a full version of Vista to upgrade to Win7, will that nullify my CD key for Vista? i.e. say i want to go back to Vista later or dual boot.
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    Mobo or memory

    Hey guys, I'm trying to fix a friend's computer. He accidentally hit the off switch on the powerstrip and now it doesn't output any video or beep. His system is AM2 and I'm still rockin' a 939 so I can't switch out and test the memory. I disconnected everything non-essential, tried with each...
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    Application Programming

    I've decided to beef up my resume with some programming. My goal is to create a halfway decent portfolio of practical applications and maybe some games. Anyone have any suggestions for languages and/or books on applications programming? I have an associates in net engineering, but I did...
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    Heavenly Sword

    I initially passed this game up thinking it was a mediocre 1st gen game, but my roommate rented it and holy shit this game is good. If you have a ps3 I suggest checking this game out. The cut scenes and boss characters are new favorites for me. The guiding throws take some getting used to...
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    Odd WDS issue

    I came upon an extra WRT54GL and decided to play around with WDS. I got it working and the setup is as such: Actiontech Verizon FIOS wireless router downstairs Linksys WRT54GL downstairs connected to the actiontech router Linksys WRT54GL upstairs The two linksys routers are using...
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    Odd TV/Remote problem

    I have 2 samsung HDTV's in my living room next to each other. One is a 40" LCD and the other is a 61" DLP. This is great except I can't for the life of me figure out how use the remotes on just one or the other which is VERY annoying. If anyone knows how to control them separately, I would...
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    Restricting access using DD-WRT

    My roommate runs some kind of P2P software on our network and it keeps saturating our bandwidth and getting our service turned off. I'm running DD-WRT on a Linksys WRT54GL. Can I allow only essential ports to his MAC address? I'm thinking I can do this with IPtables, but I'm not familiar...
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    What language and how difficult?

    I play Risk 2210 with a goup of friends. One of them is a multimedia and design graduate who decided to scan the game into his computer. He's not a programmer, but he got the game playable using Photoshop and Director. He doesn't know how to create or destroy instances of the game pieces so...
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    Gaming frustration

    I usually don't get that worked up over games, but Tekken 5 on the PS3 has really put a giant crack in my usually reserved veneer. I love fighting games and I love Tekken, but I seriously can't stand cheap air combos. It's SOO frustrating because the rest of the fighting system is really good...
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    VMware server wireless NIC problem

    I installed VMware running XP and 2003 server. Everything works fine except that it doesn't want to bind to my wireless NIC directly (bridged). Using NAT instead of bridged works fine of course, but i'd prefer to use bridged as i'm using it to learn networking. So I decided that I could...
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    Oblivion glitch

    I decided to give Oblivion another chance now that I have a better video card, but for some reason my PC just doesn't like any of the patches. It looks good running the unpatched retail version, but for some reason when I patch it, it does this...
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    Vista CPU fan control

    So I've had XP and Vista in a dual boot for a few months now and decided to try to start using Vista, but the app I use in XP to control my CPU fan, MSI's CoreCenter doesn't work in Vista and apparently you can't control it from the nVidia panel either.. the controls are there but grayed out...