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    GTX 980 with 3x 4k 60hz

    Will GTX 980 run 3x 4k @ 60hz in SST via display port? The monitor in question is ASUS PB287Q.
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    X99 build upgrading from X58

    The time is here for a long waiting upgrade from my i7-980x I have been out of the loop for quite a while. This is what I got so far. Need some suggestion. PSU - Reuse my SeaSonic Platinum-1000 1000W CPU - Intel Core i7-5960X - $1050 Mobo - ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME - $500 RAM - G.SKILL Ripjaws...
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    IPS 60hz SST 4k

    Time for a new rig Haswell-e. Would like to know any new monitor that fit my requirement, IPS 60hz SST 4k. ------------ In case someone looking for the same thing as me, here are the list of LCD that will be released soon; - NEC MultiSync PA322UHD - Samsung U32D970Q - Eizo FlexScan EV3237 -...
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    NEC PA301w or PA302w?

    I'm planing to retire my triple 2490WUXi and was waiting for HDMI 2.0 4K but it seem like it not going to happen this year. So I decided to just go with 3x 1600p instead. Now the price of 301w from B&H is $1700, for 302w is $2250. What is the different between those two? Also I already the...
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    Help me understanding 4k Interface.

    What is the ideal interface for 4k @ 60hz will be? And when will it be available to consumer? Both on monitor and graphic card end. Thank you
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    NEC2490WUXi reddish color need help

    hi guys i have 3 NEC2490WUXi, and one of them is having a reddish color problem, every thing on the screen seem have a red tint on top of it. i have tried to calibrate it but no luck. the monitor that has the problem is the no. 3. TIA
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    new mac mini Quad core with win7 possible?

    any mac user out here know that is it possible to install a win7 pro on the new macmini? the design and form factor look nice, if so it is going to be dual boot? thanks ps. never use mac before
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    need recommendation for color laser printer

    need a color laser printer to be able to print some artwork on matt paper for my friend office price max $1000, not need to be network prefer thx
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    GTX 480 tri-sli only 35% load on Tropico 3

    hi guys i have a problem with GTX 480 Tri-SLI the game only use 35% of each GPU on tropico 3, it has lastest driver w/ fresh win7 64bit install. tropico 3 has directx3d 9. this happen both on single monitor and triple monitor @ 1200p. i tried to run furmark which is openGL it fully used 3 of my...
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    help me pick new ram 12gb i7

    for an i7 system so here is the list Patriot 9-11-9-27 @ 2400mhz = $225x3 = $675 G.Skill also has the same spec with the same price G.SKILL PIS 7-10-10-28 @ 2200mhz = $160x3 = $480 G.Skill PIs 7-10-7-27 @ 2133mhz = $180x3 = $540 i never tried patriot before how is thier warranty and...
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    few problems w/ eyefinity

    hi guys, i just recently switch to eyefinitiy and have few problem 1.) i cannot play bluray movies w/ my totalmedia theater 3 it will give me that fail to initialize a video overlay, you may update your graphic card driver 2.) seem like the eyefinity is not working well with tri-fire right...
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    3 dual kit for and x58 possible? i'm looking to upgrade my i7 x58 ram so this is the best from mushkin offer, can i buy 3 of these (6 sticks) and run them in tri channel? any negative affect? thx
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    intel SSD 1st gen reformat?

    hi guys, i'm going to reformat my win7 i read hear long time ago that there is some kind of tools to make my first gen go back to fresh drive, since 1st 160gb gen is not support by TRIM. i would to do it correctly. i have 4 of them in raid-0 on adaptec 5805. and what raid setting should...
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    new 5870 2GB coming soon?

    i heard it will release in time with fermi. now i have look at everywhere. there is no news about this card. and what happen to the 5970 AIB with 4GB. will that coming very soon? thx
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    cannot install nvidia drive on win 7 x86

    i'm fixing my uncle machine today, i decide to format and install win7 for him. everything went thru fine after win7 boot up i tried to install nvidia drive for his AGP 6800GS but it refused to installed the window pop up and say "the nvidia could not located driver that compatible with...
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    Auzen HT-HD dual output possible?

    is it possible to have both S/PDIF and analog output at the same time on Auzen HTHD? thx in advance
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    Dawn of Discovery: Venice anyone?

    anyone playing dawn of discovery aka anno 1404, if so how is the game play?
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    LCD2490WUXi : LCD2490WUXi2 : PA241W

    okay guys, eyefinity time has come i'm going to add another 3 panels to my current setup i have 3 2490s first edition in portrait mode. i haven't follow LCD line up for about a year or two now my original 2490 has been replace by new revision also there is new PA lineup so could you guys...
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    What is average size of BD ISO?

    anyone has experience of ripping BD movie to ISO? What is average size? thx
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    should i change/add PSU?

    hi guys, i have BFG EX-1200 which is rated at 1200w, under 100% CPU & GPU (prime95 & furmark) my system pull 1175watt out off the wall (according to killawatt) (all dvd and hdd is idle) so do you guys think i need to added another PSU? or i just ignore it since in real world it is really hard...
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    how many monitor the ati eyefinity support?

    i went to ati page and it is shown 6 monitors max (at 8192 x 8192) but as far as i know at this point ATI only support 1 GPU for eyefinity... so my question is currently ati will support only 3 monitors or 6 monitors? *side question: if i setup eyefinity will it act like giant panel in...
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    EIST will not work on my W3520 anymore please help

    hello guys, i have a little problem with my W3520, it used to run fine. since this morning my i woke up my system got BSOD. after i restarted my CPU will no longer lower the voltage while idling anymore (the multiplier drop tho). this make my loop very hot. if anyone has ever exprerince this...
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    just upgraded from SAS to SSD need some setting recommendation

    setup is raid-0 4x intel x25-m (firmware 8820) raid card adpatec 5805 (firmware 5.2.0 Build 16501) window 7 x64 build 7100 (all up to date) what setting should i used to optimize the performance now i'm using 1024k stripe raid-0 with both read/write cache enable the benchmark is really...
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    is it possible to 4890 x4?

    just have an idea if watercooled them to 1 slot then put 4 of them on i7 mobo, so is it possible? also on driver side? thanks
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    i7 965 with asus R2E question

    hello everybody, my english is not good so please apologize. so here is the story + question i try to overclock my i7 965 by raising up cpu ratio. my blck set at 160 so i tried 160 x25 (4.0ghz) when it boot up to window just fine. i checked CPU-Z reading right voltage & cpu ratio so...
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    BFG EX-1200 Power Supply

    how is "BFG EX-1200 Power Supply" doing? compare with HX1000w i'm looking to build another PC which one do you guy prefer and why?
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    anyone has the corsair dominator GT?

    i would like to know what is lowest Latency of it when it is at 1600mhz? many thanks
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    i7 965 owner, what is your OC profile?

    hi i would like to know what is your guys profile for the i7 965 chip please post chip profile batch number - _________________ rig profile mobo + bios version - ____________ cooling + model - _______________ max oc profile bios setting vcore- _________________ PPL -...
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    NEC MultiSync LCD2490WUXi-BK refurb - $683 shipped

    Get it the best LCD panel IMO, 90 days warranty (may be 1 yr) from NEC (best customer service i ever seen) i have 3 of these panel got it around $1.3k - $1.4k this is like half off happy new year * if you dont know anything about monitor tech please do not says something like "6 ms make...
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    keep getting BSOD "iqrl_not_less_or_equal" in vista x64

    it start since friday night i got BSOD "iqrl_not_less_or_equal" while booting into window after that i try various combination in bios, swap RAM, swap GPU after 20 times i got lucky to boot in to window once. i back up all my work files to my server over the LAN. after that i decide to...
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    GPT in Window 2008 Standard

    hi i just upgraded my file server from vista x64 (it was gaming/server machine) to Window 2008 standard edition, installing went fine then get in to win2008 everythink look great, download and install all window updates and such. then i look up in computer management and saw that mine old...
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    please help me make HDMI sound output come true

    okay i'm in a middle of upgrading my htpc setup currently it is on ASUS 780i striker 2 formula with gtx280 from EVGA i connect this cable from gfx card to spdif header on mobo, then i have dvi-hdmi adapter and plug this to my samsung TV the question is how can i make the sound out...
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    my first lapping attemp ... should i go more?

    start with 400 800 1200 1600 2000 | 30 times each side well it is not shinny and it i forget to take a picture before lapped thanks for input
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    quick noob question about switch and router

    i have done wiring on my house with CAT6 to everyroom that has PC, now i would like to get rid off wireless N, and switch to Ethernet completely due to faster connection, i browse some switch from Dlink and netgear it is really cheap compare to what HP or Dell offer here is what i need - i...
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    MSI Eclipse (in stock) has a question before buying here go for $351.72 no tax for me which is good but i look at the picture of the board i has some heatpipe between PCIe1 and PCIe2 and the ram slot look different from the one that kyle has on sneak peak do you guys know what version of...
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    using PCI-E riser will it effect performance?

    upcoming i7 platform i'm going to use PCI Express Flexible Riser Card (ribon style) will that efftect performance? add latency? low down the bandwidth? i just want to move the card to my lower slot (my case have 10 pci slot so there will be an empty spcae) thx
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    who will buy i7 965 EE plz jump in

    just want to get an idea what you guys will buy along with the chip mine thought is Mobo: MSI Eclipse or EVGA x58 Ram: 12 GB of Corsiar TR3X6G1866C9DF thx
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    what is this PSU's size call

    hi guys my POS system's PSU dead i need to replace a new one but i dunno what size is it and if you guys have a link to buy one it would be really appriciate here i put business card next to it so you can compare the size also i just need 3 molex out put 20 pin ATX and 4 pin cpu...
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    how long will LGA 1336 will last?

    how long will LGA 1336 will last? i heard that p55 will be LGA 1160/1156 socket so.... there will be 2 sockets for i7? i would love to buy the MSI eclipse x58 but if it will last me a little a year with no future upgrade i would stick with 775 until the socket war end
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    which is good ddr3 kit?

    is there a 4GB stick for ddr3 yet? if yes then i would like to max out x58 with 24GB ram :D if no what is the best DDR3 right now?? i done a little searching seem like going to be this one? this is for upcoming X58 i might jump to MSI or EVGA board thx guys