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    Maingear F131 DIY - [H]ardtubes

    9900K delidded MSI Z390m Gaming Edge Corsair Dominator Platinums ROG 32gb 3200 EVGA 2080TI Hydrocopper Corsair 1200 AXi Barrow fittings and tubing Maingear F131 with Apex Res Heatkiller IV CPU block
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    34" Dell U3415W 3440x1440 Curved IPS LED Monitor + $300 eGift Card $954 + Free Shippi

    PRICE JUST DROPPED TO $774 + $300 GC. The monitor basically cost 550 to 600 depending if you are able to flip the GC. This is a really good deal for anyone in the market for one of these. Credit goes to SD. SD Link
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    Dell U3415W Curved 34" IPS Monitor - Newegg $809 shipped

    I'm loving mines! Alive again. *LINK*
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    30% Off Logitech Website

    I think its a one time use code, ends today: code: a4apu26od
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    Amazon Fire Phone Case and Screen protectors for cheap!

    I've bought from PCMicrostore many times and their service has always been topnotch. Great prices for someone who has the new fire phone. GearIT Amazon Fire Phone 4.7" SHOXX PC - TPU Silicone Hybrid Rugged Case - 4 colors (50% off use claim code: SB89PSKC during checkout and price drops to...
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    Possibly picking up 2x290x reference

    Hi everyone, I swore off AMD after my horrible experience with the 7970 drivers at launch but now that prices have come down considerably, I have an opportunity to get a couple of 290x references for cheap. I remember these cards having some noise and throttling issues. Does that still...
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    Asus Maximus VI Formula expected to be $499...

    Wow, $100 more expensive than the extreme. Kind of glad I didn't wait for it...Still dig the look though. LINK
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    Fry's - Starcraft HotS $19.99

    In store only: LINK
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    RooCase Black Folio Cases - b1g1 free

    Buy 1 get 1 free. via SD: Link PCMicroStore via Amazon have rooCASE B1G1 Special on iPad Mini, iPad 4, Kindle Fire HD 7, Nexus 7 Leather Folio Case Two Kindle Fire HD 7 Case for $7.92 after coupon add both items into the cart apply coupon code NOV2SXRI to remove -$15.21 from the...
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    [Build Log] Blood Red Acrylic Pipes - Delidded Haswell 600T (hopefully 5.0ghz!)

    Hey everyone. Finally got around to upgrading my sig rig. Wanted to spend some time (and money!) and do something special. Was thinking about copper tubes until I found out Primochill was finally going to release their color acrylic tubes. Color themes were between the yellow/black (ASRock OC...
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    Battle of the "Formula" mobos for Haswell?

    I keep switching back and forth. I like the color scheme of the ASRock but I like the clean armor of the Asus. If price was similar, which would you pick?
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    Awesome Haswell OC guide by Asus Engineer Goes through the variables and inputs.
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    Hot-Microcenter Haswell Deals

    link 199.99 - 4679k 279.99 - 4770k $40 off selected mobos
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    Amazon: iPad Mini Case, $5.97 shipped

    Nice deal for someone who needs a case for the mini.
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    Amazon: Cases for you IPad Mini! $2.98 Shipped

    RooCASE Folio for your iPad mini. I've purchased rooCases in the past. Great quality at an affordable price Two versions: Linky Linky Both $2.98 shipped
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    Amazon $6.96 shipped! rooCASE Origami Case Cover for Amazon Kindle Fire HD-Pre-Order

    $4.98 - $3off coupon CFXM8CNM = $1.98 + 4.98 shipping ($6.96 total shipped) Hot if you plan on buying the new Kindle Fire HD. I've purchase a number of rooCases in the past. They were great quality cases for an attractive price...
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    Multi 7970s vs Multi 680s Battle Royale Videocard pr0n for ya :D
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    Playing Mass Effect 3 without playing 1 or 2

    If you never played ME 1 or 2, would ME3 still make sense and be just as enjoyable?
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    7970 Xfire Overclocks

    Just wondering what people with 7970s in xfire are oc'ing at. I know running in xfire limits your overclock and it takes me almost 1.250v to hit 1200core. I can run 1125 at stock clocks but it needs a lot of volts to move from there. What's your 7970s oc'ing at?
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    7970s in Xfire with 3 monitors

    I just got back from vacation and am looking for feedback from people who are running 2x7970s across 3 screens (eyefinity). About to pull the trigger on 2 7970s. I've been reading about driver issues in a few threads and was just wondering if they have been ironed out. For reference, I mostly...
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    BF3 with Xfire 7970s in Eyefinity

    If you are running xfire 7970s in Eyefinity, could you give me your impression of BF3 in this setup? 1. How are the FPS in Ultra setting FXAA high, MSAA 4x (or off) 2. Any noticeable stuttering or screen tearing? 3. Your overall experience I am willing to pull the trigger on 2 of these...
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    7970 Listed in Germany's Amazon

    Based on today's currency rates...that's $673 USD 529 Euro
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    If you run a 69xx xfire setup --> get in here!

    I've been salivating over the performance and overclocking headroom of the 7970 cards but am still a little gun-shy over AMDs Xfire driver support. Prior to my 570s, I ran a 5970 and had constant issues with immature drivers with new releases. My experience with SLi has been frankly quite the...
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    BF3 Eyefinity with 6990+6970 Tri-fire

    Can anyone out there running a 6990 tri-sli setup let me know how it is working out for you? I'm curious to know how it performs in eyefinity, specifically with BF3. I want to get a sense of the level of detail and avg fps. Also, any microstuttter? Thanks in advance!
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    Intel 320 Series 160 GB 144.99 Shipped - AR

    $130 rebate but the best price I've seen so far.
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    Fry's BF Ad

    Sorry this is the best I can come up with since this was a pdf from If someone wants to host the pics or pdf, lmk.
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    Microcenter BF Ad

    meh... 2500K for $150 is the only thing that caught my eye...
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    XFX 6950-1GB $189.99 MIR promo code USXFX523 for $10off
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    Walmart: Galaxy GTX 570 $299 (possible $249)

    Buy here for $299. There is a channel wide $50 rebate with no mention of a specified retailer (unconfirmed if this will work, but don't see why it wouldn't)...
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    Game Chronicles - Best MW3 PC Review out there atm

    Hmm, can I have what he's smoking? Must be some really good stuff! Quote: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 assaults you with its overpowering presentation, from the opening moment where your Humvee is taken out by and RPG in NYC and a building explodes and comes raining down on you until the...
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    BF3 (release) - 11 videocards reviewed

    Looks like SLi or Xfire is needed to max out the details.,851282/Battlefield-3-11-Radeon-and-GeForce-graphics-cards-tested/Reviews/
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    Warm: XFX 6950 2gb $229.99 shipped AR

    WARM: nice performance/cost in xfire.
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    Battlefield 3: Solution to stuck on loading, etc

    Getting stuck on the loading screens in BF3? A lot of people are getting this issue in closed beta. The solution is to select either Chrome or Firefox as your default browser. Origin doesn't seem to play nice with IE.
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    Rampage II: Setting Ai OC Tuner Doesn't unlock

    For some reason my overclocked reset on my i7 920. When I go into the Rampage II bios and change the Ai OC Tuner option to "manual," my OC options seems to be still locked. For example, my ratio option is still stuck in auto, so is my vcore setting, etc. I've tried everything...resetting the...
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    CCC: Host Application Has Stopped Working

    I've recently got this message out of the blue. Tried uninstall, driver cleaner, reinstall with the latest drivers but still getting this error message. Anyone know how to fix this?
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    5890 = to what single card solution

    Currently running a 5970 at 850/1200 and looking to possibly change it out bc of all the xfire driver issues. Is there a single card performance equivalent to this xfire card? Preferably one that can do 3 monitors. ** edited bc I can't type
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    Cutezy multiplayer PC game

    I am looking for a game that I can play with my wife. Something similar to a rollercoaster tycoon - simcity (ish) game where we can play as opposing amusement park/city trying to battle for visitors/citizens. Any ideas anyone?
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    Non-Reference 5870 1gb 314.99 AR - Newegg

    Limited time only
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    BSOD corrupts OS

    I've read that frequent BSODs corrupts the OS and for anything more than 4-5 BSODs, one should reinstall the OS to minimize instability. Is this true? I've pushed my computer hard with overclocking and have gotten frequent BSODs when trying to find a stable overclock.
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    Warm - OCZ Solid 2 Series 60gb SSD 119 AR 13 Hours left...and yes, its TRIM enabled.